Mr. H.Y / Fukuoka, Japan / MAZDA DEMIO 2015model

3 weeks has passed since I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

My car got dirty, but the dirt could be washed off with only the water smoothly.
Then the car body looked so shiny after I wiped the water.

During this 3 weeks my car got dirty some times, but it became clean after raining.
It was totally different between my car and others.
I’m look forward to checking how long this gloss last without car wax.

I bought it due to my friend’s recommendation, but I thought it was really good to buy.
I’m going to try other Pika Pika Rain products, too.

Mr. M.S / Tokyo, Japan / MAZDA ATENZA 2017model

I was waiting to receive my brand new car and then I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.
I was looking forward to applying because it has many good reviews in the Internet.

My brand new car has already nice gloss, but it was totally different after application.
I couldn’t find words about the deep and moisture gloss which was like a mirror.

I reapplied it after a week.
The photos show when I washed my car after 2 weeks.
It got some dust, but the gloss was come back by only washing with the water.

I’m looking forward to checking how long this condition can keep.
It would be nice if this gloss will come back every car washing.

Mr. S.I / Shiga, Japan / MAZDA CX-3 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM to my bran new car in the day of delivery
and I would like to report the condition which 4 month has passed.

I received my brand new CX-3 on April 29, 2017.
I bought Pika Pika Rain in advance and I applied it at night.
I started applying without preparation.

The liquid spread very well and dry quickly.
I realized that applying and wiping every quarter of every parts, not every parts like a door, bonnet and so on was the best way.

Then it spread very, so about half of the bottle remained.

To be honest, I didn’t feel the gloss after application because my car is brand new.
However, for the present, I took some photos to check the reflection.

Right after application at night & noon

When I was washing my car (1 month later)

It water respelled very much.

4 months later
It water repelled same as right after application.
(I didn’t anything for this 4 moths such as car wax.)

I’m looking forward to check how long the effect last.

Mr. C.I / Saitama, Japan / MATSUDA AXELA 2015model

I was parking my car outside, so when one and half a month had passed since I bought my new car,
I tried to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating which has good reviews before the paint surface becomes worth.

I washed dust and mud off with the water and washed oil off with a degreaser.
Removing dust with a microfiber mop and finally, I started to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

I took a video for the water repellency.
At that time (near the evening), the humidity was 60% and the temperature was 26℃.

I could apply it easier than I thought.
First I saw some foggy parts, but if I wiped these with wet microfiber cloth directly and applied it again,
it looked evenly.

After a week, I splashed the water to the car body which got dirty a little bit, I saw the water-sliding effect.

It is difficult to find the gloss due to a brand new car,
but I thought that the car body is protected by the glass layer and water repellency
and it should keep the beautiful condition for a long time.

The instruction says “do not allow your car get wet for 12 hours after application”,
but I’m happy if the time could be shorten, such as 5 or 6 hours.

Mr. Y.T / Saitama, Japan / MAZDA BIANTE GRANZ 2017model

After I received my brand new car, I decided to buy Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating due to many reviews (for example, the workability is nice).

I applied it after I washed my car with the neutral shampoo, used Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover.
I worried about the foggy finishing due to its dark color, so I applied it with my wife.
We applied it small which was divided areas a little by little.

It took about 4 hours from car washing to applying.
Especially, please be carefull to wipe the water after car washing.

Please watch the video which shows that before and after application.
Regarding before application, the water, but the on the other hand, after application, the water falls.

Some water drops stay on the flat parts, but if I drive they fall. Good work!

From now, I want to check whether it last for 3 years.
Looking forward to the good results.

Regarding application, I was carefull about the weather because the instruction says that do not get wet within 12 hours.