How long does the car glass coating take for hardening?

Car glass coting needs time for hardening.

One of the features of car glass coating (which means the solution changes to glass) is long durability, not like car wax or simplified coating.
It cannot be removed by raining or daily car wash, so it can protect your precious car for a long time.

However, on the other hand, it takes longer time for hardening than other coating.
Then, why does it need a time for hardening?

This time, we would like to explain about the reason, hardening time, and cautions while hardening!

The reason why car ceramic coating needs time for hardening?

・Comparison of glass coating and other coating or wax

Let’s compare 100% real glass coating and others in hardening.

【Wax & polymer】

They cover the car body after drying.
Almost all of them dry within from 30 minutes to 1 hours completely.
However, it doesn’t adhere to the car paint surface, just put on the car body, so it is not durable.
It can be removed by car washing and raining.

【Glass coating】

At one the solution expose to the air, hardening is starting gradually.
Regard as the components, please see the below.

It takes 12 hours to the surface harden.

After it harden fully, it adheres to the car paint surface, so we cannot make a revision.
Therefore, we need to use a polisher if we want to remove the glass layer.
The strong glass layer perform the long durability.

How does the glass coating produced?

One of the biggest Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating’s selling points are hardening, but many people might not know how the solution in the bottle produce to the glass.

Then, in this section, we would like to explain the theory with an example of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.

The main components after applying are glass and alcohol.
At this time, it isn’t 100% glass, because there are alcohol and other things as impurities.
However, when the solution expose to the air, the hydrolytic happens.
We’re afraid to say that details are company secret, but after hydrolytic, alcohol + α volatilized and the remained com are “100% glass layer”.
Long hardening time is related to this theory.

Moreover, after that, the car paint surface and glass layer will adhere gradually for 2 weeks.
At once they adhere, it won’t be removed by washing and deterioration.
It can protect the car body with the durable glass layer.

“Why don’t you apply 100% glass solution? Why do you take a difficult containing?”
Some people might think like above, but 100% glass is very same glass like a windshield.

Please imagine… it is impossible to apply the glass, isn’t it?
That’s why application with the solution which has high glass leve; is difficult.

The difference between surface hardening and full hardening

We’ve already explained above, the glass coating needs a long time to cure fully.

For example, in case of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating,
After 12 hours application for their surface hardening and 2 weeks for full hardening.

Please see these difference below.

About surface hardening

It means that the glass coating solution which applied to the car body is on the way of hardening the glass coating solution.
Also it is very sensitive in this period.

In case of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating, first the glass coating solution reacts chemically with the water in the air, and it harden gradually.

It doesn’t harden from the inside of the solution, harden from the surface which exposed to the air slowly.

About full hardening

It means that the glass coating is finished as the solution harder fully and adhere to the paint surface.
From application to finished hardening takes for about 2 weeks.
After full hardening, you can do washing and caring as usual.

Nano Pika Pika Rain application and the second layer application are available after full hardening.

We heard that some detailers keep customers’ car for a few weeks and wait for full hardening.

If you don’t want to keep your car anymore after you got it, please take this opportunity to try DIY glass coating application!
Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating doesn’t have to keep your car to detailers as you can drive after surface hardening (after 12hours application).

Cautions while under hardening

Next, we would like to introduce cautions after you applied the glass coating.

Cautions for surface hardening
The glass coating stars surface hardening after 2 hours application, and it will finish within 12 hours.
In this period, please make sure
“not to get wet”, “not to drive” and “not to use a cover”.

Do not allow your car get wet for 12 hours after application!

It also include rain, night and morning dew.
Also please do not wash your car in this period.

However, we understand that all people don’t keep their car in a garage, and it rains suddenly while application.
Then, what should we do in these cases?

If your car gets wet, please move your car to other place which has a roof.
After that please wipe the water with a microfiber cloth gently.

Avoid driving

If you drive your car after application, the glass layer will be removed by stepping stones,
or there is possibility to gets dirty due to dust.

