Mr. T.Y / Chiba, Japan / SUBARU LEVORG 2014 model

This time I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM to my 10 months old car.
Then I thought, “I should have applied this when I bought my car immediately…!”

I think that applying is easier than I thought.
The bottle still remain because I applied it thinly at the first time, so I’m going to it again.

After application, I tested the result and then water fall like flowing.
From this, I think that rain may dry immediately.

I highly recommend to buy and apply it, if you’re still thinking about buying!!

Mr. Y.K Osaka, Japan / Volkswagen POLO 2014 model

I was planning to coat my new car, and I selected DIY coating because car dealer’s offer cost me 80,000JPY.

I found car coating which had good reputations on RAKUTEN ICHIBA with the price much cheaper than the one by car dealers.

Just after the application, I didn’t see how the difference was on my brand new car.

However, next day I felt the gloss increased clearly. The body looked like black colored mirror!

As rainy season is  coming soon, I am going to check the water repellency.

It was do hard for me to clean up wheels, now I am excited to see how it will be easier!

Double coating is set in 2 weeks. The glass layer will be tough!! Thank you!








Mr. T.K / Kyoto, Japan / TOYOTA HIACE 2014 model

I would like to talk about smoothness of Pika Pika Rain on sponge.

With small amount; 1-2 drops, Pika Pika Rain spreads very well. I was so surprised because my brand new HIACE was polished up with one small bottle.

The car became very shiny as they say ” Pika Pika “.

Thank you, I can keep the car brand-new. I fell easy  if it rains.










Mr. T.K / Niigata, Japan/ TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER, White-pearl Crystal-shine 2014 model

The reason why I have chosen Pika Pika Rain:
I saw very good reviews online enough to attract my eyes..
As I felt it’s easy to apply to band new car, I purchased Pika Pika Rain at the same time of receiving a delivery of the car.

For 12 yesrs, I was using these products or my ESTIMA.
Clean Innovator & Various Coat

I applied 2-3 times a year, and the gloss was not bad at all.

Juts they game me the endurance for the money. I had to apply every car wash.

Onthe other hand, I was thinking of going to car detailer, but that was pricey..



Same as reviews online, the liquid spread very well.

I could find where to apply easily on even white colored hood, because the applicator slipped on the surface with little resistance.
You should be careful to keep the applicator in your hand not to fall on the ground….I lost 2 of 3 applicators…
I applied twice in order to prevent uneven application for one FIELDER. I did very carefully, but still there are some leftover by around 20 % in the bottle.

It was enough volume for wheels.





I didn’t feel surprising gloss because maybe I was using other car coating.
That was also due to the color of the car; white pearl and freshly painted car, I think.

Before and after coating,  I could see the difference of the surface clearly.

The hood reflects the sky with strong blue. I look forward to having rainy day….
I will maintain this beauty by using Nano Pika Pika Rain for next 3 years.


Daihatsu Copen Robe 2014 / Fukuoka, Japan / WAKUWAKUKINOKO

I bought Super Pika Pika Rain and Nano Pika Pika Rain and applied on my new car.

I would like to report my experience.

My mitake was that I didn’t wash my car as I thought it’s clean enough because it’s brand new.

I coated dust together.

Also I used Nano Pika Pika Rain detailing spray when it’s windy.

However as you can see on the photos, my car is shiny. (if I asked a car dealer, it costs USD470.00)









After 2 weeks when the coating is fully cured I will polish with ultra-fine compound.

As my car is yellow, mistakes are hardly seen but if your car is dark color, you should be careful.

This time regardless of my mistakes, the finish is brilliant and I’m happy.

Daihatsu Copen outer panel is made of resin but no problem to use Pika Pika Rain!