Mr. M.H / Yamaguchi, Japan / DAIHATSU MOVE 2018model

Therese phots show that the water repellency which I realize the effect in a rainy day after 24 hours application.

I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating on April 2018.
First I washed my car in the morning and I started to apply from the afternoon.

I was going to use whole of a small bottle, therefore I could apply with the bottle somehow, but I was satisfied with the amazing gloss.

First I thought DIY ceramic coating was difficult, but it it easyn and it’s OK if I chose a few fine weather for application.

The water repellency is also beautiful and dirt could be washed off by raining,
so I’m looking forward to driving in rainy days.

I bought it again for reapplying, so I’m going to do it 2 weeks will pass.

Mr. Y.H / Hiroshima, Japan / HONDA ODYSSEY 2009model

I wanted my car like brand new when it had the third time of inspection.
First, I planned to ask the car detailer.
However, it was expensive so I decided to apply car coating by myself.

I also bought necessaries like a cheap polishing machine, compound, clay and Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating. Then I started the application.

The car body was applied other glass-like coating, so it took longer time to remove it with the polishing machine than I thought.

After washing, it was Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating’s turn.

I have already watched the instruction movie, so applying was not so difficult, but I couldn’t apply it to some parts thinly and evenly, but in the end, I did it well.

It took whole 3 days from preparation to application, but I ‘m very satisfied when I saw my shiny car which was applied.

Mr. K.S / Iwate, Japan / SUZUKI MOVE CAMPAS 2017model



I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM 6 months ago, but my car was hit during parking sadly.
It was above slide rails on the left back side.
The damage was not so serious, but I reapplied it to exchanged parts.

Second and third phots show after an exchange.
It is clear to find the difference when you compare to the slide door.

Fourth and fifth phots show after reapplying and then water repellency revived.

In this time, unexpectedly I can compare to 6 months before.
It is difficult find in photos, but I felt the water-sliding looks weaker.
Then I’m going to reapply whole a car 1 year later.

Mr. R.S / Aichi, Japan / DAIHATSU TANTO EXE 2010model

1 week has passed since I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I tested the water repellency when it started to rain.
I was impressed by the amazing water repellency.
Especially, I did the preparation for the bonnet carefully, so the results made me happy.

When I bought this car, I didn’t become attached to it due to a second-hand car.
Then I hardly washed my car.
However, it could got back the gloss like a brand new car and I became attached to my car.

Taking this opportunity, I want to keep its shine by monthly car-care.

I could finish around 1 hour even though it was my first time of applying.
It is really amazing that I can get this gloss with only 10,000 JPY.

Mr. J.M / Shizuoka, Japan / SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM to my brand new SWIFT SPORTS.
The time of application was about 1 hour.

It took some certain time due to applying with a small sponge, but I could find that whether I applied the liquid with feeling (from rough to smooth), so I was good to apply it without failures even though my first challenge.

Two days later, it had rain, the water was sliding certainly at that time.

The bonnet is the easiest to find change of water repellency, but side bodies which when I splashed the water were as well.

Moreover, the windshields were coated Teflon at the same time.
Windshields were dirt, but on the other hand, there were little remarkable water spots and dirt on the car body which was applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

I feel the high quality of Pika Pika Rain from not only water-sliding effect but also anti dirt power.