Car Detailing Guide for Beginner’s

You must feel like you are on the top of the world when you get your first car.
I remember I was so excited to go to the car dealer when my car was delivered.
Brand new car is of course clean and shiny and I was happy just to look at it.

However 1 month later we find a problem.

Yes your car gets dirty…

Once you see the dirty car, driving is not that fun and we wonder where the exciting feeling was gone.

How can we keep our cars clean?

Here’s the guide of beginner’s car detailing.

Step 01 Car Wash


(1) Water supply
If you have an outside water tap then it’s ok but if you park your car in a shared car park or somewhere you cannot wash, you have to find a place such as a car wash place.

(2) Hose
Essential tool to wash a car. At a car wash place you can use the equipped one.

(3) Bucket
When you use a car shampoo, you need one. You can get it at 100yen shop!

(4) Car shampoo (neutral detergent)
You can purchase at a car accessories shops such as Autobacs. Some people use kitchen detergent instead.
Some people use kitchen detergent instead.

(5) Cloth
Microfiber cloth would be the best. Available at a car accessories shop and a hardware store.

(1) Rinse thoroughly

Car wash is the best way to clean your car. If you wash your car every week, it will keep the shine for many years.
If you think weekly car wash is too much, wash your car at least once a month.
First rinse your car thoroughly with plenty of water and remove loose dirt and grime. If you start washing without this step, your car will get scratches.
And do not work in direct sunlight.

(2) Make soapy water

Put water in the bucket and pour the car shampoo.
Stir and make bubbles.
Let’s start washing once you make enough bubbles.

(3) Wash

Soak the microfiber cloth and wash your car from the top down. For example: Roof →hood → door
Wash the bottom parts such as wheels in the end as they are the dirtiest parts.
Also use another clean microfiber cloth when you wash window parts.

(4) Rinse

After you wash your car with the bubbles, rinse your car with plenty of water.
If the car shampoo solution is left, it might leave some streaks.

(5) Wipe

Dry your car with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
This is the most important and hardest part of car wash.
If you do not wipe and dry the car body quickly, water drops might dry up and leave water spots.
Use another dry microfiber cloth to dry completely if needed.
Wipe small parts such as window and door jambs as well.

(6) Clean!

Now your car is clean.
If you want more shine, let’s move to Step 02.

Step 02 Car Coating

For those who wants to get more shine and gloss, please try a car coating.
There are variety of car coating: car wax, polymer coating and glass coating.
Here’s some tips what to choose.

Reasonable x easy application ・・・ Hard wax or liquid wax
Easy x less mistakes ・・・ Polymer coating spray
High grade x long durability ・・・ Car glass coating

Car wax is good to get quick gloss without spending a lot of money.
Spray polymer coating for easy application.
For brand new cars glass coating is recommended.
Those car coatings are available at online marketplace or car accessories shops. Find the one for you.


Do not apply any coatings, wax, polymer or glass coating when it’s raining or under blazing sun.
More possibility to end if failure.

Do not work under direct sunlight as the coating solution dries quickly before wiping.
Also use proper amount of the coating solution. Applying too much solution might cause foggy streaks.

After coating ・・・ ?

Some people misunderstand that if you apply car coating, you do not need to wash your car.

Dirt is hardly attached after coating but you still need a regular car wash.
Dirt will definitely be on the car coating and if you leave it, it might adhere to the car body.
None of car coatings offer maintenance free.

Regular car wash is necessary to keep your car clean.

Extra edition Remove dirt and scratchers


If your car body is covered all over with scratches, you can remove them by polishing with compound.
Some people believe that’s professional’s job but if they are shallow and light ones, it’s not that difficult to do it by yourself.
Try to remove small scratches first. Put liquid compound on a sponge and rub. If you think you can do it, consider to get a polisher.

Remove water spots / ion deposits

If you leave your car wet after rain or car wash, the water drop dries up and leave water spots or ion deposit.
They are caused by mineral in water left on the car body.

