How long does the ceramic coating need for fully cured?

We have above inquiry from our customers many times.

Our Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating needs 2 weeks for hardening completely.
Therefore, please don’t wash your car with car shampoo or wash by force during this period.

“Am I not able to wash my car after 2 weeks definitely?”
Then some of you might think like this.

The surface of glass layer can cure with 12 hours, so washing with a microfiber is OK.
However, please do not use car shampoo at this time.
We think that leaving your car is more serious, so please wash it gently when it get dirty.

We would like to recommend avoiding a car wash machine which has hard brushes even though after the glass layer cured fully.
Then please wash your car by hand as much as you can.

Preparation and the place to apply! Two important points to check before applying glass coating!

Generally, most applications of DIY car wax and glass coating are easy because they are made for armatures, not professionals.

However, it is very deep when we’re interested in details and we consider it, isn’t it?

The work is so simple such as preparation, washing and applying.
But some of you might think “What should I do this?” at all points.

As you might know from the title,
this time we would like to introduce the two points to check before applying glass coating!

It doesn’t mean you cannot apply unless you do all, but the more beautiful the finishing.

POINT 1. The season and weather for application

The season

To be honest, this is the most important points in Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.
For you are the first time to apply or afraid with a big mistake, we recommend to apply it in spring or autumn.

Of course, all seasons are fine to apply unless you don’t forget some cautions!
Our staffs apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating from spring to winter, but the finishing was good every time!

Applying in summer season … NOT SO GOOD

In case of applying outside, the temperature of car body tends to rise.
Then, the liquid which you applied evaporates quickly, so you tend to apply it unevenly.
Therefore, you need to apply and wipe it more quickly than usual.

Moreover, June and July is the rainy season in Japan,
so it is difficult not to get wet in 24 hours after the application outdoors.
If it rains after the application, there is possibility to be removed the liquid or make circle spots.

Above all, it is too hot! It is very quick to spend the energy.
It takes a lot of time to start from washing a car, so you must avoid work in a brazing heat summer day definitely.

Applying in winter … NOT SO GOOD

In winter, night dew should become a big problem even though you apply everywhere.
However, it is impossible to check the night dew all the time,
so you will find some lines which the water trickled the next morning.

Frost as well. This is also one of the reasons you cannot apply it unevenly.

As a countermeasure, we recommend washing a car and applying glass coating in the early morning.
It helps the glass layer cure as much as possible before night dews and frosts come out.

Also it is too cold!
It is hard to dip your hands into the bucket in a cold day.

Applying in spring and autumn… VERY GOOD

These are the best seasons for Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating!

You can protect the car body from the yellow sand / pollen and rainy season for spring.
Snow for winter as well. It is also easy to find the results.

The weather is stable, so you can finish without problems unless you get a sudden rain.

However, if you want to apply it in the high- pollen season,
you should better to avoid the windless and the deep forest and near the forest park where is easy to fly pollen.
There is possibility to cure with pollen in the glass layer.

The place to apply

Everywhere is OK if you can use water. Please choose from your convenience.


A garage with a roof is the most appropriate.
If you can prepare the water, you don’t need to move your car until the glass coating cure completely,
so you don’t have to be worried about getting dirty due to sudden rain.

【Car wash space】

Using a wide space and the water is a good point.
However, you need to move your car after applying Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.
Almost all car wash spaces have a time limit (or you can use until the next person will come),
so you should move your car 1 hour later when you applied it.
If you drive a car which is still going curing, there is possibility to be removed the glass layer by stepping stones and dust.

Washing your car at the car wash space and applying at your house is a good choice.
In this case, please wipe off dust which is adhered while driving with microfiber cloth.

POINT 2. Preparation

Check your car condition

If your car is not brand new, please remove the previous glass coating first.
(Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is OK, because you can reapply on the previous one.)
For example, car wax, polymer coating and detailing agency…etc.
If you use our car detailing spray (Nano Pika Pika Rain), please remove it, too.

However, sometimes your car was applied car wax or coating by car dealers even though your car is brand new.
If you cannot judge it, please splash the water to the bonnet and checked whether no car wax and coating have.
If the water should stick to the car body, your car has no wax and coating.

