Mr. K.Y / Yamaguchi, Japan / SUBARU IMPREZA STI GDB E type 2005model

I applied PIika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating in the early morning.

By the way, I applied Super Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating about 2 years ago.
I heard a new product has come out, so I tried it, too.

In the last time, it was very hard to decide which I should buy hydrophobic or hydrophilic for parking outsides,
but now, I’m looking forward to applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating because it is water-sliding which is combined with them.

The work which I did was below;
washing with car shampoo → removing → iron filing → wiping → polishing → wiping → washing the water → wiping → removing the oil → applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM

The movie shows t before and after the application.
My car has already been shiny when I wiped it obviously. I was satisfied with the gloss very much.
It was hydrophilic before the application, but after it, it got water-sliding.

Same as the last time, my car became shiny like brand new.
It was hard to wake up early morning in a cold season, but I think that it has worth to do even though I do it from it was still dark.

Totally I was very satisfied with the gloss which will be kept by only washing with water for 3 years.

Mr. Y.O / Aomori, Japan / NISSAN OTTI 2005 model

I applied two types of glass coating on the bonnet.

The right passenger seat side to you is Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM,
and the left side driver seat to you is other company’s glass coating.

Other company’s one is like s solid wax, so its texture after wiping is greasy.

I feel the gloss, glare and water repellency are similar.

2 weeks passed after I shot this video,
Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM is more difficult to get dirt.

I can recommend it!

Nissan Fuga350GT 2005 / Tokyo, Japan / Mr. K.T.

I started preparation at 11 pm and washed the car completely and dried.

Then I applied Super Pika Pika Rain.

I checked all parts if I applied properly so it took about 2 hours to complete Super Pika Pika Rain application.

Photos are 12 hours after application under sunshine.

The mirror-like reflection is fantastic.