Keep your motorcycle beautifully by ceramic coating!

Care is essential for your precious motorcycle!

This article is for motorcycle diver!

The more you drive your motorcycle, the more you get attached to it, don’t you?
However, it gets damages as well.

Therefore, caring is very important if you want to keep your motorcycle beautiful as long as possible!

Tire chains, wheels, engine oil… you should check more parts than car.
For you, the motorcycle is not just a way of transportation. It could be like a buddy.
We think that many motorcycle drivers should be particular about their motorcycles they ride.

For example, some people use for car wash, but others don’t.
You want to know the best way of caring for you, don’t you?

Frankly, the ceramic coating for a motorcycle is getting popular, too.
Of course, we recommend it.

Some of you do car wash regularly, but it gets dirty by mud or sand easily when you drive.

If you do car wash and maintenance, it will be time consuming.
However, ceramic coating can save the time for caring but your motorcycle beautiful.

What kinds of caring for motorcycle?


This is standard.
It makes your motorcycle glossier and the water repellency is hydrophobic.
There are many small, uneven and curve parts on a motorcycle, so liquid type or cream type are easier to apply than solid type.
Please apply it for only paint surfaces.
Moreover, it is not durable, so you should apply diligently.

Durability ★☆☆☆☆(About 2-3 weeks)
Gloss ★★★★★(A glaring gloss)
Water repellency ★★★★★(Hydrophobic)
Workability ★★★☆☆(In the case of liquid wax)

・Easy coating

Easiness is the best point of it such as a spray type.
Also it’s more durable than wax.
Water repellency and gloss depend on the ingredients, so please chose the best one for you.

Durability ★★★☆☆(Depends on the ingredients)
Gloss ★★★☆☆(A glaring gloss)
Water repellency ★★★☆☆(Depends on the ingredients)
Workability ★★★★★

・Ceramic coating

Durability is the one of the best points of ceramic coating.
At once you apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle, the effect can last for 3 years.
It can be applied to a whole a motorcycle including plastic and metal parts.
The works are only applying the solution and wiping it, you don’t have to apply it strongly like a wax.
※Please be careful about foggy finishing as the solution will change to the glass

Durability ★★★★(Rubber and Glass parts are not available.)
Gloss ★★★★☆(Deep and gorgeous gloss)
Water repellency ★★★★☆(Pika Pika Rain for Motorcycle Ceramic Coating is “water-sliding” effect.)
Workability ★★★☆☆(Don’t have to many times applications.)

Which is the recommended?

Usually a motorcycle has a lot of frictions with clothes.
Therefore, durable ceramic coating is highly recommended.

Let’s washing & doing preparation before application!


We don’t recommend to apply ceramic coating first.
Preparation is essential to show the best performance of ceramic coating.
In this section, we would like to introduce it!

Tips before washing

First, please make your motorcycle water proof before washing.

Almost all motorcycle parts are uncovered which is different from a car.
If the parts get wet, there is possibility to make luster or breakdown.
Therefore, please cover the parts where you don’t want to get wet such as a key cylinder or a muffler.

Now, let’s start doing preparation!

How to wash & how to do preparation

(1) Washing for the surface

Splash the water to the motorcycle (from top) and wash off the dirt.

(2)Washing for other parts

・A fender
Washing is available.
However, please be careful about the water pressure.
Please do not use a high pressure car wash machine even it is difficult parts to remove the dirt.

・A radiator
Washing is available, too.
Please wash it with a soft brush.

・An engine
This is one of the most important parts for a motorcycle, so many people might consider whether it can be washed.
The answer is available.
Same as other parts, please splash the water from the top.

(3)Washing with a car shampoo

Please choose neutral one.
(Of course, you can use Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo, too!)
Please wash it softly with a microfiber cloth.

(4)Rinsing & wiping

Please rinse bubbles of car shampoo, and then, wipe the water with a microfiber cloth or microfiber chamois completely.
If there is some water where you don’t reach with the microfiber cloth, please try to shake your motorcycle or to use an air spray.

(5)Polishing (as necessary)

There are some scratches or water spots even after washing, or other wax or coating were applied, polishing with a compound is recommended.
After polishing, please do not forget to wash off with car shampoo!

(6)Removing the oil (as necessary)

It is not essential section, but it can make the ceramic coating fit securely, so we would like to recommend!
After using Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover, you don’t have to wash your motorcycle, so you can apply the ceramic coating finally.

