Mr. H.K. / Nara, Japan / Toyota Estima 2007

I tried CPC paint sealant that is teflon coating with 5 years durability by car dealer

and sprayed maintenance spray every 3 months.

7 years have passed and I wanted to keep my car clean so I searched on internet

and found Hyper Pika Pika Rain (hydrophobic) and decided to get it.

I was busy on work and I applied yesterday last last.

Application was so easy and I applied on back side of doors and a hood,

also on  wheels.










The gloss is definately better.

I will use detailing spray (Nano Pika Pika Rain ) for maintenance, too.

Mr. T.K. / Tokyo, Japan / Toyota Estima 2008

My car is 6 years old and no luster any more.

I tried various car coatings to revive the gloss again.

Detailing spray and wax didn’t last for a long time so I wasn’t happy.

I thought only the way is asking a professional car detailer but

I found Pika Pika Rain and decided to try for the last time.

I polished my car with compound and then applied Pika Pika Rain.

It’s so easy to apply and I could see the brilliant gloss on my car body.

At first it’s hydrophobic but the water repellency changed to hydrophilic in 2 weeks.

Plastic parts and headlights became glossy as well.

I will apply again with the left liquid.

I was thinking about getting a new car but decided to drive this car another 3 years.

IMG_0527 Left: Pika Pika Rain coated / Right: nothing


IMG_0548 2 weeks after application
IMG_0549 after car wash (2 weeks after application)