Mr. S.K / Hyogo, Japan / MERCEDES BENTZ A180sports 2013model

2 years passed after the car detailer applied hydrophilic coating to my brand new car.

I thought
“I have to reapply coating, but if I ask to the car detailer,
the expenses will be around 100,000 JPY…
Okay, I should save the money by applying by myself!”

Then I reached to Pika Pika Rain which has good reputations in the Internet.
I did car washing, removing the iron fills and polishing as the preparation,
and finally I applied glass coating!

I spent 3 hours for car washing (maybe I was reluctant to wash it…),
1 hour for applying to the car body and 1 hour for applying the wheels.

I started to wash a car from 3 pm, so when I moved to the application, it was getting dark.
Therefore, it was difficult to fine whether I applied it or not
and whether I applied it evenly or not… for a while, I finished it.
(Yes, I really did well!)

As the instruction said, applying small areas which is dived the car body is better than applying at once.
The weather forecast said the next day will be rainy, so I was relieved that I could finished it safely.

Okay, come on rainy days!
How the water repellency show me!
Normally rainy days make me depressed, but this time I was excited it.

The next day, it was rainy according to the water forecast.
I had something to do by my car, so I decided to check its effect!

It was difficult to find the water repellency during driving,
but I checked my car when I parked it , I could find water drops repellency as I had expected!

Yes, yes, I have been waiting this!

After raining, there were no water drops on the car body.
Moreover, the reflected scenery on the car body was so beautiful!

The gloss was so shiny!
It was the shine like just washed a car even though I didn’t wipe the water!

…I know that it is just self-satisfaction.
Applying by car detailers is should be nice if I have money.

However, if I found the effect of glass coating by myself, I like my car much more!
(The cost was one tenth!)

The both of labor and time for the application and
the pleasure after the application are “priceless”, aren’t they?

Mr. M.S / Chiba, Japan / MAZDA AXELA (22XD) 2017 model

(1)After car washing / before the application

(2)After car washing / before the application

(3)Aftet the application (2 weeks)

(4)Aftet the application (2 weeks)

(5)The refrection of the car body

(6)The gloss of the car body

(7)The gloss around the head-light

■The video

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM to my brand new car on Febuary 2017.
I decided to apply by myself because I couldn’t feel the effect of application by the detailer even though it was expensive.

I searched about it and I thought it was expensive, but I chose Pika Pika Rain because it contains SiO2.
SiO2 is a good material for finishing which is my hobby, too. It is one of main materials of a fishing rod and it is strong for the seawater.

In a fine water day, I washed my car, opened the doors to dry and applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
Its sponge was small, but it spread very well and I could find whether I applied or not while applying.
Also I can wipe with microfiber cloth immediately, so wiping was much easier than car wax.

However, just I could not find the result of scratches and the gloss due to the brand new car.
I used half a bottle which was appropriate amount as they said.

I kept it in the multistory car park and I for 13 days
and I compared with each conditions in similar weather, temperature and time.

First of all, I checked it in detail and then I found the place where I forgot to wipe.
There have already harden, so there might be one choice to solve it.

Moreover, there were some areas water spots which is in the glass layer.
Both of them were not so remarkable, so I decided to leave them.

However, I reflected on why I didn’t move my car and checked it by many angles under the sunlight.

About comparison the water repllency, before and after the application Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, I did it on the vertical area and splashed the water with a spray type to find the differences easily.
Then I could find the water flowed equally and quickly on the new car paint surface.
From this, I think that it will be blown up by wind pressure when I drive.

About comparison the water repllency, before and after the application Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, I couldn’t the big difference.
But I agree with it looks like the layer of glass.

I want to expect its durability from now, because it is SiO2 which is strong for sands and the dirt.

Mr. T.T / Aichi, Japan / SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS (ZC32S) 2016 model



I had read reviews since before, so I was looking forward to applying it.
Then I applied it as soon as I got received.

I didn’t t polish it because my car was brand new
Therefore, I removed the oil first and I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I worried about applying the oil remover for the solid color car body,
but I could apply it without fading the color.

Sometimes the sponge with the glass coating squeaked, but I dealt with it by I applied it slowly.
It spread well as other people said,
so I could finish the application to my SWIFT SPORTS with a little (about 1/3).

My Champion-yellow SWIFT SPORTS doesn’t have the clear layer of the car paint surface,
but the finishing was beautiful, so I was really satisfied with it.

Before the application, I though that the glass coating is just
However, my car got the amazing water repellency and gloss, so I was happy to apply it.

Its water repellency much better than any other cars even though rainy days.
If its the durability good, it is the best without any questions!

I’m going to reapply it with remained of the liquid.

Also it’s my personal recommendation, applying it to a number plate because it can remove bugs easily.

Looking forward to the results from now, too!

Mr. A.T / Ibaragi, Japan / TOYOTA PRIUS 2013 model

This time, I decided to try to the glass coating application by myself,
and I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM because it has good reputations when I researched.

This is really easy for beginners.

I did the necessary works such as car washing and the preparation.
Finally, my car became beautiful only by applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I felt that the point was wiping the glass coating completely.

I applied it to PRIUS, but the half of a bottle remained.
However, it has water repellency and the gloss is different clearly.

If the water-sliding effect will go down, I will apply Pika Pika Rain again.
I don’t know about its durability now, but I’m looking forward to see it from now on!





Mr. Y.O / Aomori, Japan / NISSAN OTTI 2005 model

I applied two types of glass coating on the bonnet.

The right passenger seat side to you is Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM,
and the left side driver seat to you is other company’s glass coating.

Other company’s one is like s solid wax, so its texture after wiping is greasy.

I feel the gloss, glare and water repellency are similar.

2 weeks passed after I shot this video,
Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM is more difficult to get dirt.

I can recommend it!