How to apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle

If you finished washing and preparation, next is Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating Motorcycle application.
It can be applied easily same as other Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating series.
Then, we would like to explain how to apply and some tips.

How to apply


Put on a few drops of the solution to a sponge and apply it to the surface thinly.
(If the sponge doesn’t spread well, please add more a few drops.)

At this time, you can apply it well if you spread the sponge in same direction.
Also you don’t have to apply it strongly.


Please wipe the solution thinly and evenly immediately.

Please do not wait for a while as car wax.
Applying and wiping every small part are highly recommended.
Then please check the results from different angles whether you forgot applying or wiping.
After 12 hours application, please do not get wet the motorcycle such as washing or raining.
(If it gets wet, please wipe the water with a microfiber cloth immediately.)

The surface of glass layer hardened when 12 hours passed, so you can wash it softly with a microfiber cloth.
Moreover, please avoid using a cover as much as you can, because it causes scratches.

Some of you might wonder Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle can be applied well with such as a small bottle.
However, don’t worry about it.
Our coating spreads very well, so the amount is enough for a whole motorcycle.

Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle can be applied to not only the paint surface but also other parts such as plastic parts, an engine, headlights and wheels (except glass and rubber parts). Its heatproof temperature is 1200℃, so you can apply it to a muffler as well.

Make your motorcycle beautiful by after care!

Unfortunately, wit is imit is impossible to prevent dirt completely when you leave your motorcycle after application, .
The water repellency will get weaker if you leave it for a long time without washing.
Please check the condition of the ceramic coating regularly.

There are 2 points which you should better to check every month.
(1)Chain – cleaning, oiling, checking looseness
(2) Wheels – checking contaminates, scratches and the air pressure
Please wash the motorcycle at this time.


We would like to explain about a few more points.

Exchanging the engine oil, checking the battery, the suspension and looseness of screws, cleaning the brake pad and so on…

There are 5 times points if you check completely.
However, you want to check them regularly even it’s hard, don’t you?


We have already explained about how to wash above, so, we would like to talk about the maintenance for the ceramic coating from now.

If you applied the ceramic coating, you don’t have to apply the additional wax or polymer coating.

Please protect the glass layer with a maintenance spray.
Then there is another layer on the glass layer, so it is easy to wash the dirt off with it together.

For you who apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle, Nano Pika Pika Rain is recommended!

Please apply it after washing.
(Please avoid applying it to around the muffler and engine just in case.)
It is strong solution, so you can make the results beautiful when you test 1 or 2 times pushing first. If it looks foggy, please wipe another dry microfiber cloth.
Moreover, you can get a smooth touch which is different from the ceramic coating.

As we said above, protection by regular car wash and maintenance can make the glass layer durable and you can enjoy driving with a beautiful motorcycle!
Please try it!

Ceramic coating has a lot of good points!

How about this article?

Do you understand the good points of ceramic coating for a motorcycle?
Of course, preparation and regular car wash are essential.
However, there are any bad points, so please challenge it as possible as you can!

A motorcycle has many parts which need for maintenance, but you tend to have more affection, don’t you?
Moreover, it makes your motorcycle more beautiful, so touring should be more fun!

Let’s apply the ceramic coating and daily washing to drive your precious motorcycle beautifully for a long time!

Must-read for BMW riders! Glass coating for your precious motorcycle!

Wat is the best caring for a motorcycle?

All of articles in our previous blog introduced car caring before.

Thank you for waiting for this time, all of motorcycle riders!!
This time we would like to introduce how to care for a motorcycle which is a must-read for all riders!!

Some of you who tale a ;pmg rpad trip on a motorcycle might ride longer distance than car drivers. Your affection for your motorcycle which you have been riding for long distance anytime and anywhere should be so deep.

However, cannot help avoiding from long-term deterioration even though you treat it carefully.
In addition, the more you ride a motorcycle, it gets damaged due to many reasons… for example, exhaust gas, sand, dust, rain and so on.

“I also love a motorcycle which has many scratches because I can find its distance which my motorcycle has been driven!”

Some of you might think like this, but almost all must want to keep your own motorcycle beautiful as much as possible for a long time.

“I want to ride my motorcycle a lot… but I also want to keep it beautiful…”
Caring for a motorcycle is necessary to solve your dilemma.

“What is the best care for a motorcycle?”
“Is it okay in the same way as a car? Is there anything special for a motorcycle?”

You might think like these.

Of course, they are different vehicles and their ways of caring should be changed naturally. Actually, there are many products designed for a motorcycle.

