Mr. M.E / Nigata, Japan / NISSAN SKYLINE GST-R 1987 model

My car is 30 years old even though its traveling distance is not so long 2km,
so the gloss many scratches and I think that I want to deal with them.

Professional car detailers is expensive far beyond my means and
I have been trying to other DIY glass coating products, but I’ve never satisfied with all of them.

This time, I decided to try Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM because this has good reputations in the Internet.

I washed my car, removed the oil and other substances, dried the water with wiping and using the air blow and finally I applied it carefully.

It spread very well and the work is easier than I thought.
The gloss was clearly different between the parts where I applied or not.
Also it made scratches less noticeable.

The heat resistance is high, so I applied it to the cover of exhaust manifold which is a symbol of GST-R.

The one third of a bottle remained, so I’m going to reapply it after 2 weeks.
I was worried that I could apply it as you know my car is so old,
but in the end, I was satisfied with the result.

My job is car maintenance man, so I can recommend this product as DIY car glass coating to my customers.

【Photo No.1 Before the application】

【Photo No.2 The fender Rr before the application 】

【Photo No.3 The fender Rr after the application 】

【Photo No.4 The border of application】

【Photo No.5 The application for the exhaust manifold】

【Photo No.6&7 After the application】

【Photo No.8 The product】