Ultra Pika Pika Rain in Germany


The ultra ist very easy to apply and also very easy to wipe off.

It smells just a little bit and that’s unbelievable, because all other coatings smell like hell.

Beading is fantastic.

If the durability will be good, than I found my coating.



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Mr. S.N. / Saitama, Japan / SUBARU LEVORG 1.6GT EYESIGHT 2014

I reserved SUBARU LEVORG and waited for 6 months to get it.

I used Ion Coat which lasts for 7 months but the effect was not that good.

I decided to try glass coating this time and found Pika Pika Rain which has a great reputation.


The time was not perfect because it’s rainy season in Japan.

It’s difficult to work outside in this high temperature but I chose cloudy day and

no rain for a while.

I washed the car with car shampoo carefully and waited until the car body was dried completely

then started to apply Super Pika Pika Rain.





I applied parts by parts from roof, hood, rear and doors.

Put Super Pika Pika Rain liquid on a sponge and applied on car body

then immediately wiped with a microfiber cloth.

At first I was awkward but soon got used to it and applied smoothly.

It took about 3 hours and half for entire work and 1/3 of the liquid was left.

Probably hard to see the difference on photos but the luster is enhanced

and I’m satisfied.





BMW 5.2 Super Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating Application【Movie】

I am showing the condition about 12 hours after the application of Super Pika Pika Rain.

Working time was totally 3 hours in the evening.

For car wash and making base took 2 hours, and then around  half an hour for application.

Application was easy, and it went well.

I was worrying  about night dew, but when I checked the car 7 in the next morning,

glass coating had completed in good condition without problems.

I will do double coating by left-over liquid in the bottle of Super Pika Pika Rain.

Mr. Y.K Osaka, Japan / Volkswagen POLO 2014 model

I was planning to coat my new car, and I selected DIY coating because car dealer’s offer cost me 80,000JPY.

I found car coating which had good reputations on RAKUTEN ICHIBA with the price much cheaper than the one by car dealers.

Just after the application, I didn’t see how the difference was on my brand new car.

However, next day I felt the gloss increased clearly. The body looked like black colored mirror!

As rainy season is  coming soon, I am going to check the water repellency.

It was do hard for me to clean up wheels, now I am excited to see how it will be easier!

Double coating is set in 2 weeks. The glass layer will be tough!! Thank you!








Mr. T.K / Kyoto, Japan / TOYOTA HIACE 2014 model

I would like to talk about smoothness of Pika Pika Rain on sponge.

With small amount; 1-2 drops, Pika Pika Rain spreads very well. I was so surprised because my brand new HIACE was polished up with one small bottle.

The car became very shiny as they say ” Pika Pika “.

Thank you, I can keep the car brand-new. I fell easy  if it rains.