Preparation before ceramic coating in the proper way.

Does preparation need for ceramic coating?

What is the purpose for preparation before ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating can cover the car body with a glass layer.

Therefore scratches, dirt or water spots are covered with the ceramic coating if you apply it without preparation.

That’s why preparation is essential before ceramic coating to avoid the above situation.

Moreover, preparation can fit the new ceramic coating to the car securely and perform its best possible quality.
Only preparation can make the results of ceramic coating much better, so you should better to do it carefully as much as you can.

“That car is more beautiful than mine even though the same color…”

When you think like this, the car owner should do preparation carefully

Then, let’s learn about kinds of dirt and tools before you try preparation.

Dirt which can be removed by preparation

You might understand the importance of preparation before ceramic coating.
Next, we would like to introduce about dirt which you should remove.

Frankly, do you know there are some kinds of dirt?

There are roughly divide into 2 types of them.
The solution can be different for them, so checking type of dirt is very important!

1. Inorganic dirt

This is the dirt which is a chemical compound such as water spots.
Many people might be suffered from this mainly.
These dirt can be removed the special solution.

We have Pika Pika Rain Water Spots Remover.

However, unfortunately if you leave it, you cannot remove even though using the special solution.
In this case, please polish with a compound.
Please make sure that the ceramic coating will be removed together if you polish the dirt.

1. Organic dirt

Usually, it is oily dirt which can be removed by car shampoo or oil remover.
However, if the oily dirt combine with water spots are difficult to remove.
(For example, it is a black stream stain which comes from the mirror.)
You should polish them if it cannot be removed by car wash or oil remover.
Moreover, there are specific dirt which depends on the area or season.

Dirt peculiar to the winter

In the area where has a lot of snow, there is possibility that dirt or dust are into snow and they adhere to the car body. Then it causes water spots if you leave them.

Also dust tend to be in the dry air even the area doesn’t have snow.
It adheres while driving and finally it comes water spots by morning or night dew.

Dirt peculiar to the spring

There are a lot of pollen and yellow sand in the spring.

Yellow sand has the hard and fine grain like a mud, so they adhere to the car body and there is possibility to damage the car body if you try to remove it strongly.

Pollen might damage the car paint surface by “Pectin”.

Dirt nearby the sea

You should be careful about the salt damage.

As you know the sea compose salt. Then it is flown by the wind and damages the car body. Metallic parts are weak by the salt, so there is possibility to make rust.

We introduced just a few examples, but there are many other types.

It depends on the area where you live, the season, the situation when you use your car or the circumstances. Therefore, you should better to know the type of the dirt first.

Tools for preparation

What agents do you need for preparation?

It depends on the purpose, but we think that the following example is basic.

・Car Shampoo
・Oil Remover
・Compound (for polishing)
・Water Spots Remover

Now, we would like to introduce them.

1. Car Shampoo

This is the most important for not only preparation but also daily car wash.

There are many types of car shampoo on the store, so you need to choose the appropriate one for its uses.
For example, car shampoo for a light color car, for a dark color car, contains car wax, contains coating…
However, for preparation, please choose the normal one which doesn’t have polishing materials.

Also there are acidity, alkalinity and neutrality.

・Acidic car shampoo

It can use for removing water spots, but there is possibility to melt iron or stainless steels. Therefore, it is hardly used for daily car wash.

・Alkaline car shampoo

It is effective to use for removing bug shells or bird droppings.
However, it damages to the car body by the remained car shampoo, so you have to rinse it well.

・Neutral car shampoo

Almost all car shampoo is this type and the best for preparation.
It is less powerful to clean than alkalinity one, but you can use it for many types of materials.
Also Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo is neutrality which can prevents unnecessary bubbling, so it is good for not only preparation but also daily car wash!

◎Is the neutral detergent able to use for car wash?
There is no problem, but please rinse well as it isn’t made for a car.

2. Oil remover

It makes the ceramic coating fit to the car body securely.
A spray type is common which is very easy to use.

3. Compound (for polishing)

It can be used for removing scratches or the old coating.
Also it can make the gloss of the car paint surface refresh (please ask some professionals if you need).

