Mr. M.T / Kyoto, Japan / Daihatsu Tanto 2016model / Suzuki Every 2013model

Review of Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K car treatment spray.
First I applied Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K on my brand new Suzuki Tanto just arrived.
No glass coating by a dealer. I just did car wash.
No water repellency at this stage.
I removed oil as well and make sure no water left.
Then I made a microfiber cloth wet, wring it out and spray 1-2 times of
Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K on the cloth and applied on only right half of the hood.

I pour water after application. You can see water repellency on right half of the hood.

I tried on windshield as well. Looks good.

Now I apply Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K on a glass coated car.
Suzuki Every 2013model.
I asked a car detailer to apply their best glass coating.
They said it’s inorganic glass coating and has water sliding effect
= making a big water beads so hard to get water spots.

After car wash. Water repellency is ok. (maybe hard to see it on the pic)

Apply Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K on right half of the hood by the same steps as Suzuki Tanto.
Can you see the water beads gets bigger on the right half?
Water slides off better and less water beads left.

The pic is dark and hard to see but gloss and touch is better as well.
I applied on satin parts and the black color gets deeper.

In conclusion, Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K is great treatment spray for both
coated and non-coated cars and it’s really easy to use.

Mr. K.F / Nagano, Japan / SUZUKI SWIFTSPORT 2014model

The video was the first time of washing a car after 3 weeks when I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

The application was not so difficult,
but I think that it wiping the glass coating liquid patiently makes the finishing will be nice.

I found a few parts where I couldn’t wipe it completely, but I’m satisfied with the finishing.

About the effect, it flows the water as they say it is the “water-sliding”.

It cannot help getting dirt with lower of doors and around the fenders parts
because these are close to the ground, but it is easier to remove than an usual car.

I also applied it to wheels which is the leftover for applying the car body.
I recommend it because it can easy to the dirt and dust with the water and the brush.

Mr. T.T / Aichi, Japan / SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS (ZC32S) 2016 model



I had read reviews since before, so I was looking forward to applying it.
Then I applied it as soon as I got received.

I didn’t t polish it because my car was brand new
Therefore, I removed the oil first and I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I worried about applying the oil remover for the solid color car body,
but I could apply it without fading the color.

Sometimes the sponge with the glass coating squeaked, but I dealt with it by I applied it slowly.
It spread well as other people said,
so I could finish the application to my SWIFT SPORTS with a little (about 1/3).

My Champion-yellow SWIFT SPORTS doesn’t have the clear layer of the car paint surface,
but the finishing was beautiful, so I was really satisfied with it.

Before the application, I though that the glass coating is just
However, my car got the amazing water repellency and gloss, so I was happy to apply it.

Its water repellency much better than any other cars even though rainy days.
If its the durability good, it is the best without any questions!

I’m going to reapply it with remained of the liquid.

Also it’s my personal recommendation, applying it to a number plate because it can remove bugs easily.

Looking forward to the results from now, too!

Mr. R.W / Japan / SUZUKI SWIFT (RS ZC72S) 2014 model

【12 hours later】

【24 housr later】

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
It was my first time to apply glass coating like Pika Pika Rain.

It spread very well, so I could applied it well, too.
My image which the glass coating is easy to fail changed.

About the half of a bottle remained for around the car bodies and wheels.
I think that this is enough to apply for a bib-size car.

This was my second time to apply coating and the last time I asked to the carb detailer 2 years ago.
I forgot the name of coating, but it might be “Glass-Neo”..
The preparation was removing iron fillings, water spots and the oil only, without polishing,
so the former coating might not be removed.
Therefore, my car looked glossy a little before the application of Pika Pika Rain.
Water spots which cannot be removed were noticeable.

The comparing is difficult from the pictures which I took by my mobile phone,
however, I think that the gloss deeper than before the application.
The difference is patently obviously if you look it actually.

The gloss was is more glare than former coating.
Also it is nice because remained water spots are covered with Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

Unfortunately, it was caught rain 12 hours later.
There were only mud spatters and which I couldn’t remove.
However, it was removed by splashing and wiping easily.
Rain dripping on the doors were as well.

I think it is so good when I can remove them only by wiping with microfiber cloth.
Last time was very hard even though car detailers wash them with car shampoo.

The water repellency is smoother than before.
On the flat side like a bonnet, the water is sliding slowly,
but, vertical part such as a bumper is sliding with a thump.

I was very satisfied that I applied Pika Pika Rain this time.
Looking forward to its durability.
Another days, I will buy Nano Pika Pika Rain – car detailing spray- and take care of my car regularly.

Mr. H.Y / Nara, Japan / SUZUKI HUSTLER 2015 model

This is my second time of the application Pika Pika Rain products.

I bought Hustler, so I tried Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM which is new product.
This body is maniac two-tone color of khaki and white.

The application was easy as before.

I compared with the bonnet before with after, and then I found the color became deeper.

Pika Pika Rain Products are amazing!!
I will reapply it 2 weeks later.

It hasn’t get caught in the rain yet, so I’m so looking forward to seeing Pika Pika Rain PREMIMU’s results.

By the way,
Pika Pika Rain HYPER which I applied it to Spacia still effect its hydrophobic after one year and ten months.