The best way to last long for glass coating!!

Do we need to care for glass coating in the first place?

You tend to be satisfied when you finished applying glass coating, don’t you?
Many manufactures and DIY products (our products, too…) say, “Our product can last for 3 years!”, so you might think like this, “I don’t need to do anything from now!”
However, our words mean that the durability of genuine glass layer lasts long.
If you want to keep glass coating the best condition, to be honest, it is better to care your car.

Because the main purpose of glass coating is protection for car paint surfaces which is under glass coating and glass coating is damaged instead of them.
For example, if some strong chemical agent adheres to the car body, it doesn’t eat into it, but glass coating will be taken off. Also glass coating will be dirty instead of car paint surface.

If you leave those, naturally glass coating performance will be down.
Then, what should we do for keeping both glass layer and painted side beautiful and high performance?
We will explain it from now in the next paragraphs.

Washing a car is necessary even though you apply glass coating!

-“If I apply glass coating, a car has never got dirty, hasn’t it?”
-“Is washing with water enough to keep a car beautiful?”

Many people might misunderstand like these, but our answer is NO!!
Of course, glass coating makes easy to remove dirt, but it is not equal that you don’t need to wash a car.
Washing a car is a very important work.

What if you don’t wash a car at all?

What if you don’t care for your car because you applied glass coating?

The biggest problem is dirt which cannot be removed by washing. Of course a car with glass coat is easier to remove dirt than without it. However, if you expose a car for several months to the rain, ion deposit (water spots) will be made on the car body.

Ion deposit is a white ring mark which minerals crystallized in the water and then once it is made on the car body, it is very hard to be removed.
We have only two choices to solve this problem.

One is polishing with compound and another is applying water spots remover.
However, unfortunately, the former removes the layer of glass coating together and also the later might melt the layer of glass coating if you make a mistake for the way of using.

If you have already got water spots, we recommend to apply Pika Pika Rain water spot remover as soon as possible.

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Frequency of car washing after applying car glass coating

Some of you might have a question, “How often should I wash a car?”

Basically, it is the best you wash a car when you feel your car get dirty. Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating has an excellent antifouling property, so we recommend washing a car once a month. However, the frequency depends on the situations of parking and the weather.

For example, if you drive a car once a week and keep it in the garage. Moreover, you hardly drive in rainy days. In this case, your car might be still beautiful even though you don’t wash a car more than a month.

On the other hand, if you drive every day and park in the outdoor parking, your car might get dirty easily during a month. Also there is high possibility that strong water spots stick to the car body.

Therefore, be cautious and wash a car when you feel your car get dirty.
A car which is glass coated is easy to wipe out and remove dirt because its drainage is very good.
If you still feel troublesomeness, how about using the car wash item for time savings below?

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How to choose car wash method

How about a car wash machine? Truly, this is an easy way, but the brush and mop might scratch on the car body because sometimes small stones are caught in them.

If you really want to use car wash machine, please choose the type of high-pressure washing. It doesn’t use brush and mop, so it lessens the risk to scratch.

We strongly recommend home car wash, washing by hands. It hardly gets swirl marks and it is easy to remove dirt which is adhered to small car parts. The most important thing is that you can notice and deal with problems at the early stage.

This is the best car washing!!

We said that washing a car by hands is highly recommended in the last section.

-“Is it okay just washing? Is there any points for car washing?”
-“I don’t have a confidence in my way … is it right?”
In this section, we will solve your questions at once!

We will introduce and explain the best way for home car wash each steps.

【Step1.】Remove any dust, dirt, grime and other substances with plenty of water.

Your car gets dirty by dust and sand even though you always pay attention to your car.
First, please wash away them by plenty of water.

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【Step2.】Stir the car shampoo to make bubbles.

Prepare a bucket and 0.5 – 1ℓ of water and pour a capful of car shampoo(15㎖) into the water.
Please make note the ingredients of the car shampoo.

Use the shampoo which is not contained a polishing material not to remove the layer of glass coating. Any neutral shampoos you can use, but Pika Pika Rain Car Shampoo will reduce your time and labor for car washing.

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【Step3.】Soak a microfiber in the car shampoo and wash the car completely.

You don’t need to brush too much if the dirt is not so strong.

It is important to use smooth microfiber cloth, not towel nor sponge for the protection of glass coating.
After you wash the microfiber cloth with water, you can reuse it.

However, please do not use the microfiber cloth which wipe the glass coating. The reason why is that the crystalized glass coating might damage on the car body.

