What if we fail in the application of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating?

Our staff in went out doing an experiment in a hot day.
It was too hot, but there was thing to do in such a hot day…

What if we leave the Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating for 1 hour after applying?

It is the experimentation which was on the supposition of
Anyway, please see the photo below.

Can you see some whitish lines on the car body as a whole?

All of these are unwiped glass coating.

It had already passed 1 hour, but it has already started to cure,
so it was very difficult to remove it even though we wiped it with microfiber cloth.

When the glass coating starts to cure, it becomes like a candy and the fiber of cloth adheres on it.

If you leave 2 hours, you cannot stop curing of the glass coating, so only polishing with compound can be removed it.

Therefore, please check the car body in 1 hour definitely!

Our instruction says that the surface needs 12 hours for curing, but in summer, it is quicker than usual,
so if you don’t deal with it as soon as possible, it should be much hard to repair it.

Please be careful when you apply glass coating, especially in summer!