4. Water spots remover

If you leave the water after raining or car wash, it becomes like a stain which cannot be removed easily.

It can be used for dealing with it. It is very powerful to remove them, but you should use it carefully as strong solution.

Tools for preparation

Next, we would like to introduce tools for preparation.

1. Microfiber cloth

It is essential for washing, wiping and applying the ceramic coating.
You should better to have them as much as you can is better for each purpose.

If you use just one piece of microfiber cloth for all purpose, there is possibility to fail.
Please use different colors if you don’t have confidence.

Also please prepare more than you expected.
(Don’t worry, leftovers can be used in many ways!)
Fine type is recommended.

It is less damages to the car body than washing with a sponge, so we recommend to use a microfiber cloth for daily car wash, too.

2. Sponge

We’ve recommended a microfiber cloth above… but you should prepare 1 or 2 pieces sponges for washing and polishing just in case.

Please do not use the same sponge for washing and polishing.
Moreover, please buy the sponge for polishing on stores if you can.

3. Microfiber chamois

It is not essential, but it can wipe the wide area at once.
Preparation needs car wash many times, but if you have it, you can save the time!

Of course, Pika Pika Rain has the original chamois.
It can be used when it is dry and wet!

4. Polishing machine

We put a pad (there are some types such as a wool, sponge) and polish the car body with compound. It can polish wider area quickly than by a sponge or a microfiber cloth.

However, frankly, choosing a polishing machine is the most difficult.

It is very powerful to polish, therefore some people tend to damage the car paint surface due to polishing the same part too much.

If the advertisement says “for beginners” or “wireless” are not so powerful and time consuming for polishing, but it means that there is too much polishing.

Therefore, these types could be good for you who think “I need to avoid a huge mistake even it’s time consuming.”
Please ask professionals to remove stubborn watersports or scratches even you have already tried.

5. Others

A bucket, a garbage bag, an extension cord, and masking tape are not essential, but very useful.

About a bucket, from our experiences, you should better to prepare around 2 buckets.

About a garbage bag, putting the microfiber cloth which was used for applying the ceramic coating is recommended. Then it is easy to find which one is clean.

About an extension cord are used for polishing just in case.

When if you cannot chose, let’s ask the shop staff’s recommendation!

What is “compound”?

We would like to explain about compound (for polishing).
It is used for;

・removing scratches
・removing water spots which cannot be removed car wash
・removing the old coating

Polishing is one of the most important steps before applying ceramic coating.
Also we recommend to polish before Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating application
in the following situations;

・There are some scratches, water spots or dirt
・There is the old wax or coating

Basically, brand new cars don’t need polishing, but sometimes the dealer applied wax or coating, so please check them.

Tools for polishing

◆Polishing compound solution

“I don’t know which products I should choose…”

We have inquiries from our customers like above.

Compound has many types (for example, fine, ultra-fine and so on).
The difference is the size of grain.
If the size is bigger, the grain is rougher and more powerful to polish.

However, the rough compound might damage to the car paint surface,
so you should better to use the fine one if you’re a beginner.

Pika Pika Rain Liquid Compound has 2 types.
Fine for removing scratches or old coating, and ultra-fine for making mirror finishing.


Only using a sponge is enough when you’re thinking about polishing the small area.

◆Polishing machine

The work is hard if you polish the wide area.

Then a polishing machine is highly recommended.

There are broadly classified as “single-action type” and “double-action type”.
Please remember that the single-action is powerful, and the double-action type is useful at this time.

◆Buffing pad

It is a pad which is put on the polishing machine.

How to do preparation

1. Car Wash

First of all, wash your car with a car shampoo.

Wash the car thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, grime, or other substances by hand.
Every parts which you tend to forget washing as well.

After washing, please rinse well with a plenty of water not to remain the car shampoo.

If you leave the water for a long time after car wash, it causes water spots.
Therefore, drying completely is highly recommended.

2. Water spot remover

If there are some stubborn water spots, please apply water spots remover.

However, if you’re going to polish whole the car body with a compound to , you can ship this step (as water spots will be removed while polishing).

