Mr. T.M / Saitama Japan TOYOTA IPSUM 1997model

I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating because it has many good reviews on radio and the Internet.
Before I used to other hydrophilic coating product, but there were stubborn water spots on the hood.

I removed water spots as preparation before application under a burning sky in summer.
I just repeated applying the solution to the small areas and wiped it.
The time for preparation was about 1 hour, and for application was about 1 hour, too.

I was surprised the gloss and shine like a mirror after application.
The water repellency is also excellent.

I’m happy to buy it.
From now on, I expect the durability.

Mr. T.M / Saitama Japan TOYOTA IPSAM 1997model

Thank you for your nice products always.

This time I bought Window Pika Pika Rain as I wanted to windshields have water-sliding effect such as Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
Before this, I applied the other fluorine hydrophobic coating.
On the other hand, Window Pika Pika Rain is water-sliding effect, so I wanted to try it.

Application was so easy…
Only applying the solution evenly and wiping after washing.

After that I was very surprised when I splashed to the water!
The water was sliding which was different from hydrophobic.

Window Pika Pika Rain repels water well such as Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.
I want to use this product for long time.

Mr. T.M / Saitama, Japan / TOYOTA IPUSAM 1997model

I tried to reapply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating
because I wanted to more gloss on the previous Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating which I had applied 3 months ago.

Mmm…I splurged on it a little…

Regarding the application, same as the last time,
I started to do it after I washed my car and checked water spots the car body.

I thought that I applied it more thinly the last time.
However, I could find that my car got gloss gradually while wiping.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating provided the gloss even though 20 years old car.
It would be great if this gloss will last for 3 years.

The water repellency is excellent, too.
The water which is sliding on the car body makes me happy.

Mr. T.M / Saitama, Japan / TOYOTA IPSUM 1997model

The movie shows Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM application.

My car is IPSUM 1997model, so I’m worried about the deterioration of the car paint surface.
Before I applied other hydrophilic coating, but there were many water spots on the car body.

First, I did the preparation and then I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
I divided the surface into small areas to apply and wiped. I applied and wiped.

This product was easy to apply because it spread well.
The time of application was about 1 hour.

The finishing was so shiny!
I was surprised at when I tried to splash the water.
The water was sliding on the car body like drops.

I’m looking forward to checking the durability.