Therefore, please avoid driving if it’s essential such as suddenly raining or keeping the car in the different place.

Avoid using a cover

If you use a cover before the glass coating harden completely, there is possibility to remove the glass coating when you take on and take of the cover.

However, sometimes we have inquiries from our customers,
“I want to use a cover because I don’t deal with raining immediately!”

As we have already mentioned, we don’t recommend to use a cover.
Because, if you leave your car after raining for a long time, the glass layer become foggy and you need to polish with a compound if it it’s serious.
Please decide yourself in view of above risks.

How deal with foggy areas while surface hardening?

First, please wipe the area with a microfiber cloth.
Even though it cannot be removed, please apply left glass coating solution to the foggy area with a sponge and spread it with another microfiber cloth.

Cautions while full hardening

When the surface hardening finished (12 hours), after 2 weeks is a period of full hardening.
Regard as cautions in this period,
“do not leave the water for a long time”.

Do not leave the water for a long time

It is not so strict such as the surface hardening, but, the water which you left for a long time causes water spots.
Therefore, if it starts to rain, please wipe the water on the car body with a microfiber cloth softly.

You can car wash your car in this period.
However, please make note that washing with hand, not using a car wash machine.

How deal with foggy areas while full hardening?

Hardening has already started, so you should polish with a compound if you remove foggy areas. Then you wash your car the area and apply again with a left solution.

If you’re planning reapplication, you should better wait until the area harden fully and reapply whole a car.

After full hardening

Now, we would like to explain about glass coating results on the car body in detail.

Point 1. Gloss

First of all, you can find beautiful gloss particular to glass coating!

Your precious car gets amazing gloss like a brand new car!
Of course, a brand new car get deeper and more beautiful.

You become attached to your precious car more if it is glossy, and daily driving could be more fun.
We often heard from our customers who tend to indulge in a sense of their superiorities when your car is shiner than other cars in a car park.

Point 2. Water repellency

Before application, usually the water remains on the car body and it causes water spots, and it also wiping is time-consuming.

However, you don’t have same trouble at once your car body was applied by Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating!
Its water repellency is outstanding!
The water is sliding, so wiping get easier that before application!

Point 3. Anti-dirt power

Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating has nice anti-dirt power, too!
As we said above, the water sliding, so there are less risks for water spots.

Also the car body gets dirty by mud in rainy days.
However, you don’t worried about it anymore!
Dirt can be removed easily due to the glass coating.
Only washing with the water is fine for light dirt! It decrease effort for wiping.

It can be measures for pollen or yellow sand, too!

Do you know that they are harmful to your precious car?
It’s very hard to remove them at once they adhere to the car body.
They affect the car paint surface badly.

However, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can protect from they, so you don’t have to be worried about the damage to the car paint surface.

We also mentioned about pollen and yellow sand detail below;

Do you understand the good points of glass coating?
It needs 2 weeks until the glass layer harden fully, but durability is 3 years!


After all, car glass coating take a long time for hardening!
However, the durable is much better than other car wax or coating.
(We don’t know any other more durable coating…)

“I worried about raining while hardening…”
“I don’t want to take a time for application!”

If you think like above, we would like to recommend simplified coating or car wax, but if you don’t want applying again and again, or want to keep your precious car in beautiful condition, we would like real glass coating.

Please follow right application ways and have a nice car life!

How to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating perfectly!

This time, we would like to explain about the in our staff’s experiences.

You should better to read our other article,the finishing should be much nicer!
BLOG: Preparation and the place to apply! Two important points to check before applying glass coating!

Please check before application…

Pika Pika Rain’s glass coating liquid cures quickly, and the process is different from waxing.
Therefore, you should apply the product liquid to the car surface area by area, as in the picture below:

Also please work in bright lighting conditions so you can see the product liquid has been evenly applied to the car surface areas.