Some Water spots remover contains polishing compound.
It is powerful to remove, but there is possibility to damage the car body.

On the other hand, the normal one is not less stronger but, it just melts water spots by the chemical agent and you don’t have to be worried about scratches.

We would like to recommend to without polishing compound type.
If you don’t remove them even though use this, polishing with buffing is recommended.

3. Iron fillings remover

If there are iron fillings on the car body, you should better to apply this.
There are 2 types as below;

・Liquid type
・Clay type

About the liquid type, please do not leave it for a long time.

About the clay type, please wash your car with a plenty of water.
Moreover, please do not use different sides every avoid scratches.

4. Compound

Using a sponge

(1) Washing
Wash the car thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, grime, or other substances.
Then dry the car completely.

(2) Applying
Put a small amount of the compound on a sponge.

(3) Scrubbing
Scrub the area that needs attention.

(4) Wiping
After polishing, rinse well and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Using a polishing machine

(1) Washing
Wash the car thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, grime, or other substances.
Then dry the car completely.

(2) Applying
Put a small amount of compound on a buffing pad.

(3) Buffing
Move the polisher horizontally and buff the area that needs attention.

(4) Wiping
After polishing, rinse well and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Please do not polish too much whichever you use.

5. Oil Remover

It can remove oily substances.
If there is oil on the car body, the ceramic coating will not fit securely and effect on the durability.

Even though for brand new car, if you have already driven, you should better to wash and remove the oil.

There are many products, but let’s choose the appropriate for the ceramic coating you have.
(Our Oil Remover is the best for Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating.)


How about this article?

You might understand how preparation is important to keep your precious car beautifully.

We understand that to prepare many tools and the work is hard, but preparation is essential to treat my car is !

Moreover, frankly, a car should be sold with high price if you apply ceramic coating with preparation…

If you’re thinking about ceramic coating application, please do preparation before it and then let’s keep your precious car beautifully for a long time!

Do scratches remove?! What if a car which has scratches is applied Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating?

No matter how much you treat your car carefully, somehow the car will be damaged when you drive every day.
Therefore, not a few people might apply glass coating to protect own precious car from scratches above.

If you apply glass coating, the glass layer is on the can body, and then it can receive some light scratches.

Then do you want to know that what if you apply glass coating to a car which has already scratches?

For deep scratches which reach to the car paint surface, there is the only one way to remove deep scratches, but we can make them less noticeable.
However, for light scratches which is small area, it can be made less noticeable quickly!

The preparation such as removing scratches is the most important to apply glass coating beautifully.
Please don’t forget to read this as just a rough estimate for making scratches less noticeable when you read it.

Why does scratches disappear?

Actually, scratches do not disappear.

The glass fill in the scratches and they become less prominence when it is reflected. If you want to remove them completely, polishing is the only way, so please be careful!

By the way, how much does Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating make less noticeable?
Now let’s check our customer’s reviews!

CASE1: BMW 3series 320i (E90) Black 2007 model Mr. H.H

It is difficult to find by this photo, but there were so many scratches by washing on the car body before the application. However, they became less prominence.
Therefore I got the ultimate black glossy body even though this car was not brand new.
(I was very surprised because I would never have thought that the scratches became less prominence!)

CASE2: SUZUKI JIMNNY 2009 model Mr. S.H

【Before the application】
Some scratches were remarkable even though I polished them with No.9800 compound.
Also there were remarkable ones on the back door.

【After the application】
The scratches by nails ware less prominence and almost all of scratches by washing were hidden, too. I was really satisfied with the results which as I had expected.
Especially, I don’t see the scratches by polishing even if I move to the sun light.


I found the effect after I applied, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can make some scratches (for example they are not so serious such as the reflected sun light) less noticeable.

CASE4: NISSAN TIDA 2009 model Mr. K.S

Some fine scratches around the door hinge became less prominence.
It might scratches by car wash machines as well, but I’ve never used them, so I don’t know about it.

How was it?

We think that you can feel the benefit of glass coating!

Let’s apply glass coating to your precious car and cover scratches and protect the car body!