Mr. H.K / Osaka, Japan / MAZDA DEMIO 2016model

I asked to apply coating which has one year warranty as a car dealer’s option when I bought a brand new car.

One year past and I was not satisfied the gloss and water repellency.
Moreover, scratches became noticeable in places because I washed my car frequency.

First I was planning to ask my favorite car shops to apply coating,
but I decided to try Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM which has many good reputations and reviews in the Internet.

Washing → removing → iron fillings → polishing → removing oil

I did these works in a half day, after that I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I parked my car at the outdoor with the roof in a whole day.
Then I was surprised at the gloss which was much better than when it was brand new first.
I’m embarrassing because the scenery was reflected so clearly.

“Next is the water repellency which has an original for Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.”

I thought like thins and I splashed the water cautiously, but I was impressed by it again.
The water drops were slide by just blowing on them.

I expect “3 years wax free”, but I am going to care with the combination of car shampoo and Nano Pika Pika Rain.

I ordered at the night and the next day they shipped.
Then the next day I received.

I was really satisfied with their quick service.

Mr. S.T / Fukuoka, Japan / MAZDA FLAIR-WAGON 2013model

My car: applying glass-like coating for 2 years,
using for commuting (my workplace has a lot of iron fillings, dust and limes)

【Before the application】
washing → removing → iron filling → wiping masking → polishing with a machine →
washing → wiping → removing   → applying

【Surprising and amazing!】
First, I felt that Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM spread not so well,
but it was getting better and batter, finally I used the liquid only about 1/3.

After the application, the gloss came back to my car.

It was amazing like a mirror!

Only washing with the water made my car beautiful such as brand new even though 1 week later.
The water repellency was very nice and wiping became easy.
I’m going to reapply with the remnant liquid.

Mr. A.T / Aichi, Japan / Mazda CX-5 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM on my car body and WINDOW Pika Pika Rain on the windshield on 5 March 2018.
No power needed and very easy to apply.

I parked my car outside with no roof for 3 months.
I washed the car without car shampoo for several times during that time.

After 3 months water repellency is still great on car body and windshield.
Washing with only water gives gloss and luster back again so I enjoy car wash.

The only difficult point to deal with Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM was when to apply because I have no garage so I needed to check weather.
I hope to keep this gloss for a long time.

Mr. T.S / Kanagawa, Japan / MAZDA MVP 2008model

I asked the car dealer applied 5 years durability coating as my option when I bought brand new my car.
I felt that their annual maintenace was only car washing.

I had washing with a car wash kit for the first year, but after that I finshed with a car wash machine.
Recenetly, I could not the water repellency has gone such as I forgot to apply the coating.

However, at once I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, I could find the water was slidning on the car body.

For the bigining, I was nervous to apply it, but I could get along with this,
finally I thougt it was easy to apply.

Mr. T.F / Saitama, Japan / MAZDA PREMACY 2017model

I reached Pika Pika Rain Premium for buying my brand new car in March 2017.

I did the application with any problems due to pre-learning with You Tube videos.

After I applied it to whole a car, but the liquid remained so much,
so I also applied it to the inside, the engine room and wheels, but half of a bottle still remained.

【A phot after the application at the day】

Can you find my car become shiny even though it was getting dark?

The result was not so dramatic due to a brand new car,
but I think that it the gloss was additional 10 or 20 percent!

I would like to show a photo which 2 days later when I washed it.
Also it is 1 month later when I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

There are some dusts on the car body, but it was glossy.

Just one thing I’m worried about the water its repellency, it is hydrophobic, not water-sliding.
I removed the oil, but I couldn’t remove car wax completely perhaps,
so I will look how it will go.

Anyway, the gloss is shiny and it keep its beautiful,
and it keep shine by washing, so I think that it was worth to buy it.

A few days ago, droppings, but they was removed only by washing.

If this situation will keep, I can recommend that it was high cost-effective shopping as a result.