Glass coating can apply other than the car body!

Iron, plastic, leather and aluminum…
A car is made up of many materials are used in a car.

“I applied glass coating to the car body…but is it OK with applying to other parts?”

When you apply glass coating, you wonder like this.
Then, we will explain where we can apply glass coating

By the way, we would like to tell the answer first, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating can apply to every parts except rubber parts and windshields basically.

Please read below if you want to know details!

Where to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating

There are no problem to apply Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating.

Iron, steel, copper parts

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Car body, frame, engine room housing, radiator, and so on.
Please open the hood, and don’t forget to apply to the outer frame.


It is recommended to wash away any dirt or mud splattered on the wheels before application.

Resin, plastic

Steering wheel, bumpers, radiator grill, headlights, taillights, turning signals. The glass coating protects plastic parts very well and provides a deep gloss. After applying the liquid, please be careful to wipe all of the area so there are no foggy parts on the plastic.
※ Some old vehicles have glass headlights, so we don’t recommend applying on the glass.

2. Caution needed

There are some material parts of the car which you need to pay attention for the application.
Please test a small spot first, before covering the whole area.

Leather, wooden material

Seat, interior
Depending on the type of material, glass coating liquid may or not get absorbed by these materials.

Glutinous stickers

Sticker, decal printing
A sticker may eventually fall off after the application because it has the same properties as rubber and absorbs the liquid. Some stickers are specially designed for car paint surfaces and have strong chemical bonding, such as decal printing.


The sunroof window is made of transparent plastic or glass. It is recommended to use Window Pika Pika Rain on any transparent plastic or glass parts.
3. Where NOT to apply


Windshield, mirror
As glass material is transparent, it is recommended to use Window Pika Pika Rain on any transparent glass parts such as the windshield.


Tire, packing
These materials absorb the liquid and may create an uneven surface on the material.


There are other parts which we didn’t explain above, but we think that almost all main parts to apply are explained.

Moreover, the materials are different.
We said in the cautions paragraph, you should better to test a small spot first!