Does the body color make a difference in the effect of ceramic coating?

Is there any colors compatible with ceramic coating?

Many people might be particular not only the shape and performance but also color when you buy a car.

Standard color, such as black, white or silver?
Vivid and eye-catching metallic red or blue?
Unique solid or two-tone color?

Some people might chose the practical color not to get dirt or scratches noticeable, on the other hand, other people might chose the favorite color which will make they cheerful when they will drive…
We understand that the color is one of the enjoyments when you choose your car.
Therefore many people want to apply their precious cars after they got it.

In our case, we have inquiries from customers who are thinking about application like below.

“Does Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating match with a black car?”
“Does it any worth for applying to a white car?”
“What is your recommend for my solid-color car?”

The most popular color for ceramic coating application is dork colors such as black.
Because these colors are easy to find the ceramic coating performance.
Ceramic coating makes the car body deeper, more glossy and beautiful.

Then, does not match ceramic coating with light color cars?
The answer is NO.

In this article, we would like to introduce good points of ceramic coating for each colors car.

Advantages for applying ceramic coating to dark color cars

You might understand that dark colors are popular for ceramic coating application.
However, frankly, there are some problems.

・Scratches and dirt are remarkable
・Need diligent daily car care more than others

A dark color car is easy to find the gloss, but, also it is easy to find scratches and dirt.

When you use a car wash machine, your car will get fine scratches by brushes.
Then these looks white due to reflection, so we tend to think there are more scratches than an actual.

Therefore, we would like to recommend washing by hand.

If you drive your car every day, getting your car dirty is unavoidable.
Scratches by stepping stones and water spots by rain as well.
Water spots are white, so these are so remarkable on the dark color body.

Moreover, it depends on areas, in the season of yellow sand and pollen, your car gets whitish within a half day…
It is difficult to deal with them, so if you want to keep your car beautiful, you have to wash your car frequency.

You might notice when you read from here,
it is so difficult to keep a dark color car beautifully!

Of course, regular car wash is essential to keep your car beautiful.
Especially, a dark color car is easier to get dirty than others due to above reasons.

Then, we would like to recommend applying ceramic coating to reduce damages!

From now, we would like to introduce about advantages for ceramic coating application!

Reduce water spots

If you apply ceramic coating, the glass layer repels water, so there are less water on the car body than a non-applied car.
Mud in rainy days as well.

Protect the car body from pollen and yellow sand

Pollen and yellow sand affect to the car body badly if you leave them for a long time.
If you apply ceramic coating, it can reduce the damages.

Save the time for car wash

You want to save the time for car wash even if only a little, don’t you?
Ceramic coating reduce dirt, so your daily car wash get much easier!
Also wiping gets easy due to the nice water repellency.

Gain the gloss

The main reason why people chose a dark color car looks gorgeous.
Ceramic coating makes your car more gorgeous with like a brand new car.

As we mentioned above, dark color cars are hard to maintain,
but it can perform own beauty and a sense of extravagances.
Let’s apply ceramic coating and keep your precious car more beautiful easily.

Advantages for applying ceramic coating to white and solid color cars

Advantages for applying ceramic coating to white cars

“Keeping a white car beautiful is hard…”

For you, ceramic coating is highly recommended!
Ceramic coating makes car wash much easier as dirt can be removed easily.

Regarding as rain stains, pollen, yellow sand and so on,
Applied ceramic coating car is easier to remove them than unapplied one.

Especially, a bug shell is one of the most serious problems to remove for a white car.
If you leave them for a long time, the car body will damage due to their acid.
Changing the color is remarkable on the white car body, and more than anything else, bug shells are remarkable.
However, if you apply ceramic coating, bug shells which can be removed by washing.

Advantages for applying ceramic coating to solid color cars

A solid car is a single color which isn’t glitter is easier to find ceramic coating foggy results.
However, you don’t have to be worried too much, you can do it well when you apply it carefully.
Actually, there are many our customers apply ceramic coating.

When you apply ceramic coating to a solid color car, applying it when the car is brand new or the paint surface is in a good condition is recommended.
Ceramic coating application to a brand new solid car is effective to prevent scratches.

Of course, a car which has already got damages by can get unnoticeable.
(If the scratches are not so serious.)

Ceramic coating is all-round for any colors of cars

The effectiveness of ceramic coating are;

– Reduce dirt
– Reduce scratches
– Gloss
– Nice water repellency
– Protection for the car body with the glass layer

All of these are effective for every colors.
Therefore, you don’t have to worry no matter what color car you have.
We really recommend to apply ceramic coating to protect your precious car!!

“Regular car washing is essential for any types of cars”
We mentioned about advantages for applying ceramic coating to dark color, light color and solid color cars above.

Ceramic coating can reduce damages and dirt on the paint surface.
However, only ceramic coating is not perfect.

For example, you leave your car for long time after ceramic coating application.
Then dirt (also water spots if you park outside) increase cumulatively on the glass layer.
Naturally, the dirt noticeable and the anti-dirt power gets down.

Then, what should we do?

The answer is regular car washing.
Of course, it is a common thing regardless of the body colors.

“What? If I need to wash my car regularly, ceramic coating is meaningless, isn’t it?”

Some of you might think above.
Regular car wash is essential, but ceramic coating application has the significance definitely!

Ceramic coating can save the time and effort for car wash!

If the dirt is not so serious, it can be removed by only washing with water.
Bird droppings are as well.
It is a very good news for you who used to wash your car with car shampoo well, isn’t it?