【Step4.】Rinse and dry the car completely.

Rinse with plenty of water. Then, please don’t forget to dry the car with microfiber cloth completely as a finishing. Also be careful to dry cracks in the hood and doors where is easy to remain water. If you keep the car wet a long time, it makes water spots.

These four steps are our best car washing. No car washing, no long-lasting car glass coat.
We very much hope you will try it!!

Don’t you wash the car in the bad situation?

Ignorance about washing a car might harm your precious car… so, you should get an accurate knowledge and wash the car appropriately.

Bad examples and their reasons

【eg.1】Car washing under the blazing sun

Many people might have the image which washing a car should be done in sunny days.
However, surprisingly, it is wrong.

Because even you wash a car completely, water drops on the car body dry very quickly under the sun light before you dry the car body and these cause water spots. The car get dirty by washing… don’t you think it’s meaningless?

Accordingly, cloudy days are the best for washing a car.
If you really need to do in sunny days, we recommend to wash and apply in the morning to avoid the car body temperature is increasing,

【eg.2】Hydrophobic wash or Waxing after car washing

These days it is very easy to do hydrophobic wash and waxing wash at gas stations and many busy people use them.

You might think that it is easy and quick, but it just applys the hydrophobic coat spray to the car, so its gloss and water repellent effect cannot last long. After all, you need to do again and again in a short term. Waxing wash as well.

How about glass coating? Exactly it takes time to apply first, but the durability is longer than hydrophobic/ waxing wash and maintenance is not time-consuming.

【eg.3】Washing a car with the different quality of water

Have you ever cared about the water quality?

Also have you ever washed the car with well water (ground water)?

We’d like to talk about cautions for washing the car with well water.
The water quality depends on its area and depth. Moreover, the difference which you don’t notice might damage on your car by washing car with well water.

Well water contents more calcium than tap water and then it has a high risk to make strong water spots on the car if you forget drying. Especially, please be careful to wipe water which drops form around the headlights and door mirrors.

Is there any other ways to protect glass coating?

The answer is the detailing spray!

Daily car wash is a good way as a maintenance for glass coating. However, some of you might think, “I want to do my best for my car…!”
Then we would like to introduce “Nano Pika Pika Rain” series, detailing spray for glass coating.

What if you apply our detailing spray?

It improves the gloss and water repellency. So, if you want more high quality finish, please try our detailing spray.

We have three types below;

– Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-K (Water-sliding effect)
– Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-H (Hydrophobic effect)
– Nano Pika Pika Rain Type-S (Hydrophilic effect)

Normally, we recommend that you use same type of water repellency as glass coating.
Incidentally we might say that Type- K has many good reputations which makes smooth touch.

On the other hand, our detailing spray is also very useful for some of you who are satisfied with only applying glass coating, too.

Nano Pika Pika Rain series form the protection layer on the glass layer which is formed by glass coating. This protection layer drop off naturally in a several months, so you should better to apply the detailing spray every car wash. It means that dirt and water spots on the protection layer can remove with it when you wash the car. In other words, the protection layer is sacrificed to the glass layer.

However, the effect which we said above is the only case when you use both Pika Pika Rain Glass Coating and Nano Pika Pika Rain series.

Sometimes we receive inquiries whether applying other company’s detailing spray with our glass coating is right or wrong, but, to be honest, these questions are very difficult to answer. Because we don’t know what ingredients in other company’s products, so we cannot judge and answer it surely.

Basically, using same company products is the best way to make the synergy effect, so, we recommend to get together same company products for beginners.

(If you really want to use, please test on the edge where unnoticeable on your responsibility…)

Please make note that Nano Pika Pika Rain series is only for improving and protecting the glass layer, not for removing iron filings and an oil film which cannot remove by washing completely. In this case, lets’ apply maintenance products occasionally, like iron filings remover and oil remover (degreaser)…etc.

Keeping glass coating as much as we can…

We understand that it is difficult to do everything which we said above, but, if you only try some of these and glass coating will keep its quality for long time!

However, it is true that the glass layer is getting worth and worth in a long term even though you care your car diligently. Of course, the durability of the glass coating is largely dependent upon the parking situation and frequency in drive.

Some of our customer says that he still feel the effect of glass coating after he applied 5 years, but, on the other hand, some other customer say that they notice event though before 3 years sadly.

Then, we think it is a good choice to apply the glass coating again when you feel the effect gets weak. And then try to keep glass coating by washing and maintenance.

Let’s keep your car beautiful as much as you can in this cycle!