Mr. T.A / Nagasaki, Japan / MAZDA CX-5 2017model

I washed my car carefully because I was very afraid of the instruction which says that
“Do not allow your car get wet during and after the application”.

The application was very easy, so I thought that women and beginners can apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating beautifully.
My car is light color, so it is more difficult to find the results than dark color cars, but the gloss before the application clearly.

I expect that it will get more gloss after fully cured.
To be honest, I reluctant to apply it,
but now, I felt that I had been thinking too hard about ceramic coating.

I think that Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating is a high-effective product by the easy application.

Mr. T.H / Tokyo, Japan / HONDA FIT 2017model

The day of application was cloudy, so it was nice for car wash (because the liquid didn’t get dry immediately.)
As you can find it in the video, the car wax which had already been applied could not remove with degreaser car shampoo nor dishwashing liquid easily.
Finally I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating after I washed it off and removed the oil with anhydrous alcohol.
From the first, my car was glossy without any scratches, so I applied it to keep the gloss.

I started washing and removing the oil from 3 p.m. and applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIIUM Ceramic Coating from 4 p.m., so it got dark during the application.
Therefore, I found some parts of foggy finish, so I reapplied to only there and then I thought that I did well.

At that time, was removed when I used anhydrous alcohol to remove the dust, was it OK?

As the second application, I wiped with alternative new microfiber cloth in my home.
Having several pieces of Microfiber Cloth should be better.

Mr. T.F / Saitama, Japan / TOYOTA NOAH 2017model

I got my brand new car in September 10th and I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating to the car in September 14th.
Honestly, I wanted to apply it immediately, but at that time the weather was bad, so I did 4 days later.

The movie shows before the application, after the application and 3 days later.
I heard that if I ask to apply by TOYOYA, it costs 100,000 JPY, so I I decided to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM by myself because it has many good reputations in the Internet.
“If I cannot apply it to my brand new car well…”
I worried very much but when I applied as the instruction, I could do it easily without any faults.

Moreover, I worried about the amount whether it is enough, but in the end, one third of a bottle remained.
The water repellency was excellent as I expected. When I drove in a rainy day, any dirt didn’t adhere on the car body.

I’m really satisfied with the results, thank you so much!

Mr. T.M / Tokyo, Japan / MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating to my brand new car in July 1st.

I started to the application from the dusk, but I finished with 1 hour.
It was second time for me, so I could do it with attention to the important points.

The next day, I splashed to the water to check its water repellency.
The water were flowing like a fall and it made me so refresh.

The water repellency was excellent so water drops didn’t remain on the car body.
Also the gloss was excellent and the reflection was so nice.

I dropped the liquid a little on the windshield with my fault.
Then it could not be removed but it means that this ceramic coating was so strong.

If I ask to car dealers, it may be so expensive,
so I recommend Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating you who want to save the cost but expect the nice results.
I recommend for high-class cars, too.

Mr. M.T / Kumamoto, Japan / TOYOTA VITS 2013model

129 days have passed since I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating, but the gloss looks same when I applied it and washing car is very easy because it hardly gets dirty.

This time was second time for car washing after I applied it, but it hardly gets dirty so it means that once in 2 months car washing is enough

When I splashed water to the car body, the water-sliding effect didn’t fade even though 4 months passed.

I think that Pika Pika Rain PREIUM Ceramic Coating has the nice finishing like a professional and the durability.