Mr. T.I / Hokkaido, Japan / HONDA VEZEL 2014model

Three years passed since I bought HONDA VEZEL.
It was applied coating by a car dealer, but my don’t have our garage and we live in snowy area in Hokkaido.
So I was suffering from and damages of the car body and water spots.

Then I decided to buy Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM which I had checked it before and many reviews helped my decision.
(I hesitated to buy many times because the cost is expensive and I was worried about the application by myself.)

I prepared with 2 days and applied Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover which is a nice product.

I started to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM -the weather was cloudy and the temperature was 21℃.
Normally, I heard that half of a bottle is for a one car, so I applied it to all car paint surfaces.
However, it remained a little.

It was very shiny and scratches became less noticeable.
My car got shine like brand new.

I was very satisfied with the results.
I was really happy to meet this product.
Thank you so much!

Mr. Y.S / Saitama, Japan / TOYOTA ALPHARD 2008model

It has been 2 years 10 months since I have applied Super Pika Pika Rain,
so this time, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

First, the video shows before washing.
To be honest, I didn’t wash my car around half a year.
By the way, I’m keeping it outside and it is covered with sand because our house is next to a park.

Then I splashed the water.
But sand and dust were not removed by the water such as low pressure.
(Mm… I want to get a Kärcher. )

Next, the video shows after washing.

Splashed the water.
It was good, I could find that Super Pika Pika Rain still work.

However, it was time to apply the new one soon.

Last time I applied it after only washing, in the end of the rainy season.
I started to apply from early morning, but the sun light was so strong from 7 a.m. and
the temperature went up.
That was also one of reason the car body was rough and
Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM didn’t spread well.
The sponge was not smooth to apply, so I still remember it was hard for me.

For this time, I did everything – removing iron filings with a clay,
polishing with a new polisher I bought,
washing again, removing the oil with Pika Pika Rain oil remover and applying glass coating.
Then I chose before summer to apply.
It was first time for polishing, so I polished easily not to fail.
However, after polishing, the car body became smooth.

Incidentally, when the second car washing,
a lot of mossy mud came out from the gaps of mold even though I splashed the water again and again.
After all, it should better to have tools as many as possible to do works efficiently.

I blew on the gaps of mold to dry, wiped it,
and finally, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I know that my preparation was not perfect from professionals,
but this time it spread well, so it was easier to apply than last time.

Last time quarter of a bottle remained, then I reapplied it to the bonnet and the roof.
I used all 3 sponges and they became worn-out due to strong resistance.

However, this time, one third of a bottle remained surprisingly!
I only used 2 sponges.

“Mmm…did I forget to apply the one side?”
I thought that but I finished to reapply with the bonnet,
around the fender, the roof and the front doors.
I was very tired but I was also satisfied with it.

The next video shows that after 2 days of the application. The roof is same like this.
The reflection is outstanding.
That day was very windy and there were a lot of fugitive dust.
However, my car was so shiny. After that it was raining all night.

The next video shows that after raining.
“My car will get dirty even though I applied Pika Pika Rain…”
I thought like this, but I was impressed by my car which was still shiny!

That is “Pika PIka Rain”.

I was sorry to take the video. They always keep their car clean.
However, it got dirt due to the fugitive dust.

I was correct to choose Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM!

Now, about 10 days passed, my car was kept clean by washing
even though it was covered with fugitive dust from the park every day.

Almost all dust is washed off by Pika Pika Rain after raining.

I think that Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM has better quality than Super Pika Pika Rain.

Mr. N.I / Tokushima, Japan / NISSAN FAIRLADY Z 2014model

It was great!

I have used other two products, but Pika Pika Rain was very different surprisingly,
and then I was satisfied with both of works and finishing.

The works was different from I expected, I can do it easily.

Especially, I was impressed by a sponge which I thought it was too much small before the application.
I can find whether I can apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM or not by my fingers,
moreover, it spread very well and it can make the works easy.

I thought that this size has a certain reason during the application.

However, I made one mistake.
I put the bottle on the flat bonnet, the bottles slide and spoiled the liquid a little.

As the finishing, it looks like the car wears the glass.

I felt that the car body became clear.
To compare it to a photo, it has perfect focus.

There was one more thing which made me happy.

I’m keeping my car in the garage which has a roof, so there is no worries about the night dew,
but it cannot helping avoid the dust.
Usually I deal with a feather brush, but, the amount of dust became less.

It thanks to glass coating, isn’t it?

I bought detailing sprat together, so I will protect my car with Pika Pika Rain products.
Thank you for good products.

Mr. T.Y / Hokkaido, Japan / HONDA FIT HYBRID 2014model

I found Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM when I worried about how to deal with my wife’s 4 years car which the color became darker and scratches stands out.
I have checked how to apply and bought a full set of necessaries from 1 month before.

I did the work in 2 days.
For the first day, I washed my car and removed iron filling with a clay.

Then 3 days later (due to bad weather), I washed my car and polished with compound for 4 hours carefully.
Then I washed it again and removed with the oil and finally I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

My car became shinier than I expected and the black color became darker like a brand new car.
Also scratches became less noticeable.

I was very satisfied with the results, thank you so much.
Next, I’m planning to apply it to my car, too.

Mr. Y.O / Saitama, Japan / NISSAN SILVIA 2002model

I took the plunge and applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM this time because many car paint surfaces were renewed due to the traffic accident.

I was surprised with the gloss after the application,
but I was surprised with car washing after the application more than anything.

First I thought that water-sliding effect was not so different from hydrophobic and it’s okay if my car get dirt not so much.

But the water was sliding! I felt that this is “the water-sliding effect”.

My car is 15 years old, but it think that it will get the gloss like a brand new car.
I became attached to my car more than before.

The price is expensive, but it might make your satisfaction.

It will cost more than 50,000 JPY if I ask professionals to apply,
on the other hand just 10,000 JPY will cost if do it myself.

I want everyone to try this and that’s why I wrote my review.

I will repeat to use when the effect will goes down.
Thank you for a good product!