Moreover, please check whether your car has water spots and scratches or not, too.
If you leave them, they are covered with the glass layer.

Things which should be removed before the application

Now, in this paragraph, we would like to explain about impurities and scratches which we should remove before applying glass coating.
As we said above, it is up to deal with them.


It cannot help avoiding them.
If the scratches are not so serious, the glass coating can make them less noticeable.
(However, it doesn’t mean that the scratch was removed.)

If you remove them, compound is essential.
Especially, stepping stones tend to damage the car body deeply, you need to repair it by professionals…

You should use … Compound (fine & ultra-fine)

・Iron fillingsh5

They are iron powders in the air.
It causes dust from a brake

They are sharp, so they sticks on the car body and adhere with rusting.
They make the structure rough, but it is easy to find by touching the bonnet covered with the slight film.

You should use … Iron fillings remover, clay, compound (fine & ultra- fine)

・Water Spots (ion deposits)

When the water on the car body evaporate, and the dirt and the minerals in the air became a white circle mark.
It is difficult to prevent, so we have many inquiries about this.

You should use … Ion deposit remover, compound (fine & ultra-fine)

・Oil film

It is a compound of water and oil and small vale of oil.
Sometimes it looks rainbow colors like a soap bubble if the oil film is strong.
It is caused by rain, emission gas in the air and splashing dirty water on the road.
Stubborn ones cannot be removed with car shampoo.

You should us… oil remover (degreaser), compound (fine & ultra-fine)

The reason why compound is listed in all cases is polishing the surface.
Therefore, it can scale off everything from the car body.

However, sometimes you cannot irreparable things happen, so please use this carefully and do not polish too much.

Moreover, stains and scratches which are in to the car paint surface cannot be removed with compound.
(You need to polish the car paint surface, too.)
Please ask some professionals.

We noticed that we must not forget to wash off chemical products!
If you’re worried, please wash your car with car shampoo each time.
Sometimes the chemical products cannot be removed by splashing water.
So, it might cause the bad effect on the glass coating

Especially, Ion Deposit Remover and iron fillings remover are very strong to damage the car body.
Therefore, please check to things as you use.


How was it?
Was it benefit for you?

“How about washing a car?”
Some of you might think like this.

Don’t worry, we’ve already written about it, so please read it!

BLOG: Must-read for all beginners! How to wash a car and tricks of it from professionals!

Is using drive through car wash NG? Check the merits and demerits!

“I’m satisfied with glass coating, by the way, how should we wash my car after the application?”

Some people might wonder like this.
Especially, we have a lot of inquiries which is “Is it OK to use car wash machine?”

Nowadays the performance of car wash machines better than before, so you don’t have to be worried about it too much,
but you want to know that their merits and demerits, don’t you?

Then, we would like to introduce them this time!
It depends on manned or unmanned… but we think it is roughly like this below.

Merits and demerits of using car wash machine


– Very easy!
It is very useful when you don’t want to touch cold water in winter.

– Much cheaper than asking to wash by hand at the gas station
– Make a car clean briefly.


– Every types of car wash machines spins around highs speed with dust and stones, so it can damaged the car body due to slight scratches and stepping stones.
– Hard to find the place for wiping the water
You often cannot have enough time for wiping the water when other customers were waiting use the washing machine (unmanned) next.
The water which is on the hot car body evacuate while driving and it causes water spots…

– More difficult to remove dirt than washing by hand

A car is so delicate, isn’t it?
Many scratches make the gloss of glass coating dull.
Especially a dark car is remarkable to find it.

Therefore, you should better to avoid using car wash machine for a glass coated car unless you’re too busy wash by hand or you feel tiresome.

“However, car washing by hands is so tiresome!”
“I want to save the time and money!”

If you thing like above, please read below carefully and try to choose the car wash machine.

How to choose a car wash machine and cautions for using

– Avoid to use the old type and (which looks had not maintenance for a long time)
– Choose a high pressure type and which has cloth / rubber brushes.
– Remove dust and dirt with the water in advance
– Wipe the water after washing right soon

We hope that you will refer to wash after applying glass coating.

Car Detailing Guide for Beginner’s

You must feel like you are on the top of the world when you get your first car.
I remember I was so excited to go to the car dealer when my car was delivered.
Brand new car is of course clean and shiny and I was happy just to look at it.

