Mr. J.T / Nigata Japan NISSAN VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2010model

This time I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating and Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover.

I used to apply car wax for finishing, so I didn’t feel the difference between before and after application,
but after the second application I found the gloss got deeper.

After 1 week the first application, it had a heavy rain,
however, at that time, I realized Pika Pika Rain effect.

The water was sliding like a mirror in a bathroom and rain makes the car beautiful
such as some friends ask “Which car coating are you using?”.

I think that the difference of car wax are as below;
rain makes the car body beautiful even though you do not anything and the anti-dirt power lasts for a long time.

Also I used to apply another silicone to plastic parts every time, but now, plastic parts are keeping the beauty even I don’t do anything.
Therefore I don’t need removing raster on metal parts which is common in Europe anymore.

I live in a snowy area, so I need to rinse my car (especially the doors get yellowish) every day in winter.
However, I hope that Pika Pika Rain will make car wash will much easier than before.

I was worried about as some people say that the solution was not enough,
but in my case, one fourth of the bottle remained even though I applied it to a wagon car for the second times (including inside of doors, under the hood, wheels and the muffler cutter).
Therefore, I used all the solution to apply it to my wife’s car.

Anyway, I really recommend Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.
For you who are going to apply it, please remover iron fillings and scratches carefully before application.

Thank you.

Mr. K.T / Nagasaki Japan MAZDA PREMACY 2010model

【Before application】

【After 1 day application】

【After 4 days application】

【After 13 days application】

In the morning of last December 30, my wife said,
“Please wash the car before the new year.”
Then we went to the petrol station, but, there was a long line.

For a long time I was thinking how I should use the left Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating solution which was applied for another my R2.
Finally, I decided to do action quickly.

I started car washing from 9 a.m.
I finished it quickly and applied Pika Pika Rain PREIMUM Ceramic Coating smoothly due to my second time.
Maybe, I finished all works around 11:30.

After application, I didn’t feel that my car got so beautifully.
However, the next day, it looked beautiful as you can find the gloss in photos.
Just one thing, I applied it to only edges of the roof as I couldn’t reach it.

4 days later, I took photos when I splashed the water to the roof.
You can see the results of Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating as the center part doesn’t repelled water.

In my first time application, R2 was white, so it took many time for washing, removing oil and applying, but I think that it was a good car for car coating.
R2 was more beautiful than PREMASY, but I was sorry to take photos before the first application.

Car ceramic coating has a nice effect as car wax.
I’ve already applied it to 2 cars, but the solution still remains,
so I’m happy that if there will be half size of a bottle for light cars.

But I understand that it will be difficult due to high cost.

Anyway, I’m really happy to buy it.

Mr. T.O / Fukuoka Japan BMW 320i 2010model

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating to my BMW 320i, 2010 model.
The dealer’s coating gets weaker, then I decided to try DIY coating to save money.
Finally, I bought Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating and Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover.

After car wash, I removed iron fillings with clay, polishing with compound and applying Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover as preparation.
These works were very time consuming, so I was tired.

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating spreads very well and wiping the solution was easy as many reviews.
First I was worried about whether the bottle is enough for whole my car,
but I could applied not only the car body but also wheels.

My car is 8 years old, so it is difficult to became like brand new,
but the gloss is much better than I expected and the reflection which is like a mirror on the car body is amazing.
I’m so happy to buy this product.

Moreover, the water repellency was nice.
The dirt could be removed easily and wiping smoothly when I washed my car after 1 week application

I don’t any photos which before application as I forgot to take (I wanted to try it immediately, sorry!),
however, you can see the results clearly by the deep gloss and reflection.

I’m sorry that the gloss and color look different because I took them separately(after 1 day was sunny, after 1 week was cloudy).

They say that Pika Pika Rain PREIUM Ceramic Coating lasts for 3 years,
but I want to buy it again if the effect will get weaker.

Mr. R.S / Aichi, Japan / DAIHATSU TANTO EXE 2010model

1 week has passed since I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM.

I tested the water repellency when it started to rain.
I was impressed by the amazing water repellency.
Especially, I did the preparation for the bonnet carefully, so the results made me happy.

When I bought this car, I didn’t become attached to it due to a second-hand car.
Then I hardly washed my car.
However, it could got back the gloss like a brand new car and I became attached to my car.

Taking this opportunity, I want to keep its shine by monthly car-care.

I could finish around 1 hour even though it was my first time of applying.
It is really amazing that I can get this gloss with only 10,000 JPY.

Mr. M.K / Fukuoka, Japan / BMW 120i 2010model

Before the car body was not hazy, but it became clear such the sky was reflected on the car body clearly.

I applied Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM Ceramic Coating after washing, removing iron fillings and using Pika Pika Rain Oil Remover.
(15 minutes for washing, 30 minutes for removing iron fillings, 15 minutes for removing the oil, 1 hour for applying – the total was around 2 hours)

The roof was a type of hood, so the applied area might be smaller than a normal car,
but I applied it carefully and around 40% of the bottle remained.

I also it to other parts, for example, metal parts, lights and wheels.
I can feel the gloss when the light hit in the evening which also became shiny.

The gloss compares favorably with any other car detailer’s application and
I think that only Pika Pika Rain can realize such as the water-sliding effect with this price.

I’m very satisfied with the results because my boss said that “It looks like an exhibit.”