Mr. Y.Y / Shizuoka Japan SUZUKI SORIO HYBRID 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain Window Pika Pika Rain with Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating after 1 week buying my brand new car.
The video shows the difference between before and after application.

Application was so easy.
My car was brand new, so I washed it, and then, just applying Window Pika Pika Rain.
I didn’t have to apply strongly.
However, it preformed such a nice hydrophobic, so I was very surprised.

When I was driving on the high way, the water was sliding even I didn’t use the wiper.
On the local road, I don’t have to use it if rain is not heavy.
Therefore, the field of vision in the rainy night is so good.

Other product which I used before got foggy and it made me uncomfortable, but now, I have no complaint about Window Pika Pika Rain.

6 months have passed since I applied, but it looks still working.
I’m looking forward to checking how long it will last.

I’m going to apply Window Pika Pika Rain again.

Mr. K.F / Nagano Japan HONDA FIT3 GP5 2008model

Window Pika Pika Rain has been go on sale, so I bought and applied it.
It cannot be reused due to single-use type.

I might bend the wings too much and the solution dripped down into the pad application too much.
Then I started to apply in a hurry.
I think that you should be careful about it for the first time.

The attached movie shows that comparing the right side of the car body which is applied Window Pika Pika Rain and the left side by splashing the water.
It is difficult to find the difference because I’ve already used the hydrophobic shampoo,
but you can find the water sliding effect as many streaks on the right side.

Moreover, they say that it improves vision, prevent from dirt, snow and frost.
Then I’m going to check the cost effectiveness.

Also I applied Hyper Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating for the car body.
I’m living in the cold area, so car ceramic coating is necessary to prevent calcium chloride.
Next, I want to try Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating which is a new product.

Thank you.

Mr. T.M / Saitama Japan TOYOTA IPSAM 1997model

Thank you for your nice products always.

This time I bought Window Pika Pika Rain as I wanted to windshields have water-sliding effect such as Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
Before this, I applied the other fluorine hydrophobic coating.
On the other hand, Window Pika Pika Rain is water-sliding effect, so I wanted to try it.

Application was so easy…
Only applying the solution evenly and wiping after washing.

After that I was very surprised when I splashed to the water!
The water was sliding which was different from hydrophobic.

Window Pika Pika Rain repels water well such as Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.
I want to use this product for long time.

Mr. N.F / Kagoshima, Japan / NISSAN EXTRAIL 2012model

I applied Window Pika Pika Rain the other day, and next, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

Before application, I polished with other company compound.
After this, I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating.

I did the work carefully because I read the instruction and reviews in advance,
but I noticed that the liquid wasn’t enough on the way, so I was very nervous to apply.
I had to apply it quite thinly.
First I wanted to make the thick glass layer, so the last part was so hard.
Therefore, I’m happy if bigger size will be sold.

3 weeks has passed since I applied now, the results are so nice, and it has nice water-repellency as water-sliding effect which their catch phrase.
Also I’m satisfied with the dirt repellency because if the dirt can be removed by wiping.

Mr. T.M / Gifu, Japan / TOYOTA VOXY 2017model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating to my brand new car after washing.
Some photos which wipers stand are before the application.

I had already known Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating by radio commercial and I wished to apply it by myself if I could have a chance, so I decided to order it when I bought my brand new car.

First, I doubted whether the liquid was enough, but when I tried it, it spread very well so I could applied it widely.

The works were just applying and wiping.
I did until dusk and when I checked the car body in the next day, I found some foggy parts, so I wiped them immediately.
I noticed that the application should be finished during the noon.

After the application, its black color became deeper.
I’m really satisfied with it.

I took a photo after raining from the next night.
There were water spots on the car body.
I was impressed it because it was nice to see both of hydrophobic and water-sliding effect.
It looks like it will take a lot of time effort for car washing,
so I’m going to do the maintenance works to keep its deep black color.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating was very nice product which my expectation beyond.
Same as Window Pika Pika Rain had nice water repellency, too.

Usually I’m not welcome rainy days, but from now, it will make me happier than before.