Once you get them, it’s hard to remove by car wash.
You have to polish with compound or use chemical remover such us ion deposit remover.
Ion deposit remover is easier than polishing so please try it.

I write about exterior detailing this time but of course you should clean inside your car as well.
Floor mats have mite, hair and crumbs more than you think.
Keep a car cleaner and microfiber cloths in your car.

Enjoy clean car life!

TOP 10 Car Wax Rankin In Japan!

Check out the title.

We recommend car glass coating as a top selling brand “Pika Pika Rain” but now we are introducing TOP 10 CAR WAX in Japan.
Here’s the reason why we are doing this.

The number of people who use car glass coating on their precious cars are increasing, however there are still a lot of car wax lovers.
As a person who loves cars like you, as a staff who sells the great car glass coating in the world, I would like you to use good products…
We are very happy if you like them as I chose seriously.

Here’s my recommendation!

No. 10 Okamoto-Sangyo, Entire Car Body, wheel, window, lens cleaner WAX spray

Durability of this spray wax is about 2 months. It could be shorter depending on car maintenance. It is a polymer based wax so you can you it on most of car parts such as a windshield, plating and frame.
On my opinion, it is better to do car surface preparation including car body polishing and silicone off and of course car wax with car shampoo when you use a spray type of car coating.
Because unlike solid type, spray wax does not contain compound to remove small scratches.
Price of this product is reasonable so you can use it as much as you want.
I thought the luster is good though water repellent is so-so.
Great cost performance.

Okamoto-Sangyo, Entire Car Body, wheel, window, lens cleaner WAX spray

No.9 Permaluxe Liquid Car Wax 300ml

This is liquid car wax. They say it is “future car wax” and we can see their energy to overturn the existing concept of car wax.
The best way is to use it as a car coating so you should do some preparation before applying this car wax.
It seems a bit expensive for a spray wax but you can dilute with water so it’s hard to decide this product has good cost performance or not.
It leaves a wet-gloss rather than glitter.
This spray wax is easy to apply without unevenness.

Permaluxe Liquid Car Wax 300ml


This solid wax is very soft so it’s easy to apply and you do not need to wait until the wax is dried and then wipe it off. It is a modern wax. This product contains natural carnauba so the finish is moist feeling. Water repellency is good and it will last for about 3 months. Compared to cheap waxes, you might feel it’s a little bit expensive but this is a great wax to spend the money.



This is a quite new product but great hard wax so ranks in Top10. Wetty finish and if the car body is black, the difference is outstanding. SOFT99 is one of the biggest car coating brand in Japan and the quality is stable, easy to apply and it gives good water repellency as well with reasonable price. However often some power comes up when wiping and this might be the negative point. High versatility product with good balance of price and quality. I introduce BLACK wax but they have for WHITE and SILVER wax, too. Please check them out.


No. 6 3M 3M polymer – wax liquid 38026

This is the famous 3M product. Our image of this brand is for professionals.
This product contains compound and usage is like a liquid compound. It gives a gorgeous gloss when you apply and rub up. This is by polishing so you want to be careful not to polish too much. Luster is great but water repellency is so so. You might want to use this product as a compound and make a smooth car body surface then apply other wax.

3M 3M polymer – wax liquid 38026

No. 5 Gold Glitter Plus

This is the super easy wax spray.
Basically you have to do some preparation on the body surface but once you clean the surface, you just spray it and wipe off. The negative point would be the duration as the wax layer is thin. Easy application and you can get luster but you shouldn’t expect the same result as a hard wax. It is perfect for someone who would like to recover the car body quickly for temporary.

Gold Glitter Plus

No. 4 Hanasaka G wax

This is a tube type wax so it looks easy to apply but actually this wax is rather hard so you need to get the hang of it. Repeat apply, wipe and spread and complete. It’s not that difficult and dirt gets off. Sometimes if you think you wash your car perfectly, some dirt remains but this wax remove it. However a hard wax which contains carnauba.

