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Super Pikapika Rain

  • Creates 100% real glass layer
  • 3 years durability
  • Super water repellency - hydrophilic (water sheeting effect)
  • Easy maintenance - dirt does not stick to the car body surface and easily comes off
  • Eco friendly *3 years wax free

    *No car shampoo needed for car wash

    *Quick car wash - uses less water

Super Pika Pika Rain forms a 100% genuine-glass layer on your car by reacting with moisture in the air. Once cured, the glass layer protects the car body for up to 3 years. The glass coating [ ceramic coating ] produces a brilliant gloss and hydrophilic water repellency on your car body.

Harmful particles won't stick to the surface as easily so maintenance will be much easier. To easily remove dirt and other particles, just wash your car with water and wipe with a microfiber cloth, without the need for car shampoo.

Traditional car wax or car sealant look okay at first, but their lustre fades quickly and water repellency only lasts a few months. Super Pika Pika Rain glass coating [ ceramic coating ] lasts up to 3 years. Additionally, Super Pika Pika Rain hydrophilic effect repels water, leaves fewer water spots, and helps block dirt or other particles from sticking to the surface of your car.

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Customer Review

Honda FREED 2009 / Mr. T.T. / Tochigi, Japan

Review Car 3
My car is 4-year-old Honda FREED. I used other coating product to maintain my car but I didn't like to see scratches after a several car washes. Then I found Super Pika Pika Rain which durability is 3 years and the reputation of luster is great. I was a bit worried to apply a real glass coating [ ceramic coating ] by myself at first but it's easy and the finish was beautiful. I put Super Pika Pika Rain on the car body with a sponge and my wife spread by a microfiber cloth. The finish is like a new car. The points I especially recommend Super Pika Pika Rain is (1) the elegant deep gloss (2) miner scratches almost invisible (3) restore the black color of a wiper which was foggy. Thank you for the great product.

Toyota Prius HY 2012 / Mr. N.I. / Nara, Japan

Review 4
My car color is black and I was anxious about maintenance so I searched on internet and decided to try Super Pika Pika Rain that has a great reputation.When I saw the small bottle of Super Pika Pika Rain, I was so surprised if this is enough but actually it's more than enough and some liquid was left. The application is easy and anyone can get a great result.
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