【FAQ】How should I deal with parts which cannot be applied unevenly?

This time we would like to talk about inquiries which we often get from our customers!

How should I do if the ceramic coating get foggy finishing?

It means that unwiped ceramic coating.
For example, it happens lack of confirmation when you apply it the night or you don’t wipe it with microfiber cloth well.

The things which you should to do is

wiping the liquid with microfiber cloth.

If the ceramic coating hasn’t got hard yet, it can be spread by wiping and foggy parts will disappear.
When you find the foggy parts after application, let’s spread it with microfiber cloth immediately!

“I cannot deal with it even though I wiped…”

It is sorry for someone like above.It has already started to cure the glass layer.
For you, there is only way which is
polishing with compound.

Let’s polish the foggy parts with a sponge which was put compound.
Then, the glass layer will be removed and the foggy parts will also disappear.

However, the glass layer is removed, too by polishing.
Therefore please apply Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating to the same parts again.

After applying, we know you’re happy, but please don’t leave it.
Checking whether you forget to wipe the liquid by many angles is one of tips of ceramic coating.