Tips for car wash

You might understand the importance of car wash.

Next, we would like to explain about tips for car wash.
It is “wiping”.

Please do it as a finishing.

If you forget wiping after car wash, the water remained on the car body will change to stubborn water spots.
Almost of all water spots cannot be removed by washing, so you need to polish with compound.
(Using a polisher is recommended for the wide area.)
Polishing is a hard work, so you should better to wipe water completely.

Moreover, we recommend to use a microfiber cloth for wiping.
(Please make sure that you cannot reuse the microfiber cloth which you used for ceramic coating application!)

“Wipe the water gently with a microfiber cloth after car wash”
Don’t forget this word!

Let’s keep the gloss and water repellency of ceramic coating for a long time by daily car care!

Cherish your precious car more by ceramic coating

We would like to talk about ceramic coating to ride cherish your precious car.

First is the looking.
We believe that some of you who have applied car ceramic coating agree with this.
The car body between before and after ceramic coating application is totally different.
It has beautiful gloss, so when you compare with unapplied car, you should smile with the difference.

Ceramic coating doesn’t have a glossy like car wax, but the glass layer is clear,
so we can recommend it to you who want to enjoy its original color.
(However, please make sure that it will make a mat color, too.)

For a dark color car or a solid color car which has attractive vivid colors, fading the color is one of the biggest problems.
However, any paint surfaces cannot deal with deterioration.
Especially, a car which are parking outside tends to fade its color rapidly due to the sunlight.

Ceramic coating can make deterioration slowly a little.
Because the main reason is ultra violet, but ceramic coating has a short wavelength, so there is possibility to reflect by the thin layer such a ceramic coating.
Then it leads to car paint protection.

Our conclusion: Applying ceramic coating is not meaningless for every cars!

How was it?
Even same term of ceramic coating, advantages depend on body colors.

To reduce scratches for a dark color car.
To save the time for car wash and reduce fading the color for a bright color car.

We believe that you understand applying ceramic coating is not for every cars.

Some of you cannot try an expensive coating such as dealers or detailers, DIY coating can save the money.

Moreover, Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Car Coating can be applied to any types of cars such as light, dark or solid colors!
(Please make note that only for the car which has a clear coat.)

We’re happy that you confirm this article when you’re thinking about ceramic coating application.

Repair scratches and peeling of cars! The heart of spray painting.

Some people might repair their car with a spray can as the retouching if the car paint surface gets some scratches or it is peeling.

However, if it is small areas which has scratches as the partial retouching, the car paint surface becomes uneven.

Therefore, you should spray to every parts if you can.
You need to repair whole parts even though you want to repair the small parts.
For example, you want to repair the part of the door, please spray to whole of it.

We found an expert of retouching with a spray can in YouTube, so we will introduce the video.

This is a wonderful skill, isn’t it?
To be honest, we were surprised with his skill of using a spray can.

However, we also think “Are we (armatures) able to do like this?”

Are we able to paint whole a car by ourselves?

The answer is YES.

However, truly, it is very difficult.
Anyway, it needs a lot of time to paint.

The person who are skillful such as the YouTube video we introduced doesn’t have to ask professionals. Because he can do it himself.

However, regarding car repairing, the preparation is more important than skill of using a spray.
The steps are scratching the original car paint surface with a sandpaper, and to preparing the foundation.
If you’re success two of these, it is equal that painting is success, too.

The point is whether you can do these works carefully and perseveringly,

※Please make note that you paint with a spray at once, your need to ask professionals to remove all of the paint.

The preparation to paint with a spray by oneself

First, we would like to introduce essential tools.

-Dry sandpapers (120, 180,240 and 320 grit)
-Wet sandpapers (800 grit)
-Primmer Surfacer
-Clear coating
-Waste cloth

Beginning from removing the car paint

Please remove the car paint surface (the clear layer) with a 120 grit sandpaper properly.
You should better to do it equally.

The small number of sandpaper is rough, so you need to use higher ones gradually.
For example, when you can remove it with 120 grit, next let’s use 180 grit and remove the streak of 120 grit.

After this, please use 240 grit and 320 grit well.

Removing the oil

Please remove the oil with a degreaser.
You only need to spray and wipe, so it is very easy.

Applying Primer Surfacer

Primer Surfacer can make the foundation and the surface evenly together.
You should better to apply as the practice for applying a spray.

Using a wet sandpaper

In this step, you make the car surface more evenly.
Basically, please give 800 grit sandpaper a little to make the surface evenly.

If it gets to even, finally you can go to the steps of applying a spray.


Moving a spray can in large sideways after stir it up well is the most important for painting.
If you do this step carefully, the finishing will be beautiful.

Same as Primer Surface, you don’t have to replay many times.
Applying evenly is more important than applying thickly, so please apply it like you spread it thinly.

Applying the clear coat

This is the final step.

Normally, for the solid paint, this step doesn’t need.
However, if you polish with compound after this step, the car will get the natural gloss and beautiful finishing.

The tips of applying clear coat is checking when you spray it to the car body.
Then if the clear matches with the color, you can sprat it properly.

The more you apply, the more gloss your car get, but please be careful not to apply it too much.

Let’s do it from small parts

When you paint with a spray by yourself, you don’t need so many tools,
but the steps are same as professionals of course.

You should do it carefully for the natural finishing.
Therefore, starting from small parts should be nice.

Does this article help you?

We wish that your DIY will be comfortable.