First, we would like to introduce about glass coating for a motorcycle from washing to surface treatment.

The supreme caring with glass coating!

Maybe some of you hardly hear about motorcycle glass coating as much as car glass coating.
In fact, numbers of glass coating for a motorcycle is few, however, we highly recommend glass coating for motorcycle!!

What is the reason glass coating goes well with a motorcycle?

Here are merits for applying glass coating below;

1.Improvement in the gloss

Applying glass coating makes a motorcycle glossy same as a car.
Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can apply from wheels to mufflers and they are covered with a luxury veil of gloss such the motorcycle gets wet.
Moreover, the water repellency gets better and it makes wiping becomes easier than before, so you can save time for washing a motorcycle.

2.Improvement in raising the power of soil resistance

There are many people who ride a motorcycle even though in rainy days.
Your motorcycle should get dirty. However, if you apply glass coating, the dirt is hard to adhere and the hydrophobic power flown it away with rain.

If a motorcycle gets dirty, it can be removed by washing. Of course, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can apply a helmet, so caring for it can be easier.

Also the glass layer of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is very hard and it saves from scratches by fiction with your cloth. It can also save from a rust and degradation of plastic parts. This feature is quite valuable because car wax and polymer coating don’t have it.


The durability of Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is 3 years.

In a motorcycle case, there are many parts which is touched with the rider, however, you don’t have to be worried about glass coating adheres to your clothes or be removed by friction easily unlike car wax.
Also the heatproof temperature of the glass layer is 1200℃, so you can apply to a muffler and you don’t have to be worried about beeing removed by heat.

DIY glass coating is the best cost-effective!!

“I understand glass coating is good, but my problem is cost… ”
We recommend DIY glass coating for you who think like above!
Incidentally, if you ask car detailers, the price goes up to below;
(It is only one of the rough estimate.)

[The price of car detailers]
Helmet … About JPY 5,000
Over 1000cc … About JPY 62,000
750cc – 999cc … About JPY 55,000
400cc – 749cc … About JPY 53,000
125cc – 399cc … About JPY 49,000
Under 124cc (Small motor vehicle) … About JPY 47,000
BMWb … About JPY 52,000 – JPY 80,000

[The price of DIY glass coating]
Pika Pika Rain for Motorcycle … JPY 4,980

Pika Pika Rain for Motorcycle can be applied all parts except rubber parts such as a tank, a front fender, a front cowling, an engine, a muffler, a front fork, a swing arm, around a handle, a flame, a seat coating, a wheel and a helmet.

Of course you have to do all works from washing a motorcycle to applying glass coating by yourself.
We recommend applying by detailers if you feel tired of DIY products, however, DIY is recommended because there are few areas which you need to apply and it’s cost-effective.
A half day is enough to finish all works from washing to applying glass coating by yourself.

Applying glass coating makes the protection and the gloss much better.
However, daily caring is very important indeed.
In the next paragraph, we’re going to talk about regular washing and caring for a motorcycle.

Regular car washing is full of nice!!

A motorcycle is getting dirty with exhaust gas, sand, dust, rain… and so on.
We recommend to wash a motorcycle regularly in the same way as a car.
Washing a motorcycle is a nice way that will be able to kill two birds with one stone: make your motorcycle beautiful and inspect the condition of the whole parts while washing.
For example,

– A bolt looseness
– Presence or absence of scratches, rusts and cracks
– Oil leakage
– Abrasion and deterioration of tires

These are difficult to find out when you just ride a motorcycle.

Speaking of washing a motorcycle, some people wash it with only cleaner on the market which is waterless, however, please always wash a motorcycle with water before you apply glass coating. It depends on which parts you want to apply glass coating, but if you apply the body which is still dirt, the dirt is shuttled in glass coating.

Therefore you intend to make your motorcycle beautiful, but it has the opposite effect to what was expected. So, please wash your motorcycle with plenty of water carefully.
It can wash the parts which is out of the reach of you and also a dirt which adheres on the back of gaps by daily drive can be removed.

Now, we would like to explain washing a motorcycle with water in order step by step!

About washing a motorcycle with water

*Cautions before you wash

The important preparation before you wash a motorcycle is taking water proof measures.
Please mask-off and protect the areas that you don’t allow to get wet. Because these parts have possibly of breakdown because these are naked a masking tape, wrapping and gammed tape. (For example, a key cylinder, a muffler exhaust port and behind of the sheet.)

