Mr. T.H / Toyama Japan MAXDA CX-5 2012model

4 years have passed since I started to use Pika Pika Rain products.
I’m so happy as their products are developing every year.

Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating can last for 3 years.

I think that once 2 or 3 months for after treatment.
Please compare with before applying Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K.
I can say that only Pika Pika Rain Nano Type-K which can produce such beautiful lights and shadows.

The most important thing is after treatment is so simple.
It also can get this gloss for long time easily…

I have tried many other coating and after treatment before,
but I was only using Pika Pika Rain for last 4 years.
You will be satisfied like me.
Moreover, as we said above, I’m happy to realize that their high level of technology and their products are developing when a new product comes out.

I’m going to use it from now on, thank you so much.

For you who have not tried Pika Pika Rain yet
You will be surprised definitely.
Also you will feel the much better gloss than dealer’s coating.

Mr. K.N / Fukuoka, Japan / PORSCHE CAYENNE 2012model

This time I decided to apply ceramic coating by myself for my CAYENNE.
Frankly I cannot afford to ask expensive professionals coating as I had already bought a brand new car navigation.

By the way, the dealer polished the car body as their service before delivery,
so for me, it’s fine to do only application of car coating!
Thanks for the dealer…

Then I chose Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating which is highly rated in the Internet.
It was easy application even though ceramic coating.

The liquid spread well, so I finished within 3 hours includes applying the oil remover.
After that, I left it not to get wet by rain and night dew,
12 hours for drying naturally and the results which was glossy made me so happy!

After that, I avoid to wash my car during 2 weeks for fully cured.
Finally when I washed my car after 2 weeks, I was very impressed by the water repellency when I splashed to high pressure water, .

Before application, water stays on the car body like a sheet,
but after application, the water changed from sheet to drops and these ware sliding on the car body.

I’ve tried many types of professional coating, but I think that Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating is rather than those!
When I ask professionals to apply coating, I cannot find how much did they apply completely.
On the other hand, in the case of DIY Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating, I can take time and efforts as I like, so it is more safety than those.

Thank you so much for developing such a nice DIY product which is real ceramic coating very much!

Mr. Y.S / Aichi, Japan / MAZDA ATENZA 2012model

【3 weeks after】

【The amount of used】

【The water repellency】

【The first car washing after the application】

This is my MAZDA ATENZA, 2012 model.
This is more than 6 years, so the color and luster looks fade.

Then I tried to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM which is highly rated in the Internet this time.
I did the work in the order as below;

1. Washing with car shampoo
2. Applying Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover
3. Applying Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating

First I worried whether it could apply to whole my car with such a small bottle,
but the liquid spread very well, so I could finish my work with half of the bottle as photo.
The left seems to apply to my wife’s car.

They recommend not to wash a car within 2 weeks,
but it didn’t get dirty so much event though 3 weeks passed, so I just let it go.

I checked the water repellency after 3 weeks.
It respells the water very well.

Please see the photo I washed my car 3 weeks later of application.

I think that I will be able to drive my car like brand new.

Mr. N.F / Kagoshima, Japan / NISSAN EXTRAIL 2012model

I applied Window Pika Pika Rain the other day, and next, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Before application, I polished with other company compound.
After this, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

I did the work carefully because I read the instruction and reviews in advance,
but I noticed that the liquid wasn’t enough on the way, so I was very nervous to apply.
I had to apply it quite thinly.
First I wanted to make the thick glass layer, so the last part was so hard.
Therefore, I’m happy if bigger size will be sold.

3 weeks has passed since I applied now, the results are so nice, and it has nice water-repellency as water-sliding effect which their catch phrase.
Also I’m satisfied with the dirt repellency because if the dirt can be removed by wiping.

Mr. N.K / Fukuoka, Japan / TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2012model

I took videos which are before car wash, after the application and 30 hours later of the application.

I used to apply other company’s car wax, but this time, I challenged the ceramic coating.

Same as usual car washing, I washed my car carefully as much as I could.
After that, I wipe the water and started to apply Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

There was any difficulty, I could wipe it easily.
Also, I wondered that this small bottle will be enough to apply for a whole car, but one third remained even though I applied it to my LANDCRUISER PLAD.

In my feeling after the application, I was very surprised at the nice water repellency.
Then I’m going to expect the durability from now on.