Hanasaka G wax

No. 3 WAKO’S QW-W Quick Wax

This wax is a different from other waxes. Combination of wax and dirt off is the special feature of this product so as for gloss and luster I cannot say it’s great. However it removes stubborn water stains and tar easily and revives the original luster of the car body. You can add other chemical products on this product so for who wants luster, use this product for preparation and then add other hard wax. As a surface treatment I really recommend this product.

WAKO’S QW-W Quick Wax

No. 2 WAKO’S VAC barriers coat

This is a spray coating. Even easier than liquid coating and reasonable price, there are a lot of supporters of this product. The microfiber cloth attached to the spray works very well and remove all dirt when wiping. The factor of popularity is high-performance. Not only the gloss but it can hide the small scratches by polymer resin and you can apply on various parts such as on windows, flames and wheels. People use this wax to a stainless tap in the washroom, mirrors or furniture. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

WAKO’S VAC barriers coat

No. 1 SurLuster Manhattan Gold Wax

The famous SurLuster!
This is the classic hard wax. The quality, the popularity I affirm this is the most popular one. The secret is using natural carnauba made in Brazil. Carnauba wax gives beautiful gloss and water repellency and also easy to use.

You can apply this wax on wet car bod.

So you do not need to wipe water after car wash. If you make the sponge wet and wring and put the wax and apply to the car body, it spreads smoothly and you can apply evenly.

This wax does not contain compound.

So you can use on glass coated cars such us our product Pika Pika Rain. A lot of people use this wax for maintenance.

SurLuster offers various kinds depending on grades so please pick up the one for your car.

SurLuster Manhattan Gold Wax

You can find a great selection of waxes in the market. I hope you find your favorite.

I am pleased if this helps making your car life richer.
I look forward to seeing more Pika Pika (=sparkling) cars!!

Repair scratches and peeling of cars! The heart of spray painting.

Some people might repair their car with a spray can as the retouching if the car paint surface gets some scratches or it is peeling.

However, if it is small areas which has scratches as the partial retouching, the car paint surface becomes uneven.

Therefore, you should spray to every parts if you can.
You need to repair whole parts even though you want to repair the small parts.
For example, you want to repair the part of the door, please spray to whole of it.

We found an expert of retouching with a spray can in YouTube, so we will introduce the video.

This is a wonderful skill, isn’t it?
To be honest, we were surprised with his skill of using a spray can.

However, we also think “Are we (armatures) able to do like this?”

Are we able to paint whole a car by ourselves?

The answer is YES.

However, truly, it is very difficult.
Anyway, it needs a lot of time to paint.

The person who are skillful such as the YouTube video we introduced doesn’t have to ask professionals. Because he can do it himself.

However, regarding car repairing, the preparation is more important than skill of using a spray.
The steps are scratching the original car paint surface with a sandpaper, and to preparing the foundation.
If you’re success two of these, it is equal that painting is success, too.

The point is whether you can do these works carefully and perseveringly,

※Please make note that you paint with a spray at once, your need to ask professionals to remove all of the paint.

The preparation to paint with a spray by oneself

First, we would like to introduce essential tools.

-Dry sandpapers (120, 180,240 and 320 grit)
-Wet sandpapers (800 grit)
-Primmer Surfacer
-Clear coating
-Waste cloth

Beginning from removing the car paint

Please remove the car paint surface (the clear layer) with a 120 grit sandpaper properly.
You should better to do it equally.

The small number of sandpaper is rough, so you need to use higher ones gradually.
For example, when you can remove it with 120 grit, next let’s use 180 grit and remove the streak of 120 grit.

After this, please use 240 grit and 320 grit well.

Removing the oil

Please remove the oil with a degreaser.
You only need to spray and wipe, so it is very easy.

Applying Primer Surfacer

Primer Surfacer can make the foundation and the surface evenly together.
You should better to apply as the practice for applying a spray.

