Mr. A.I / Chiba, Japan / VOLKSWAGEN GLOF 2007model

【Before the application】

【After the first application】

【After the second application】

I tried some other company’s products before.
However, as you can find the pictures, there are water spots on the car body
even though I polish them due to the black color and the dullness was remaining.

About the first application of Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM, I took long time for the preparation.
Then it was needed to revise the application because I cannot wipe it completely.

Accordingly, I challenge to reapply it and I also revised some parts, too.
The gloss became much better than the first time and the reflection was perfect.

For the first time, I can find the tiles which reelected on the car body,
but for the second time, I can distinguish each tiles which reflected like the number of pixels went up.

It is difficult to distinguish at a distance because it was shiny in spite of the first application,
but I was really surprised when I enlarged and checked it.

I also applied it to the tail lenses and the head lights.
Pika Pika Rain Premium spread well as the instruction said.
I want to apply it two more times rather than the second time if I it’s possible.
I was so sorry that I used all of the glass coating.

The movie shows that about 3 weeks later when I reapplied it.
The super gloss lures small bugs, they think that it is a the surface of the water wrongly.

What a shiny gloss even though in the evening.
It is not so different between the scene which reflect on the windshield and it which reflect on the car body.