1.Remove any dirt with a plenty of water

After taking water proof measures, wash off any dirt on the motorcycle body with a plenty of water. Please try to wash off the dirt which is not stubborn as much as you can.
(Ex. when you wash gaps of grooves blow it by high water pressure of a hose.)

2.Wash a motorcycle gentle with Pika Pika Rain Car shampoo

Making bubbles by Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo (it can use for motorcycle, too!) and wash a motorcycle from above. If you scrub too much, it causes scratch, so please wash a motorcycle with microfiber cloth softly like you stroke it.
When you wash small parts where you cannot reach, using the tip of microfiber cloth or soft tooth brush.

3.Wash off with a plenty of water not to remain bubbles and dry

After you wash completely, let’s rinse with plenty of water not to remain bubbles. If you didn’t rinse all of them, the remained Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo will damage a motorcycle. Therefore, please wash it off completely same as step (1).
After that, please wipe off and dry with microfiber cloth or microfiber chamois.
(Pika Pika Rain Microfiber Chamois which has a large water absorption area is highly recommended!)

For water gathered in the inner parts, shaking a motorcycle or using a tip of microfiber cloth and using an air spray are good.
If you need to dry it immediately, driving for a short time is one of the way.
However, please don’t forget to wipe off the water and check whether your motorcycle gets dirt after driving…
Then you might understand rough order of washing a motorcycle.

Finally, just one more caution which you must not forget!
When you wash a motorcycle with car shampoo, there is possibility to be washed off not only dirt but also oil and grease which is necessary for chain and working parts.
If you drive without filling the oil next, parts life can be shorten due to worn and the motorcycle cannot put on speed well as you think.
Therefore, please fill the oil absolutely.

Before the application of glass coating!! Get the more gloss by a little effort!!

How do you prepare for the glass coating?

The step depends on the condition and the motorcycle is new or second hand…
The application of glass coating is easy, but the preparation is surprisingly time-consuming.

Not a few people think “It’s too much bothersome for me…”
However, there is a big difference between you do the preparation and you don’t.

Importance and merits of the preparation

Please imagine a dirty car…

Surely you will wash it first, won’ you?

However, there are still some dirt and water spots which cannot be removed by washing.
Then let’s assume we move forward on application of glass coating and then the dirt is coated, too. In this situation, glass coating doesn’t work enough.

If some adheres on the car body, the degree of adhesion with glass is weaken and the capacity of glass coating may go down.

Moreover, sometimes dust and sand on the car body though it looks beautiful after washing.
Then, the preparation below can make glass coating effect fully.

How to do the preparation


First step is basic washing a motorcycle.

Let’s making bubbles with soft, microfiber cloth.
In this time, you should use natural car shampoo which is not contained a polishing material. Also Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo is natural, so please consider using it if you haven’t.

[View details about Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo]

[View details about Pika Pika Rain Microfiber Cloth]
STEP2:Removing iron filings

Next, let’s remove iron filing which is stuck in the car body.
When you touch the car body after washing, but you feel it isn’t smooth though it looks beautiful.

This identify is iron filings.
If you leave it, iron filings get oxidized and harm your precious motorcycle. Therefore, please deal with it. Iron filing can be removed with clay and an iron fillings remover.
After removing them, please don’t forget to wash a motorcycle with water again.

STEP3:Removing water spots

Let’s remove strong water spots which cannot be removed Pika Pika Rain Ion Deposit (Water Spot) Remover.

Please make sure that once you apply glass coating even though there are water spots on the car body, you cannot remove them easily!

[View details about Pika Pika Rain Water Spot Remover]
STEP4:Applying compound

Polishing with compound makes a motorcycle beautiful. It can solve almost all problems like scratches, water spots and so on.

Pika Pika Rain Water spot Remover is for water spots which doesn’t cover a widespread areas. On the other hand, if you want to remove both of scratches and water spots, Pika Pika Rain Liquid Compound should be good.

Sometimes a brand new motorcycle has already been applied wax when you take delivery it.
In this case, you must remove everything with Pika Pika Rain Liquid Compound.
This preparation is necessary process to make a motorcycle without any wax and coating.

[View details about Pika Pika Rain Liquid Compound]
STEP5:Applying oil remover (degreaser)

This is also very important. This work is a process to remove oil which adheres on the car paint and it makes the degree of adhesion between the car body and glass coating much better.
We recommend to do it even though a motorcycle is brand new.
The point of choosing an oil remover is the main ingredient which is matched with the glass coating.

There are two types of them, one is alcohol and the other is oil and when you apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating, we recommend to use the alcohol type.