However 1 month later we find a problem.

Yes your car gets dirty…

Once you see the dirty car, driving is not that fun and we wonder where the exciting feeling was gone.

How can we keep our cars clean?

Here’s the guide of beginner’s car detailing.

Step 01 Car Wash


(1) Water supply
If you have an outside water tap then it’s ok but if you park your car in a shared car park or somewhere you cannot wash, you have to find a place such as a car wash place.

(2) Hose
Essential tool to wash a car. At a car wash place you can use the equipped one.

(3) Bucket
When you use a car shampoo, you need one. You can get it at 100yen shop!

(4) Car shampoo (neutral detergent)
You can purchase at a car accessories shops such as Autobacs. Some people use kitchen detergent instead.
Some people use kitchen detergent instead.

(5) Cloth
Microfiber cloth would be the best. Available at a car accessories shop and a hardware store.

(1) Rinse thoroughly

Car wash is the best way to clean your car. If you wash your car every week, it will keep the shine for many years.
If you think weekly car wash is too much, wash your car at least once a month.
First rinse your car thoroughly with plenty of water and remove loose dirt and grime. If you start washing without this step, your car will get scratches.
And do not work in direct sunlight.

(2) Make soapy water

Put water in the bucket and pour the car shampoo.
Stir and make bubbles.
Let’s start washing once you make enough bubbles.

(3) Wash

Soak the microfiber cloth and wash your car from the top down. For example: Roof →hood → door
Wash the bottom parts such as wheels in the end as they are the dirtiest parts.
Also use another clean microfiber cloth when you wash window parts.

(4) Rinse

After you wash your car with the bubbles, rinse your car with plenty of water.
If the car shampoo solution is left, it might leave some streaks.

(5) Wipe

Dry your car with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
This is the most important and hardest part of car wash.
If you do not wipe and dry the car body quickly, water drops might dry up and leave water spots.
Use another dry microfiber cloth to dry completely if needed.
Wipe small parts such as window and door jambs as well.

(6) Clean!

Now your car is clean.
If you want more shine, let’s move to Step 02.

Step 02 Car Coating

For those who wants to get more shine and gloss, please try a car coating.
There are variety of car coating: car wax, polymer coating and glass coating.
Here’s some tips what to choose.

Reasonable x easy application ・・・ Hard wax or liquid wax
Easy x less mistakes ・・・ Polymer coating spray
High grade x long durability ・・・ Car glass coating

Car wax is good to get quick gloss without spending a lot of money.
Spray polymer coating for easy application.
For brand new cars glass coating is recommended.
Those car coatings are available at online marketplace or car accessories shops. Find the one for you.


Do not apply any coatings, wax, polymer or glass coating when it’s raining or under blazing sun.
More possibility to end if failure.

Do not work under direct sunlight as the coating solution dries quickly before wiping.
Also use proper amount of the coating solution. Applying too much solution might cause foggy streaks.

After coating ・・・ ?

Some people misunderstand that if you apply car coating, you do not need to wash your car.

Dirt is hardly attached after coating but you still need a regular car wash.
Dirt will definitely be on the car coating and if you leave it, it might adhere to the car body.
None of car coatings offer maintenance free.

Regular car wash is necessary to keep your car clean.

Extra edition Remove dirt and scratchers


If your car body is covered all over with scratches, you can remove them by polishing with compound.
Some people believe that’s professional’s job but if they are shallow and light ones, it’s not that difficult to do it by yourself.
Try to remove small scratches first. Put liquid compound on a sponge and rub. If you think you can do it, consider to get a polisher.

Remove water spots / ion deposits

If you leave your car wet after rain or car wash, the water drop dries up and leave water spots or ion deposit.
They are caused by mineral in water left on the car body.

Once you get them, it’s hard to remove by car wash.
You have to polish with compound or use chemical remover such us ion deposit remover.
Ion deposit remover is easier than polishing so please try it.

I write about exterior detailing this time but of course you should clean inside your car as well.
Floor mats have mite, hair and crumbs more than you think.
Keep a car cleaner and microfiber cloths in your car.

Enjoy clean car life!