Mr. D.S / Hokkaido, Japan / SUZUKI EVERY WAGON 2006model

It was my first time to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

In conclusion first, this is an excellent ceramic coating.

I washed my car with the water when I found water spots,
but I was really surprised at the speed of sliding the water.

I had applied other company product but I couldn’t realize the effect,
so I tried another one, but it was not so good, neither.

I met Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM when I was looking for something good.
The gloss and water repellency are amazing incomparably.

Now, I’m looking forward to checking the durability.

Mr. M.K / Aichi, Japan / MAZDA RX-7 2006model

My car is old model and the car paint surface is bad condition (the clear layer came off),
so I almost gave up to apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating.

However, whole of my car was painted in this year.
Then I apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating to keep beautiful and get more gloss.

In my opinion, it was nice gloss and water-sliding effect.
The car body was so glossy such everyone wanted to touch it.
Washing car was easy even though it got dirty, so I love my car more than before.

It spread well and more than half of the bottle, so I could apply it to another minivan.
It was cost-effective.

Moreover, I applied it to plastic parts and its black color became deeper like band new.
It was a nice mistake.
(I don’t know how long it will last…)

I want to repair it again.
Anyway, my RX-7 has an external bumper.

Mr. Y.K / Hokkaido, Japan / SUZUKI JIMMNY JB23 2006model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating 3 months ago, but I think that this is really good.
Now, I’m going to write to the reason.

I used to use other hydrophobic coating spray for the wet car body after washing twice a month before.
To be honest, I didn’t like it because its hydrophobic effect was not so good.

At that time I knew and bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.
My car is over 10 years, so I removed water spots and iron fillings with car shampoo and a clay first.
After that I polished and then I dried it with a blower completely.

Finally I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating after I removed the oil carefully.

It was sunny for 1 week after the application.
Then I was really impressed by its water repellency when the first rainy day.
After raining I was driving, but there were hardly water spots and dirt.

Finally I reached the ideal product which was water-sliding effect, not hydrophilic and hydrophobic.
I felt that my car can keep beautiful car body even though after raining.

I can recommend this product!

Mr. Y.Y / Saitama, Japan / MITSUBISHI i 660G 2006model

The movie shows that I was washing my car at 6 pm (26 days later from the application) and after drying at 7pm.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM made my 11 years old car so shiny like a cosmetic commercial.
I could apply it easily because my car is a small light car.
Then I also applied it to many plastic parts to make shiny.
I washed these with a soaked sponge for rough plastic parts and I polished it with a mirror-finish compound for smooth plastic parts such as tail lamps.

If I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, the black parts got deep shine and clear parts became shiner.
I think that it matches with plastic parts very well.
Especially, I was surprised that headlights became smooth.
It might that the glass layer is a lot of glass then with thickness

After driving in rainy days, the dirt can be removed smoothly when I splash the water to the car body with a horse until it gets dry.
Moreover, I could remove the dirt easily even though I washed my car with only the water.

In my experience, it is difficult to realize such reliable results even though other glass coating products apply every car washing.
At once I apply it, I can release from the stress of waxing, so I think that it is not expensive shopping because it is very time-consuming.

I can recommend this product for everyone who wants to apply real ceramic coating easily.

Mr. T.U / Kumamoto, Japan / MERCEDES BENTZ C200 2006 model

【Before the application】
The car body after washing.

The reflection is not so good even though it gets the light from above.

【The hood after application pf Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM!!!!】

This is the extreme-gloss, not ultimate gloss.
The reflection is outstanding.
I feel much it should be much better if the car body gets the light in a same situation.

【Applied it door pillars, too!!】

I have heard that car detailers paint or plate to cars look better!?
Pika Pika Rai PREMIUM is awesome…

【The trunk which got the morning dew】

It looks water flows naturally.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM is wonderful.

【After the application】

How about this the reflection of clouds!?

I applied it to the hood divide into four.

Pika Pika Rai PREMIUM spreads really well,
so more than a half of the bottle still remain for Benz C class.

I’m going to reapply it one month later.

I’m so exciting because I can get the more gloss from now.

This is not “glass-like”, “real 9H glass coating”.

The water-sliding effect which can flow even though the morning dew,
the ultimate gloss,
better spreading and the nice workability!!

I’m very satisfied with Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.