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Ultra Pika Pika RainWHOLESALE ONLY


  • Creates 100% real glass layer
  • 5 years durability
  • Amazing water repellency - hydrophobic
    (water beading effect)
  • Easy maintenance - dirt does not stick to the surface
    of the car body and easily comes off

Ultra Pika Pika Rain is the highest quality product in the Pika Pika Rain glass coating [ ceramic coating ] line, developed for professional car detailers. Ultra Pika Pika Rain forms a 100% genuine-glass layer on your car by reacting with moisture in the air. Once cured, the glass layer protects the car body for up to 5 years!

Furthermore, Ultra Pika Pika Rain produces a high gloss look and water beading effect, and helps block dirt or other particles from sticking to the surface of your car.

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