1. Application

Pika Pika Rain’s application sponge

The application sponge is professionally designed with input from car detailers to easily fit with all parts of the car. The small-size 2 layer sponge is designed to cover all areas of the car surface including smaller areas such the wheels, door handles, or backside of knobs.

Where to apply Pika Pika Rain

Pika Pika Rain’s glass coating liquid can cover metallic parts like iron, steel, or copper as well as plastic parts like headlights, taillights, or turning signals.
Please read the detail in “Glass coating can apply other than the car body!”

Tricks and tips for application

The basic method for application is to apply the product liquid thinly and evenly. Pika Pika Rain can spread very well with just 3-5 drops to start. If the sponge becomes squeaky and doesn’t move smoothly, just add a few more drops. After you start the application with a few drops, you can then apply the liquid line by line in the same direction inside the area. Please check the whole area is covered and looks wet from the liquid.

2. Wipe off

Pika Pika Rain’s microfiber cloth

We designed a finely woven microfiber cloth to work well with the liquid. Always use the recommended Pika Pika Rain Microfiber Cloth for wiping off the product liquid or for washing your glass-coated car. The microfiber cloth will hard to damage the glass coating or the paint surface.

Tricks and tips for wiping

Soon after applying the liquid, wipe the area evenly and quickly using the microfiber cloth. Just move the microfiber cloth lightly across the surface to catch and wipe-off the liquid. It is very important to check the area after wiping, for any residual particles, foggy streaks, or dust. If needed, please wipe the area again with the dry part of the microfibre cloth to ensure the area is completely clean.
*Caution: if there are any streaks or foggy areas after wiping, it may affect the appearance of the final glass coating after curing. Please check the area twice, and wipe until it is clean.

3. Check

After wiping, please check the car surface from various angles for any foggy or uneven surface appearance. If you find any uneven surface appearances (for example, from a finger print), then just wipe the area again. After 12 hours of curing, any unevenness may be hard to remove, so please check twice!
If you find any unevenness or surface inconsistencies which you cannot easily wipe off, then just apply another drop of liquid with the sponge, and then wipe off the area again with the microfiber cloth. Please be aware this may have an effect on the appearance if the surface has not cured completely yet.

4. Curing

Please be careful not to get the surface wet during 12 hours, as the surface is curing.

You face a crucial juncture now…
After coating, wiping, and checking water sometimes drops from the side mirrors, or gaps between the doors. If water runs over the coating, the area may cure unevenly. Please check the car surface again a few hours after the application. We also recommend working in the morning to prevent frost and night dew especially during winter.

2 weeks for complete curing

After the surface has cured from 12 hours to 2 weeks, the car can get wet when driving, however as the surface has just cured, it’s in a sensitive condition. Please wipe the surface very gently if it rains or if you wash the car. Please don’t let any water stay too long on the surface of the car.

Your beautiful glass coated car was born!

We recommend to take a picture to check the results.
Anyway, after 2 weeks, you can apply Nano Pika Pika Rain quick detailing spray to improve the condition of gloss and water repellency.
Please try it if you’re interested in it!

What if we fail in the application of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating?

Our staff in went out doing an experiment in a hot day.
It was too hot, but there was thing to do in such a hot day…

What if we leave the Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating for 1 hour after applying?

It is the experimentation which was on the supposition of
Anyway, please see the photo below.

Can you see some whitish lines on the car body as a whole?

All of these are unwiped glass coating.

It had already passed 1 hour, but it has already started to cure,
so it was very difficult to remove it even though we wiped it with microfiber cloth.

When the glass coating starts to cure, it becomes like a candy and the fiber of cloth adheres on it.

If you leave 2 hours, you cannot stop curing of the glass coating, so only polishing with compound can be removed it.

Therefore, please check the car body in 1 hour definitely!

Our instruction says that the surface needs 12 hours for curing, but in summer, it is quicker than usual,
so if you don’t deal with it as soon as possible, it should be much hard to repair it.

Please be careful when you apply glass coating, especially in summer!

Glass coating can apply other than the car body!

