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What is glass coating?

Welcome to a revolution in protection!

Pika Pika Rain is a brand of glass coating products and related products for cars which was born in Japan. Pika Pika
Rain glass coating is a clear and pure liquid which hardens on contact with the air and the moist, and it provides
super durable high gloss protection. Pika Pika Rain glass coating has been developed with our own technology.
After Pika Pika Rain glass coating product hardens, the painted surface of the car is covered by an inorganic glass
(SiO2), not a glass-type substance. This is a new type of coating that turns into a genuine glass substance. And this
protective glass coating lasts for about three years.

With Pika Pika Rain application, minor scratches become almost invisible as the glass substance fills them in as it
covers the painted surface, restoring the shine of the car as if it were new.

In addition, Pika Pika Rain glass coating is a special technology product that provides a long-term effect on painted
surfaces, including plastic trim, rims and more. This product is not just a sealer that forms a barrier on the surface. It
is, rather, a modification of surface chemistry on a molecular level that provides a long-term, easy-to-clean, protected
surface. Not just a coating, this product bonds with the surface and does not wash off.

Moreover, Pika Pika Rain glass coating has obtained the patent both in Japan and the U.S. Pika Pika Rain glass
coating forms a hardened inorganic glass surface on your vehicle which provides a rich gloss finish and a strong
glass layer that protects the car body and the paint.And, the durability of Pika Pika Rain glass coating products have
been tested and proven by a weathering test conducted by a public institute. Pika Pika Rain is the only glass coating
product that a public institute proves has long-term durability.

There are many copied products also called "glass coating" in the market. However, they are packed in big,
sometimes plastic bottles ( 350ml / 500ml ) and creamy looking. They never actually turn to glass, even after they
have been left for a few weeks. Pika Pika Rain glass coating products are packed in small glass bottles. The key is
glass bottle. Glass coating products that form genuine glass layer must be contained in a glass bottle.

Pika Pika Rain glass coating forms a glassy protective layer to completely seal your paintwork. This innovative coating
is much harder than other products, which means that Pika Pika Rain glass coating keeps paintwork and wheel rims
shiny for longer. And, Pika Pika Rain glass coating gives superior protection against pollution, chemicals, bird
droppings, paint fading, dirt, dust and etc.

Greatest characteristics of Pika Pika Rain is:


The price of glass coating seems expensive. But, think how long the protective layer lasts! Once you apply it, it lasts for up to 3years!!! Compare to wax... How many times do you wax in a year? How many cans of wax do you buy?-Yes! Glass coating offers the best cost effectiveness!


Maybe many people think applying glass coating is time consuming! Is it true?-The answer is "NO"! You don't have to wait to wipe out like when you wax your car. In addition, once you apply it, you won't have to apply it again. It makes daily car care definitely easier! Glass coating can make your dream come true! Save your time by applying glass coating!


Gorgeous gloss, super protection, and covering minor scratches... Glass coating makes these things happen with one application! Have you ever experienced a coating product like this before? Pika Pika Rain glass coating is No.1 in Japan!!!