Make your second hand car beautiful for a long time by ceramic coating!

Does ceramic coating need for a second hand car?

Recently, many people are recommended to apply ceramic coating by a dealer when they buy a second hand car.
Unfortunately, many second hand cars lose have the damaged or lost their luster car bodies.
However, you want to drive your precious car for a long time even though second hand, don’t you?

“Is ceramic coating only for a brand new car?”
“Is it effective on a second hand car, too?”
“What kind of coatings does it match?”

Some of you might think like above.
In conclusion, ceramic coating is compatible with a second hand car!

However, there are many kinds of car coatings, and some of them don’t have a strong effect.
Also even you apply ceramic coating, the effect will get weaker and weaker if you neglect daily car care.
In this article, we would like to introduce about types of coatings for a second hand car, how to apply, how to maintain and so on.

What kinds of coating products are there?

“I will apply ceramic coating!”, but there are so many products in shops and I which products should I use…”

At once you decided to apply ceramic coating, you tend to have a problem like above.
Moreover, we think that there are many people don’t understand about kinds of coatings well.
Now, we would like to explain about features of 3 main categories.

Features of wax

This is most popular in the market.
Even ceramic coating and polymer coating are getting more popular than before, car wax has some strong followings.
In this section, we would like to mention about soil car wax only.
Also the components are some types such as petroleum, vegetable and animal.
If you want to feel the certain results, carnauba wax is recommended. We would like to mention about the reason later.

The way of application is close to shoe polishing,

1. Applying the car wax with a sponge or cloth
2. Wait a moment and wipe the car body until it gets shiny.

We think that the step no.2 is so hard…
Anyway, what is the best points of car wax such as hard work?

The answer is “gloss”.

The more you polish the car body with car wax, the more it gets shiny, especially a dark color car.
Then carnauba wax is superior in making glossy. It is super glossy.
However, it is not so durably, so you should apply again when the car wax started to fade.

Features of glass-like coating

Frankly, this category is so vague. Sometimes it is categorized as wax.
Almost all glass coatings which are selling in stores or dealers are this “glass-like”coating.
Polymer coating is categorized this type.
It is between wax and glass coating and the chemical coating which contains fiberglass.

Durability and application are not so bad.
It looks glossy (but it is less than car wax) and beautiful and smooth to touch.

It doesn’t have extreme good and bad points.

However, the surface layer becomes worth not as glass coating, so you should apply it again when you feel that it is not glossy.

Features of glass coating

Of course, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating is categorized this type.
Forming the 100% glass layer after hardening.
The hardening has been started at once the solution in the air, so basically it is in a light-resistant container(such as a glass bottle), it is one of the biggest points which you find genuine-glass coating or not.

It is getting popular, but we fell that there are only a few product of “real glass coating” in the market.

First of all, durability is awesome.

The gloss could be removed a little due to dirt or scratches, but the glass layer doesn’t removed for a short time such as a half year.
(Basically, Pika Pika Rain coating products are 3 years durability.)
It can reduce damages to the car body directly for a long time.
Moreover, there are many people who like the glass coating deep gloss.

When we think about the difficult points, application is more difficult than above 2 types.

It harden naturally, so if you forget to wipe the solution, you can remove it only by polishing. Also it doesn’t allow get wet before hardening, so you should need knowledge and advance preparations such as checking the weather forecast.

However, at once you applied it, you don’t need to special car care.
It is different which you chose.

From the next section, we would like to explain about good points of these coatings for a second hand car!

Ceramic Coating is good for a second hand car!

When you buy a second hand car, you care about looking used.
Even though it is in good condition, the gloss and is less good than a brand new car.

You might understand that coating is essential for a second hand car above.

Then, especially glass coating is highly recommended!

From now, we would like to talk more detail.

1. Get the gloss like a brand new car”

This is the most obvious point.