Using a wet sandpaper

In this step, you make the car surface more evenly.
Basically, please give 800 grit sandpaper a little to make the surface evenly.

If it gets to even, finally you can go to the steps of applying a spray.


Moving a spray can in large sideways after stir it up well is the most important for painting.
If you do this step carefully, the finishing will be beautiful.

Same as Primer Surface, you don’t have to replay many times.
Applying evenly is more important than applying thickly, so please apply it like you spread it thinly.

Applying the clear coat

This is the final step.

Normally, for the solid paint, this step doesn’t need.
However, if you polish with compound after this step, the car will get the natural gloss and beautiful finishing.

The tips of applying clear coat is checking when you spray it to the car body.
Then if the clear matches with the color, you can sprat it properly.

The more you apply, the more gloss your car get, but please be careful not to apply it too much.

Let’s do it from small parts

When you paint with a spray by yourself, you don’t need so many tools,
but the steps are same as professionals of course.

You should do it carefully for the natural finishing.
Therefore, starting from small parts should be nice.

Does this article help you?

We wish that your DIY will be comfortable.

Do scratches remove?! What if a car which has scratches is applied Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating?

No matter how much you treat your car carefully, somehow the car will be damaged when you drive every day.
Therefore, not a few people might apply glass coating to protect own precious car from scratches above.

If you apply glass coating, the glass layer is on the can body, and then it can receive some light scratches.

Then do you want to know that what if you apply glass coating to a car which has already scratches?

For deep scratches which reach to the car paint surface, there is the only one way to remove deep scratches, but we can make them less noticeable.
However, for light scratches which is small area, it can be made less noticeable quickly!

The preparation such as removing scratches is the most important to apply glass coating beautifully.
Please don’t forget to read this as just a rough estimate for making scratches less noticeable when you read it.

Why does scratches disappear?

Actually, scratches do not disappear.

The glass fill in the scratches and they become less prominence when it is reflected. If you want to remove them completely, polishing is the only way, so please be careful!

By the way, how much does Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating make less noticeable?
Now let’s check our customer’s reviews!

CASE1: BMW 3series 320i (E90) Black 2007 model Mr. H.H

It is difficult to find by this photo, but there were so many scratches by washing on the car body before the application. However, they became less prominence.
Therefore I got the ultimate black glossy body even though this car was not brand new.
(I was very surprised because I would never have thought that the scratches became less prominence!)

CASE2: SUZUKI JIMNNY 2009 model Mr. S.H

【Before the application】
Some scratches were remarkable even though I polished them with No.9800 compound.
Also there were remarkable ones on the back door.

【After the application】
The scratches by nails ware less prominence and almost all of scratches by washing were hidden, too. I was really satisfied with the results which as I had expected.
Especially, I don’t see the scratches by polishing even if I move to the sun light.


I found the effect after I applied, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can make some scratches (for example they are not so serious such as the reflected sun light) less noticeable.

CASE4: NISSAN TIDA 2009 model Mr. K.S

Some fine scratches around the door hinge became less prominence.
It might scratches by car wash machines as well, but I’ve never used them, so I don’t know about it.

How was it?

We think that you can feel the benefit of glass coating!

Let’s apply glass coating to your precious car and cover scratches and protect the car body!

This is the thorough countermeasures! Three ways to protect your car from pollen and yellow sand.

Aren’t you suffering from pollen and yellow sand?

Pollen and yellow sand which are difficult to remove at once they adhere to the car body.
Especially from spring to summer, it is extreme, so many people might be trouble with them.
Moreover, if you leave them for a long time after raining or you forget to wash a car, they will adhere to the car body and they cannot be removed easily…
However, if you give up to remove them, they will damage your car and the gloss will worse – it will results in a vicious circle.

This time we would like to introduce how to protect your precious car from pollen and yellow sand thoroughly!
You must try these!

First, we will explain about the bad influences which pollen and yellow sand have on the car body!

