Mr. K.Y / Osaka, Japan / MAZDA MPV 2007 model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM to my car, MAZDA MPV 2007 model.

When I was undecided whether to by Hyper (hydrophobic) or Super (hydrophilic)
for the car body which has been parking outside for 8 years,
I heard that PREMIUM had been go on sale, so I chose it to apply.

– The process
The first day, I washed my car, removed iron fillings and removed water spots as the preparation.
However, the 8 years old car body was still dull and not so glossy even though I did these preparations.

The second day, I washed my car again, applied the oil remover and finally I could apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

-The application
This product spread very well.
I was worried whether this small bottle is enough, but it can apply whole of a car.
Also a sponge which is cut in small size can apply glass coating to small parts, too.
I like the simple and easy steps, only applying and wiping.

-After the application
It was totally different in the gloss and I could found it immediately.
I think that it is “the deep gloss”.
(I’m sorry that it is difficult to find it from photos.)
There are about 20 cars in the car park, but my car is the shiniest even when viewed in the favorable light.

-In the future
I will apply it again 2 weeks later.
The two-thirds of glass coating is left over, so I will apply it to the car body and the wheels.
Also I’m going to with Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K which I bought with it.

-A comparison
The workability is much better than any other products which I tried before.
Also the gloss is the best.
I haven’t confirmed the results in rainy days yet because there were not heavy rainy days.
So I’m looking forward to seeing the “water-sliding power”…haha!

-My Expectation
It should be an ultimate product if it can keep its effect for 3 years.

I can recommend Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
I think that there is the value to try it for the old car body.
My neighborhoods said that my car is so beautiful.
I’m so glad.


This is the product which I bought.

This is my car which I applied.

After raining the car body with S company glass coating

The rain was not so heavy.

Before applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

After applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
It looks the same before the application, but it is totally different actually I look it.

Mr. I.N / Yamaguchi, Japan / Mazda RX-7 2000

I am showing the pictures of before and after of application.

I applied glass coating first time, but it was so easy to apply.
Apply little by little with accompanying  sponge, then wipe with microfiber cloth.
One bottle is enough for standard sized-car.


My car has many aeroparts, so I bought one more package to apply to all of them!

It’s hard for me to clean up dusty wheels because of metallic brake pad for driving on circuit.

I applied Pika Pika Rain to the inside of wheels.





I joined in RX-7 event one rainy day.

Everyone was surprised at seeing water-repellency of Pika Pika Rain.


I am thinking one more application to another RX-7, because it’s quite easy…lol
I am looking forward to see long lasting effect from now on.

Mr. S.K. / Saitama, Japan / Mazda Atenza Wagon 2013

I applied Super Pika Pika Rain on my new car. I washed my car with car shampoo and dried it completely as on the instruction. At first sponge didn’t move smoothly with about 4 drops of Super Pika Pika Rain liquid but after a while it’s changed to smooth. You don’t need to push hard, just slide lightly. I applied parts by parts like half of roof and half of hood. Also I applied wheels but the liquid still left. I was not confident if I could do well by myself but no problem!

Mazda Axcela 2009 / Oita, Japan / Mr. T.K.

I repainted my car to cover scratches by stones when driving and applied Hyper Pika Pika Rain on the surface.

Before I asked a shop to apply Diamond Keeper but this time I tried DIY.

I expected it’s quite difficult but actually it’s very easy and took about an hour to complete.

To avoid direct sunshine, I applied under sunshade.

As you can see even on the picture, the gloss is brilliant.

Half of the liquid is left. It spread very well.

The luster is as good as previous professional coating and even amateur like me could do without a problem.