Mr. M.O / Wakayama Japan BMW MINI 2017model

【Before application】

【After application】

4 months has passed since I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

It has a nice gloss before Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K application,
so it may be difficult to find the difference by photos.

However, the biggest difference is the feel of the car body surface.

Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K makes the car body feel smooth.
It means that the water repellency improves remarkably.
Therefore, dirt can be removed more easily, so I expect that car wash will get easier.

Of course, the appearance improves, too.
The science is reflected on the roof like a mirror.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating is enough, but I would like to recommend Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K for you who wants to improve the effect of Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Mr. K.M / Okayama Japan SUZUKI SPACIA 2019model

【Before application】

【After application】

I am working as a car mechanic for 14 years.
Regarding car ceramic coating, asking professionals is a matter of course for me.
Therefore, I always asked my friend to apply the professional coating which costed about 80,000 JPY.

However, this time we bought a brand new cars for wife and I set my mind to do it by myself suddenly,
so I was looking for something good, and finally I found Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.
I was excited to open the box and started my first DIY application.

All works took about 4 hours as below:
car wash → removing oil → application for the roof → application other whole parts → checking unevenness

It was hard due to the hot weather, but I could do it more easily than I expected as I did apply it what the instruction say.
The solution spread very well and it was easy to wipe the solution,
so I think that you will get use to do even for the first time.

Just one thing, when I applied it to the car body with a sponge, but it was not smoothly for the beginning and I almost dropped it.
Therefore, I put a few solution with a sponge and then spared it,
and then gradually I could apply it smoothly, so I tried to move the sponge smoothly.

Before application, I thought it won’t change so much,
but it might difficult to see in photos, the surrounding scene was reflected on the hood clearly.
I and my wife were so surprised.
Also the water repellency is amazing which I have never seen before.
I cannot believe that DIY car ceramic coating has such a great effect.
It is really excellent.

Ms. N.A / Chiba Japan SUZUKI JIMNNY 2018model

Mr. S.I / Mie Japan SUZUKI JIMNNY JB64W 2019model

【Before the first application】

【During the first application】

【After the second application】

【About photos】

I took photos which after the first application, after 2 weeks application and during second application.

・Photo no.1,2,3,4
These show during car wash after the first application.
The water repellency was amazing. The water was sliding on the hood as the expression of water-sliding effect.

・Phots no.5,6
I think some people who bought this product wonder how to apply, so I also took photos during application.
In my case, the car is JIMNNY(JB64W), so I have questions as below;

– Should I take off tires?
I should take these off to do the work. Wipers are as well.

– Is applying to the unpainted plastic hood is OK?
I did. It became black a little, but I think there was no problem.

– Should I do masking?
I did as you can see photos. I also did it for some other parts which cannot allow to get wet.

・Photo No.7,8
These show after application.
You can see the paint surface became shiny like a mirror. It was excellent gloss.

【About my application】

I tried the second application this time.
Of course, I thought that one time was enough, but I did because the solution left. (In the case of a light car, the more than half of a bottle left)
I’m going to write about some points.
・It took 2 weeks for full cured, so I kept the bottle in a fridge. The place should be dark and cool.
・I used a new microfiber for the second application. I threw out all used ones. I also bought another sets, so it was useful.
・About half of the bottle needs for JIMNNY, It has many unpainted plastic parts, so more solution should need than other light cars.
(By the way, when I applied it to my ZEST, one third of the bottle I used.)

【About my review】

I applied it to another car and the result was so nice, so I chose Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating again. I could apply it easily.
I need courage when I applied it to a brand new car, but I think that the possibility to fail application is very low.

I thanks to the quality of this product.

Mr. N.O / Wakayama Japan BMW MINI 2017model

I bought a new car that has been previously registered.
It had been keeping without car wax and the car body was rough when I touch.

I did washing with car shampoo, removing iron filling with clay and applying Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover as preparation.

After that, applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating was very easy.
It takes same time like car wax.
I waited for fully cured which has nice gloss and finally I took the video.

I used the blower to check the water repellency, but as you can see the video,
the water drops are sliding beautifully.

Surprisingly, plastic parts have also nice gloss.
On the whole, my car looks much better which has deeper gloss than before.

First I was thinking about professional coating, but I was satisfied with the results of Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating which I applied by myself.

Now, I would like to try Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K, too.