Ceramic coating produces a gorgeous gloss and makes the car body color deeper.
Therefore, the faded car body can be beautiful like a brand new car!

Also if there are scratches on the car body, they becomes noticeable as they are covered with the glass layer.
(Please make sure that it doesn’t meant scratches are removed. Polishing with a compound is needed if you want to remove them completely.)

2. Protect the car paint surface from scratches

When you buy a car, you always want to keep it beautifully, don’t you?

Ceramic coating protects your precious car from scratches.

The more you dive a car, the more scratches get on the car body naturally.
If you want to remove them, you should polish with a compound, but it is time-consuming.
Also scratches causes the car body looks faded.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

If you apply ceramic coating, the car body was covered the glass layer.
Therefore, the car body won’t get scratches directly.

Moreover, Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating has 3 years durability, so you don’t’ have to need reapply it for a while.

3. Save the time for daily car care

Of course, ceramic coating makes daily car care easy.

The car body which is applied ceramic coating respells water much than unapplied glass coating. Therefore, wiping after car wash gets much easier and you can save the time!

From above reasons, ceramic coating is highly recommended for a second hand car.
You can find the difference of water repellency and gloss more clearly, so you might get a greater sense of achievement.

We think that ceramic coating matches these days such as people drive their cars for a long time.

Before applying ceramic coating

Does preparation need for a second hand car?

For a brand new car, you don’t have to preparation unless there are scratches or dirt.

However, how about a second hand car?

There is possibility that it has scratches or water spots or an old car wax which the previous car owner applied.
If you don’t remove them, they could be covered by ceramic coating, but they could cause the durability.
Please check the car body condition when you bought it and do the appropriate preparation.

Main type of preparation

■Oil Remover

This solution removes extra oily substances adhered the car body.
Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover contains alcohol which is good for Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating.
For a second hand car, applying oil remover is highly recommended.

■Water spots remover

This solution removes water spots.
For water spots in a small area, applying it is easy.
However, if water spots spread widely, polishing with compound is better.
Please make note that water spots are covered into the glass layer if you forget to remove them.


This solution polishes and removes scratches or water spots such as a cleanser.
Normally, polishing with a rough grain first, and then polishing with a fine one.
For a small area, polishing with a sponge or a microfiber cloth are fine, but for a wide area, polishing with a machine is better.

■Iron fillings remover or clay

Sometimes car gets iron filling on the car body. You can check them to stroke the car body with a clear film. If you feel touch something rough, there are possibility to iron fillings adhered.
Then you can remove them with iron fillings solution or clay.

Regarding an iron fillings solution, please follow the instruction. Regarding a clay, please use fold into with water as much as you can. If you use a clay with iron fillings, it causes scratches.

How to apply ceramic coating

You finished preparation, so next is applying ceramic coating.
We would like to explain about car wash, drying and applying in detail!

First, car washing is the basic before application

“What? Am I not able to start applying ceramic coating even preparation finished?

Some of you might think above.
However, car wash is essential before ceramic coating application…

Please start ceramic coating application with the clean car body to avoid the dirt will be covered with the glass layer!

STEP no.1: Wash off the dust or sand

STEP no.2: Make bubbles with a car shampoo

You can use other shampoos if it is neutral, but if you want to save the time and effort, please try Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo which can prevents unnecessary bubbling!

STEP no.3: Soak a microfiber cloth and wash the car

Please wash the car with a microfiber cloth gently not to harm it.

STEP no.4: Rinse with water


・Let’s wash by hand!

We recommend hand-washing as not only washing small parts, but also you can check your car condition.
Then if there is a problem, you can find and deal with it quickly.

Please avoid using a car wash machine which has a brush or mop as it damages the car body due to stones.
Even if you feel some troubles to wash yourself, please use a high-pressure car wash machine.

・Do not forget wiping the water!

After you wash off the car shampoo, if you leave the water for a long time, it might be come water spots. (Please make sure that the water dries more quickly in a hot weather!)

