Mr. K.U / Fukushima, Japan / NISSAN X-TRAIL 2017model

I deiced to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating for the first time because I read many reviews.

Firstly, the gloss is amazing.
The polymer coating which I used before couldn’t achieve this moist and deep such my car was painted

After the application, some parts of foggy finishing were recognized by some angles,
but 3 weeks later, I felt these harmonized with the car body.

Regarding water repellency, it was amazing as I expected.
The water was receding, it was the very water-sliding effect!

I washed my car 3 weeks later (I hadn’t washed it for this period), the dust was less than before the application.
Moreover, it became easy to remove the dirt, so I could feel the certain results!

The liquid spread well, so half of the bottle was enough for EXTRAIL.
Therefore, 3 weeks later, I reapplied with the remainder.
I stored it in a refrigerator, but it looked fine!

The plastic parts such as the bumper and the cover of wipers became moist color like a brand new car,
not glisten, so I will spoil Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating…haha!

I had hesitated for a long time, but I thought that it was really great to buy Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Looking forward to checking the durability and water repellency in rainy days!

Mr. N.I / Tokushima, Japan / NISSAN FAIRLADY Z 2014model

It was great!

I have used other two products, but Pika Pika Rain was very different surprisingly,
and then I was satisfied with both of works and finishing.

The works was different from I expected, I can do it easily.

Especially, I was impressed by a sponge which I thought it was too much small before the application.
I can find whether I can apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM or not by my fingers,
moreover, it spread very well and it can make the works easy.

I thought that this size has a certain reason during the application.

However, I made one mistake.
I put the bottle on the flat bonnet, the bottles slide and spoiled the liquid a little.

As the finishing, it looks like the car wears the glass.

I felt that the car body became clear.
To compare it to a photo, it has perfect focus.

There was one more thing which made me happy.

I’m keeping my car in the garage which has a roof, so there is no worries about the night dew,
but it cannot helping avoid the dust.
Usually I deal with a feather brush, but, the amount of dust became less.

It thanks to glass coating, isn’t it?

I bought detailing sprat together, so I will protect my car with Pika Pika Rain products.
Thank you for good products.

Mr. Y.O / Saitama, Japan / NISSAN SILVIA 2002model

I took the plunge and applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM this time because many car paint surfaces were renewed due to the traffic accident.

I was surprised with the gloss after the application,
but I was surprised with car washing after the application more than anything.

First I thought that water-sliding effect was not so different from hydrophobic and it’s okay if my car get dirt not so much.

But the water was sliding! I felt that this is “the water-sliding effect”.

My car is 15 years old, but it think that it will get the gloss like a brand new car.
I became attached to my car more than before.

The price is expensive, but it might make your satisfaction.

It will cost more than 50,000 JPY if I ask professionals to apply,
on the other hand just 10,000 JPY will cost if do it myself.

I want everyone to try this and that’s why I wrote my review.

I will repeat to use when the effect will goes down.
Thank you for a good product!

Mr. R.Y / Nagano, Japan / NISSAN SERENA C26 2012model

I applied Super Pika Pika Rain 3 years ago, and the gloss, water repellency,
especially antifouling by insects were so nice.
Moreover, it only needs car washing as the after maintenance, so I was satisfied with it.

One day, I recommended Pika Pika Rain Super when I was asked what I was doing for keeping beautiful my car,
however, on the contrary, I was recommended Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM which is a new product and it was also satisfied with this, too.

Then I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, because almost the effect of Super Pika Pika Rain might fade.
I took a half day for the preparation to make the best effect, but the application was finished with an hour.
The liquid was spread well as Super Pika Pika Rain, so more than half of a bottle remained.

It was still 3 weeks after the application, but I found that it made the better water repellency than Super when I washed my car.

A big difference between Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM and Super Pika Pika Rain was easy to dry the water
because the water had already slide.
Therefore, car washing will be comfortable from now on.

One of my friends who applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM by my recommendation said that
he was recommended an expensive coating every filling up at a service station before applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM,
but now, he was not recommended anymore and it was so nice.

I’m expecting their better product development from now on.

Mr. Y.O / Aomori, Japan / NISSAN OTTI 2005 model

I applied two types of glass coating on the bonnet.

The right passenger seat side to you is Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM,
and the left side driver seat to you is other company’s glass coating.

Other company’s one is like s solid wax, so its texture after wiping is greasy.

I feel the gloss, glare and water repellency are similar.

2 weeks passed after I shot this video,
Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM is more difficult to get dirt.

I can recommend it!