Mr. N.F / Kagoshima, Japan / NISSAN EXTRAIL 2012model

I applied Window Pika Pika Rain the other day, and next, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Before application, I polished with other company compound.
After this, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

I did the work carefully because I read the instruction and reviews in advance,
but I noticed that the liquid wasn’t enough on the way, so I was very nervous to apply.
I had to apply it quite thinly.
First I wanted to make the thick glass layer, so the last part was so hard.
Therefore, I’m happy if bigger size will be sold.

3 weeks has passed since I applied now, the results are so nice, and it has nice water-repellency as water-sliding effect which their catch phrase.
Also I’m satisfied with the dirt repellency because if the dirt can be removed by wiping.

Mr. Y.I / Okayama, Japan / NISSAN SERENA 2011model

I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating and Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover.
I used the Oil Remover even though my car was brand just in case.
I decided to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating before my car get dirty.

At the day of the application, the weather was fine.
The temperature was 10℃ and the wind velocity was 9 km/h.

I took around 4 hours which includes car washing and removing the oil.
Then half of the bottle remained.
After that, it was cloudy, but not rainy, so I did not particular as the protection.

It had rain after 4 days and my car got dirt a little bit,
so I washed it with the water after a week and I reapplied it after 2 weeks.

The movie shows 3 weeks later since the first application.
It was so glossy.
Originally, the dirt stands out on its color, but the water

I cannot compare with others because it was my first coating,
but I think it is similar to petrol station’s self car wash.
It cannot last the effect, but Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating can last for 3 years, so it’s very nice.

The area where I live has a lot of yellow sand, so I look forward the next spring.
Thank you!

Mr. K.U / Fukushima, Japan / NISSAN X-TRAIL 2017model

I deiced to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating for the first time because I read many reviews.

Firstly, the gloss is amazing.
The polymer coating which I used before couldn’t achieve this moist and deep such my car was painted

After the application, some parts of foggy finishing were recognized by some angles,
but 3 weeks later, I felt these harmonized with the car body.

Regarding water repellency, it was amazing as I expected.
The water was receding, it was the very water-sliding effect!

I washed my car 3 weeks later (I hadn’t washed it for this period), the dust was less than before the application.
Moreover, it became easy to remove the dirt, so I could feel the certain results!

The liquid spread well, so half of the bottle was enough for EXTRAIL.
Therefore, 3 weeks later, I reapplied with the remainder.
I stored it in a refrigerator, but it looked fine!

The plastic parts such as the bumper and the cover of wipers became moist color like a brand new car,
not glisten, so I will spoil Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating…haha!

I had hesitated for a long time, but I thought that it was really great to buy Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Looking forward to checking the durability and water repellency in rainy days!

Mr. N.I / Tokushima, Japan / NISSAN FAIRLADY Z 2014model

It was great!

I have used other two products, but Pika Pika Rain was very different surprisingly,
and then I was satisfied with both of works and finishing.

The works was different from I expected, I can do it easily.

Especially, I was impressed by a sponge which I thought it was too much small before the application.
I can find whether I can apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM or not by my fingers,
moreover, it spread very well and it can make the works easy.

I thought that this size has a certain reason during the application.

However, I made one mistake.
I put the bottle on the flat bonnet, the bottles slide and spoiled the liquid a little.

As the finishing, it looks like the car wears the glass.

I felt that the car body became clear.
To compare it to a photo, it has perfect focus.

There was one more thing which made me happy.

I’m keeping my car in the garage which has a roof, so there is no worries about the night dew,
but it cannot helping avoid the dust.
Usually I deal with a feather brush, but, the amount of dust became less.

It thanks to glass coating, isn’t it?

I bought detailing sprat together, so I will protect my car with Pika Pika Rain products.
Thank you for good products.

Mr. Y.O / Saitama, Japan / NISSAN SILVIA 2002model

I took the plunge and applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM this time because many car paint surfaces were renewed due to the traffic accident.

I was surprised with the gloss after the application,
but I was surprised with car washing after the application more than anything.

First I thought that water-sliding effect was not so different from hydrophobic and it’s okay if my car get dirt not so much.

But the water was sliding! I felt that this is “the water-sliding effect”.

My car is 15 years old, but it think that it will get the gloss like a brand new car.
I became attached to my car more than before.

The price is expensive, but it might make your satisfaction.

It will cost more than 50,000 JPY if I ask professionals to apply,
on the other hand just 10,000 JPY will cost if do it myself.

I want everyone to try this and that’s why I wrote my review.

I will repeat to use when the effect will goes down.
Thank you for a good product!