Iron, plastic, leather and aluminum…
A car is made up of many materials are used in a car.

“I applied glass coating to the car body…but is it OK with applying to other parts?”

When you apply glass coating, you wonder like this.
Then, we will explain where we can apply glass coating

By the way, we would like to tell the answer first, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can apply to every parts except rubber parts and windshields basically.

Please read below if you want to know details!

Where to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating

There are no problem to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.

Iron, steel, copper parts

img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2950″ src=”” alt=”” width=”427″ height=”427″/>

Car body, frame, engine room housing, radiator, and so on.
Please open the hood, and don’t forget to apply to the outer frame.


It is recommended to wash away any dirt or mud splattered on the wheels before application.

Resin, plastic

Steering wheel, bumpers, radiator grill, headlights, taillights, turning signals. The glass coating protects plastic parts very well and provides a deep gloss. After applying the liquid, please be careful to wipe all of the area so there are no foggy parts on the plastic.
※ Some old vehicles have glass headlights, so we don’t recommend applying on the glass.

2. Caution needed

There are some material parts of the car which you need to pay attention for the application.
Please test a small spot first, before covering the whole area.

Leather, wooden material

Seat, interior
Depending on the type of material, glass coating liquid may or not get absorbed by these materials.

Glutinous stickers

Sticker, decal printing
A sticker may eventually fall off after the application because it has the same properties as rubber and absorbs the liquid. Some stickers are specially designed for car paint surfaces and have strong chemical bonding, such as decal printing.


The sunroof window is made of transparent plastic or glass. It is recommended to use Window Pika Pika Rain on any transparent plastic or glass parts.
3. Where NOT to apply


Windshield, mirror
As glass material is transparent, it is recommended to use Window Pika Pika Rain on any transparent glass parts such as the windshield.


Tire, packing
These materials absorb the liquid and may create an uneven surface on the material.


There are other parts which we didn’t explain above, but we think that almost all main parts to apply are explained.

Moreover, the materials are different.
We said in the cautions paragraph, you should better to test a small spot first!

Preparation and the place to apply! Two important points to check before applying glass coating!

Generally, most applications of DIY car wax and glass coating are easy because they are made for armatures, not professionals.

However, it is very deep when we’re interested in details and we consider it, isn’t it?

The work is so simple such as preparation, washing and applying.
But some of you might think “What should I do this?” at all points.

As you might know from the title,
this time we would like to introduce the two points to check before applying glass coating!

It doesn’t mean you cannot apply unless you do all, but the more beautiful the finishing.

POINT 1. The season and weather for application

The season

To be honest, this is the most important points in Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.
For you are the first time to apply or afraid with a big mistake, we recommend to apply it in spring or autumn.

Of course, all seasons are fine to apply unless you don’t forget some cautions!
Our staffs apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating from spring to winter, but the finishing was good every time!

Applying in summer season … NOT SO GOOD

In case of applying outside, the temperature of car body tends to rise.
Then, the liquid which you applied evaporates quickly, so you tend to apply it unevenly.
Therefore, you need to apply and wipe it more quickly than usual.

Moreover, June and July is the rainy season in Japan,
so it is difficult not to get wet in 24 hours after the application outdoors.
If it rains after the application, there is possibility to be removed the liquid or make circle spots.

Above all, it is too hot! It is very quick to spend the energy.
It takes a lot of time to start from washing a car, so you must avoid work in a brazing heat summer day definitely.

Applying in winter … NOT SO GOOD

In winter, night dew should become a big problem even though you apply everywhere.
However, it is impossible to check the night dew all the time,
so you will find some lines which the water trickled the next morning.

Frost as well. This is also one of the reasons you cannot apply it unevenly.

As a countermeasure, we recommend washing a car and applying glass coating in the early morning.
It helps the glass layer cure as much as possible before night dews and frosts come out.

Also it is too cold!
It is hard to dip your hands into the bucket in a cold day.

Applying in spring and autumn… VERY GOOD

These are the best seasons for Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating!