[View details about Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover]

Now, almost all preparation is finished.
The finishing will be changed dramatically by a little effort, so let’s do the preparation without stint of effort before applying glass coating!

By the way, if you need to apply compound for a large area, the work should be hard and time-consuming, so, please use a polishing machine as much as you can.

It doesn’t mean that you must do all of them, however, the more you stick to the preparation, the more the finishing is beautiful. Therefore it might be good you will challenge from them as much as possible.

This is perfect!! How to apply glass coating for a motorcycle!!

After you finished the preparation, finally let’s go to the application of glass coating!
It is very important to understand well about all of the works before you start.
Please don’t do that in a blind way, let’s do that after you prepare necessary tools and appropriate situation.

First, here are necessary tools below;

Pika Pika Rain for Motorcycle
– Several pieces of Microfiber cloth (for washing and drying)
– A bucket
Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo (or a natural shampoo on the market)
Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover (if you have)
– A masking tape
– Industrial tools ( if you want to take apart motorcycle parts)

We will move forward with the next stage!

1.Washing a motorcycle

This is very important before applying glass coating as a car. Please wash even though a motorcycle is brand new. Washing with only microfiber cloth, not a brush nor a sponge.
Please add car shampoo liquid into the water (0.5-1?) of a bucket.

(2 or 3 caps of Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo is appropriate.)
Making bubble with power of a hose which is a type or shower or stirring with microfiber cloth and your hands.
Next, please wash a motorcycle with a microfiber cloth carefully.

A motorcycle has many small parts and some of them are not good match with water. Therefore, please take water proof measures for parts which you don’t allow get wet such as a key cylinder, a muffler and so on.

Please have a look how to mask below;
Also please do not wash chain prats too much even though it cannot be used masking tape.
Finally, please wash off bubble well and wipe off with dry microfiber cloth completely.


“Do we need it again? We have just finished it?”
You might think like above, but, this is a very important work for applying glass coating. It causes the finishing of glass coating, so please don’t too lazy to do it.

There are many ways, but please choose the easiest way for you from below.

– Driving a little
This is the quickest to cut the water. However, on the other hand, there is possibility to adhere dust on the car body, so please wipe hole of the motorcycle after you drove.

– Leaning and shaking the car body
This is an oriental way, but it can cut most water.

– Leaving one day
It also can cat water, but please use a sheet not to pile dust which is in the air if it’s possible.

– Using an air gun
There are few people who have it, but it can blow water which is in the small prats away. Please utilize it if you have.

3.Application of Pika Pika Rain

Finally, you can star the application of Pika Pika Rain Galss Coating!!

[Cautions before the application]

– Please make note that Pika Pika Rain CANNOT apply to chain parts, around the break, shields, rubber parts such as tiers and window shields.

– We recommend to repeat applying the surface of the car body into small areas, not to apply for a spread area at one time.

1.)At first put about 5 drops on a sponge. (First time you can put more to apply it smoothly.)
After that please add a small amount when the sponge makes squeaky noise.

2.)Apply to the car body with the sponge thinly. At this time, if you apply it same direction makes finish better.

3.)Immediately wipe the area where you applied in step2 with Microfiber Cloth. Do not leave a long time as car wax.
Spread the solution and make a thin, even layer to the surface of the motorcycle.


The application is finished if you can check whether you applied evenly under the sun light. Please do not allow your motorcycle get wet for 12 hours after the application. Rain and night dew as well.
If you get wet, please wipe the water with Microfiber Cloth immediately and softly.


That is how to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating for a motorcycle.
It is also introduced in our video below, so please have a look it before you apply.

On the whole, it might be time-consuming, however, your shiny motorcycle should blow away your tired away!

Let’s drive your motorcycle like brand new forever!

As we said above, if you apply glass coating, your motorcycle doesn’t get dirty easily,
However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dirty definitely.
The duration of glass coating depends on the situation of keeping and the frequency of driving.
Therefore, after all, the daily caring means a great deal in the end.

“I don’t set aside time for all things to do… for not only glass coating but also washing and preparation…”
“I want to drive my motorcycle more if I have time for doing that!”

We can understand you feel tired like these very well.
Of course, it is the best if you can do all, but, you should better to do only you can possible from those first. Still much better than when you don’t anything.

Your motorcycle can be beautiful much as you take care of it.
When you think in this way, your daily caring might become more joyful!!

Let’s keep on driving your motorcycle which like brand new forever!!