Bad influences which pollen and yellow sand have on the car body

“What happens if pollen and yellow sand adhere to the car body?”
“Is it OK just removing them?”

Many people might think like these, but there are two general demerits.
In fact, they are more troublesome than you think.

(1) The looking gets poorer

First of all, this is one of the most important points!

Whole a car is covered with whitish or yellowish spots by pollen and yellow sand.
Windshields grow yellowish as well.
Especially, parts which are not steep (for example, a bonnet or a roof) are easy to adhere due to the large areas.
In this case, your precious car will be spoiled even though you apply expensive car coating or car wax as the foundation.

Let’s see pollen and yellow sand individually next.


Pollen discharges “Pectin” which is a substance when it gets wet by rain.
When it adheres to the car body and if it contracts with the car paint surface, it will ruggedness which looks like a stain.

【Yellow sand】

Yellow sand is a thing which is flown from China by the prevailing westerlies. It is occurred by a sandstorm in the Chines deserts and yellow soil areas.
As its name suggests, rough granularity sands adhere to the car body.

(2) The car body is damaged

They are not only the looking gets poorer. Rather than damages are more troublesome.
Both of pollen and yellow sand have bad influence on the car body.
Especially, pollen is the same damage as when you drive your car which is covered with bird droppings.
In here, we would like to comment individually, too.


As we said above, it becomes ruggedness when Pectin dries and contracts.
About this, it looks “water spot”, however, it is the same situation for scratches truly.
Then if you leave it, the scratches will eat into the car body and they will spread deeper and deeper.
Therefore, it is troublesome because you can remove the surface of pollen, but you cannot fill the ruggedness even though you use chemical car-care goods.

In addition, if the depth of the scratches is deep, you cannot remove with polishing.
Therefore you should better to deal with it as soon as possible.
Sometimes it cannot be removed only by washing or wiping with a hot towel in spite of the early stage.

However, there are several ways to remove them by heating easily… we will talk about it in the next paragraph.

【Yellow sand】

To be honest, yellow sand will change its circumstances by its flying route.
Then it is difficult to find what it is, so it also difficult to deal with this by using chemical goods.
However, usually it has a lot of calcium, so it will cause ion deposits (strong water spots) easily.
May be as you know, it eats into the glass layer and the car paint surface gradually. It also damages them, too.

For this problem, washing and polishing is important in the early stage to remove.
We will talk about how to detail with it in the other paragraph, too.

These two demerits are so serious, aren’t they?
In the worst case, the car body will cannot be recovered anymore due to rots even though you apply glass coating.

Please try to remove pollen and yellow sand when you find them immediately without any underestimates.

Let’s protect the car body by glass coating!

Pollen and yellow sand which have bad influences on your precious car.
However, it is impossible to keep it in the garage forever not to damage.
From March to May in Japan is a nice season for trips.
It cannot help getting dirt with pollen and yellow sand, during driving on the highways with your family, friends and boy or girl friends…

“I want to do my best to deal with these problems…”

For you, “genuine glass coating” is highly recommended!
[View details about Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM]

“Genuine Glass Coating” can protect the car paint surface by its durable glass layer, so it can prevent damages by pollen and yellow sand directly and it can remove them by washing with the water.
It is totally different from “Glass-like Coating” which fades in a several month.

Also glass coating can use for not only pollen and yellow sand, but also reducing scratches and removing bird droppings by washing the water easily.
It is very useful for protection of the car body!
Moreover, glass coating gives the beautiful pellucidity gloss, so it can bring out your car’s attractiveness maximum.

However, if you leave them on the glass layer for a long time, it should damage the car body even though you apply glass coating not to adhere to the car body directly.
Of course, the glass layer can reduce the damages to the car paint surface,

but, you want to keep your car beautiful as possible, don’t you?

Therefore, washing when you find them immediately is important,
and we also would like to recommend to make another simple protection layer by using detailing products which match with the glass coating.
Because it can reduce damages and improve the gloss.
[View details about Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K]

Pollen and yellow sand will be driver’s headache every year.
Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is very efficiently as the prevention against them.