You can protect the car body from the yellow sand / pollen and rainy season for spring.
Snow for winter as well. It is also easy to find the results.

The weather is stable, so you can finish without problems unless you get a sudden rain.

However, if you want to apply it in the high- pollen season,
you should better to avoid the windless and the deep forest and near the forest park where is easy to fly pollen.
There is possibility to cure with pollen in the glass layer.

The place to apply

Everywhere is OK if you can use water. Please choose from your convenience.


A garage with a roof is the most appropriate.
If you can prepare the water, you don’t need to move your car until the glass coating cure completely,
so you don’t have to be worried about getting dirty due to sudden rain.

【Car wash space】

Using a wide space and the water is a good point.
However, you need to move your car after applying Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.
Almost all car wash spaces have a time limit (or you can use until the next person will come),
so you should move your car 1 hour later when you applied it.
If you drive a car which is still going curing, there is possibility to be removed the glass layer by stepping stones and dust.

Washing your car at the car wash space and applying at your house is a good choice.
In this case, please wipe off dust which is adhered while driving with microfiber cloth.

POINT 2. Preparation

Check your car condition

If your car is not brand new, please remove the previous glass coating first.
(Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is OK, because you can reapply on the previous one.)
For example, car wax, polymer coating and detailing agency…etc.
If you use our car detailing spray (Nano Pika Pika Rain), please remove it, too.

However, sometimes your car was applied car wax or coating by car dealers even though your car is brand new.
If you cannot judge it, please splash the water to the bonnet and checked whether no car wax and coating have.
If the water should stick to the car body, your car has no wax and coating.

Moreover, please check whether your car has water spots and scratches or not, too.
If you leave them, they are covered with the glass layer.

Things which should be removed before the application

Now, in this paragraph, we would like to explain about impurities and scratches which we should remove before applying glass coating.
As we said above, it is up to deal with them.


It cannot help avoiding them.
If the scratches are not so serious, the glass coating can make them less noticeable.
(However, it doesn’t mean that the scratch was removed.)

If you remove them, compound is essential.
Especially, stepping stones tend to damage the car body deeply, you need to repair it by professionals…

You should use … Compound (fine & ultra-fine)

・Iron fillingsh5

They are iron powders in the air.
It causes dust from a brake

They are sharp, so they sticks on the car body and adhere with rusting.
They make the structure rough, but it is easy to find by touching the bonnet covered with the slight film.

You should use … Iron fillings remover, clay, compound (fine & ultra- fine)

・Water Spots (ion deposits)

When the water on the car body evaporate, and the dirt and the minerals in the air became a white circle mark.
It is difficult to prevent, so we have many inquiries about this.

You should use … Ion deposit remover, compound (fine & ultra-fine)

・Oil film

It is a compound of water and oil and small vale of oil.
Sometimes it looks rainbow colors like a soap bubble if the oil film is strong.
It is caused by rain, emission gas in the air and splashing dirty water on the road.
Stubborn ones cannot be removed with car shampoo.

You should us… oil remover (degreaser), compound (fine & ultra-fine)

The reason why compound is listed in all cases is polishing the surface.
Therefore, it can scale off everything from the car body.

However, sometimes you cannot irreparable things happen, so please use this carefully and do not polish too much.

Moreover, stains and scratches which are in to the car paint surface cannot be removed with compound.
(You need to polish the car paint surface, too.)
Please ask some professionals.

We noticed that we must not forget to wash off chemical products!
If you’re worried, please wash your car with car shampoo each time.
Sometimes the chemical products cannot be removed by splashing water.
So, it might cause the bad effect on the glass coating

Especially, Ion Deposit Remover and iron fillings remover are very strong to damage the car body.
Therefore, please check to things as you use.


How was it?
Was it benefit for you?

“How about washing a car?”
Some of you might think like this.

Don’t worry, we’ve already written about it, so please read it!

BLOG: Must-read for all beginners! How to wash a car and tricks of it from professionals!