Therefore, please do not forget to wipe the water with a dry microfiber cloth definitely!

For some areas where difficult to wipe such as gaps, please try to open and close doors or tur the engine on. Then some water comes out and you can wipe it, too.

・Get the ceramic coating effect more by Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover!

This step is not essential, but if you remove extra oily substances after car wash, Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating can fit to the car body securely. We recommend it!

Ceramic Coating application

Thank you for waiting!
From now, we would like to explain about applying ceramic coating!

STEP no.1: Apply the solution with a sponge

You can apply well when you spread the solution to the same direction.

Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating spreads very well, so the amount of putting on the sponge is just a several drops (for the first time, 5 or 6 drops).

Please add a few more drops when the sponge starts to make squeaking noises.


・Apply the solution thinly and evenly!

This is the one of the most important tips in Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating application.

We understand you tend to put the solution on a sponge too much.

However, it causes the foggy finishing, so please be careful not to use it too much.

・Apply the solution to the every small areas!

If you apply the solution to the wide area at once, it dries before wiping and causes the foggy finishing. Therefore, please wipe apply it to every small areas such as half of the hood or a door.

STEP no.2: Wipe and spread the solution with a microfiber cloth

When you apply the solution, please wipe and spread the solution with a microfiber cloth immediately. You should be careful as this step is different from car wax.

Also you should better to wipe it softly.

Please move to the next area and continue applying the whole car using step no.1 & 2.

STEP no.3: Final check

Finally, please check whether you did not apply or wipe from different angles.
If there is no problem, application is finished!
Please do not allow to get wet the car body after 12 hours application.

How to make the ceramic coating last longer?”

Do you think that you don’t have to do anything after application?

The answer is NO.

Regular car care is necessary to make the glass coating effect last longer!

POIN no.1: Regular car wash is the most important

First of all, an important thing is car wash.
However, you don’t have to wash with a car shampoo every time, just splashing the water is OK.
There are many types of dirt which adhered to the car body such as dust, bugs or bird droppings. These might damage to the glass layer before you knew it, so you should better to remove them as soon as possible.

Of course, the dirt is noticeable, washing with a car shampoo is effective.
Stubborn oily substances cane be removed by Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover beautifully.
If you use a car wash machine, it tends to use little water and removes dirt with brushes by force. Then it causes scratches, so please wash by hand gently after ceramic coating application.
If you cannot avoid use it, washing your car with a plenty of water in advance is recommended.

By the way, following are the appropriate car wash frequency.

■In case of outdoor parking

For a dark color car … about once a week
For a light color car… about twice a month

■In case of indoor parking

For a dark color car … about twice a month
For a light color car… about once a month

POIN no.2: Get the effect of the ceramic coating more by Nano Pika Pika Rain

As we said the point no.1, washing with the water can keep your car beautiful, but some of you might think that “I want to make my car more beautiful”.

For you, we would like to recommend applying Nano Pika Pika Rain additionally.

Originally, Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating is developed to protect the clear layer of the car paint surface.

Nano Pika Pika Rain can make another protection layer for the glass layer, and it can make the glass layer last longer.
Moreover, if you apply Nano Pika Pika Rain every car wash, light water spots can be removed by washing.
This protection layer will come off within 1 – 2 moths (it depends on the circumstance), so you should better to apply it again for the next car wash.

There are many other after car care products, but they are made for using the same company’s coatings together, so we recommend to prepare the same brand products.

In case of Pika Pika Rain series…

・Pika Pika Rain GRAND and Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K

・Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM and Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K

・Ultra Pika Pika Rain and Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-H

Above are the best combinations.


How was it?

Pila Pika Rain Ceramic Coating matches a second hand car very much!
Ceramic coating can protect the car body from scratches or dirt and get glossy.
It is very nice for you who want to dive your precious car for a long time.

Please apply ceramic coating when you buy a second hand car!