Let’s wash your car frequently!

The next countermeasure is car washing!

We said that it is very important again and again in our blog, of course it is also an essential work for dealing with pollen and yellow sand.

“I’ve already been ready for them because I applied glass coating!”

Some you might think like above.
However, unfortunately, you cannot be negligent.
Especially, after raining, there is possibility that they adheres to the car body.
If you leave your car in the situation above, the glass layer will be damaged even though you apply glass coating.
Therefore, please do not forget to wash a car (especially after raining!) frequently!

【How to wash a car】

1- Washing with the water
“First of all, I want to remove pollen and yellow sand quickly!

It is NOT GOOD wiping them hardly with your desire like above.
Please don’t be hasty, just wash whole a car with a plenty of water which can remove the adhered dirt first.

2- Washing with car shampoo
Please wash a car with bubbled car shampoo.
It is not about pollen and yellow sand, but we recommend to use natural car shampoo which is not contained polishing materials for the car body.

3- Wiping
After washing with car shampoo, please wipe the water with a microfiber cloth.
Then it is finish to car washing!

By the way, we have an article about how to wash a car and tips in our blog, so please have a look it if you’re interested in it.


Removing pollen and yellow sand which cannot be removed by washing

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to wash a car after raining even though if you try to do it.
However, if this situation will keep, they cannot be removed by washing anymore.
Especially, if you leave it for a long time, Pectin which is contained with pollen eats into the contraction of the car paint surface and then it looks like a stain.
In this case, the damage is getting bigger and bigger, so you need to deal with it quickly.

Now, we would like to introduce about how to remove stubborn pollen and yellow sand here.

【Removing pollen and yellow sand】
STEP1: Washing a car

To begin with, please wash a car with your hands.
Then you remove the pollen, yellow sand and dust by washing as much as you can.

After this, please wipe the water with a dry microfiber cloth. It also can wipe pollen off, too.

STEP2: Wiping with the hot water (about 50℃)

If you cannot remove them by washing, please soak a microfiber cloth with 50℃ hot water and wipe them without ringing it out.
(※Please use rubber gloves not to get burnt.)

Next, please wipe it again with a dry microfiber cloth.

STEP3: Pouring the hot water (about 70℃) onto the car body

If you leave pollen for a long time, Pectin eats into the car paint surface and it looks like stains. In this case, it cannot be removed by washing and the hot water.
Therefore, please pour the hotter water than STEP2 onto the car body directly and wipe it with a microfiber cloth not to get burnt.
Please make note that there is possibility that you cannot remove it once, so please repeat this step patiently.

If they cannot be removed by these steps above, polishing with compound is the last measure. Let’s polish with compound and remove the stains.
[View details about Pika Pika Rain Liquid Compound]

Basically Pectin disappears when it is poured the hot water because it breaks in the hotter place in prescribed temperature.
Pollen flows in spring and it makes stains if you leave it after raining, but when summer comes, the temperature goes up and it is same as poring hot water. And then Pectin breaks and the stains of pollen disappears, too.
Therefore, this stain which disappear in summer.

However, it is not beautiful you leave your car in spite of stains which got in spring on the car body. You want to keep your car beautiful, don’t you?

Therefore, please try to wash your car diligently and if your car get dirt with pollen, please deal with it by polishing.

Glass coating is important to protect your precious car!

Pollen and yellow sand are natural phenomena, so it cannot help preventing them completely even though you are careful about your car.

After all, glass coating is very important to protect your car!

The glass coating which is not to remove its glass layer easily as we introduced above.
Making the protection layer on the glass layer should be good.
Also if you apply glass coating, the drainage should be much better and it makes the water which contains pollen and yellow sand are difficult to remain on the car body.
From only this can reduce adhesion of pollen and yellow sand.

Why don’t you try to apply glass coating to protect your precious car?