Daihatsu Copen Robe 2014 / Fukuoka, Japan / WAKUWAKUKINOKO

I bought Super Pika Pika Rain and Nano Pika Pika Rain and applied on my new car.

I would like to report my experience.

My mitake was that I didn’t wash my car as I thought it’s clean enough because it’s brand new.

I coated dust together.

Also I used Nano Pika Pika Rain detailing spray when it’s windy.

However as you can see on the photos, my car is shiny. (if I asked a car dealer, it costs USD470.00)









After 2 weeks when the coating is fully cured I will polish with ultra-fine compound.

As my car is yellow, mistakes are hardly seen but if your car is dark color, you should be careful.

This time regardless of my mistakes, the finish is brilliant and I’m happy.

Daihatsu Copen outer panel is made of resin but no problem to use Pika Pika Rain!


Mr. Y.S. / Tokyo, Japan / Daihatsu Move L 2014

I love water beading effect so chose Hyper Pika Pika Rain.

When I received Hyper Pika Pika Rain, I wasn’t sure if the small bottle is enough

but almost half of the liquid left at the end.

It took about 30 minutes to complete to apply.

Before Hyper Pika Pika Rain application, I did silicon off car shampoo.

I applied 2 layers and the video is the  following day when it rained.

Because the glass coat wasn’t cured completely, it didn’t replel great

but still looks good.

I look forward to seeing the water repellency when the glass coat is cured.

Easy to apply and great product!