Mr. F.S. / Saitama, Japan / Honda VEZEL

I got my brand new car and applied Super Pika Pika Rain on the night.

This was my first time to try glass coating.

Actually this car is my first brand new car.

When I had a used car, I applied car wax.




If I ask a car detailer to apply glass coating, it costs about JPY80,000.

I didn’t want to pay that much and searched for cheaper options and found Pika Pika Rain

that is No.1 ranked car coating on line.

It’s raining day when my car was arrived but I had a garage so applied on the night.

The glass bottle of Super Pika Pika Rain is so small but 1/3 of the liquid left at the end.

It’ so easy and it took about an hour to complete.

Probably it’s hard to see the difference on photos but with my eyes the difference is clear.

I’m thinking to apply 2 or 3 layers.