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Pika Pika Rain Premium

  • Creates real glass layer
  • 3 years durability
  • Luxurious luster and gloss
  • Excellent water repellency - Water sliding effect
  • Easy maintenance - Dirt does not stick to the car body
    surface and easily come off
  • Eco friendly:
    *3 years wax free
    *No car shampoo needed for car wash
    *Quick car wash = Use less water

Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM glass coating literally creates genuine glass on your car body by reacting moisture in the air. Once it's cured, the glass layer protects the car body for up to 3 years. Harmful contaminants won't stick to the surface as easily so maintenance will be much easier. Just water on your car and rub with microfibercloth and dirt and other particles will come off without car shampoo. Furthermore this glass coating gives luxurious gloss and excellent water repellency on your car body. Traditional car wax or car sealant look fine at first but their luster and water repellency lasts only a few months. Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM glass coating lasts up to 3 years. This durability is proven by a public institution in Japan, not only by our company test. Also the painted surface is not completely smooth so dirt and other particles build up easily in car wax or car sealant and it's hard to remove. However the glass layer of Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM will block those dirt and particles and the water sliding effect repels water and prevent adherence of any contaminants.

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Customer Review

Toyota 86 2014 model / Hyogo / MrA.A

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I'm working at a petrol station.
I think I have more opportunities to handle cars than general people because of my job. I have my own theory of car wash. Every day I wash my customers' cars and apply car coating. For my car (Toyota 86) I use glass coating. I tried various kinds of coatings and I find Pika Pika Rain is the one.

This is my secret but I don't use any coatings that used at my shop on my car. (Though probably everybody notices about it anyway...) Coatings used at my shop is ok, it gives good gloss when just applied but it won't last long. I asked my manager to use Pika Pika Rain at my shop but the answer was "NO" due to high cost. I believe it's not expensive at all when think about the durability but he didn't understand unfortunately. I feel sorry my customers cannot experience the gloss of Pika Pika Rain.

I have been using Pika Pika Rain products more than 10 years now. Now I use Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM on my car.
Here's my impressions:
・Greatest gloss ever
・Regular maintenance became easy - only wash with water
・Less water spots
・I want my car perfectly clean all the time

If you try once, I'm sure you will understand why I have been using Pika Pika Rain products for this long period!
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