How to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating perfectly!

This time, we would like to explain about the in our staff’s experiences.

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BLOG: Preparation and the place to apply! Two important points to check before applying glass coating!

Please check before application…

Pika Pika Rain’s glass coating liquid cures quickly, and the process is different from waxing.
Therefore, you should apply the product liquid to the car surface area by area, as in the picture below:

Also please work in bright lighting conditions so you can see the product liquid has been evenly applied to the car surface areas.

1. Application

Pika Pika Rain’s application sponge

The application sponge is professionally designed with input from car detailers to easily fit with all parts of the car. The small-size 2 layer sponge is designed to cover all areas of the car surface including smaller areas such the wheels, door handles, or backside of knobs.

Where to apply Pika Pika Rain

Pika Pika Rain’s glass coating liquid can cover metallic parts like iron, steel, or copper as well as plastic parts like headlights, taillights, or turning signals.
Please read the detail in “Glass coating can apply other than the car body!”

Tricks and tips for application

The basic method for application is to apply the product liquid thinly and evenly. Pika Pika Rain can spread very well with just 3-5 drops to start. If the sponge becomes squeaky and doesn’t move smoothly, just add a few more drops. After you start the application with a few drops, you can then apply the liquid line by line in the same direction inside the area. Please check the whole area is covered and looks wet from the liquid.

2. Wipe off

Pika Pika Rain’s microfiber cloth

We designed a finely woven microfiber cloth to work well with the liquid. Always use the recommended Pika Pika Rain Microfiber Cloth for wiping off the product liquid or for washing your glass-coated car. The microfiber cloth will hard to damage the glass coating or the paint surface.

Tricks and tips for wiping

Soon after applying the liquid, wipe the area evenly and quickly using the microfiber cloth. Just move the microfiber cloth lightly across the surface to catch and wipe-off the liquid. It is very important to check the area after wiping, for any residual particles, foggy streaks, or dust. If needed, please wipe the area again with the dry part of the microfibre cloth to ensure the area is completely clean.
*Caution: if there are any streaks or foggy areas after wiping, it may affect the appearance of the final glass coating after curing. Please check the area twice, and wipe until it is clean.

3. Check

After wiping, please check the car surface from various angles for any foggy or uneven surface appearance. If you find any uneven surface appearances (for example, from a finger print), then just wipe the area again. After 12 hours of curing, any unevenness may be hard to remove, so please check twice!
If you find any unevenness or surface inconsistencies which you cannot easily wipe off, then just apply another drop of liquid with the sponge, and then wipe off the area again with the microfiber cloth. Please be aware this may have an effect on the appearance if the surface has not cured completely yet.

4. Curing

Please be careful not to get the surface wet during 12 hours, as the surface is curing.

You face a crucial juncture now…
After coating, wiping, and checking water sometimes drops from the side mirrors, or gaps between the doors. If water runs over the coating, the area may cure unevenly. Please check the car surface again a few hours after the application. We also recommend working in the morning to prevent frost and night dew especially during winter.

2 weeks for complete curing

After the surface has cured from 12 hours to 2 weeks, the car can get wet when driving, however as the surface has just cured, it’s in a sensitive condition. Please wipe the surface very gently if it rains or if you wash the car. Please don’t let any water stay too long on the surface of the car.

Your beautiful glass coated car was born!

We recommend to take a picture to check the results.
Anyway, after 2 weeks, you can apply Nano Pika Pika Rain quick detailing spray to improve the condition of gloss and water repellency.
Please try it if you’re interested in it!